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Acid Rain Program: Permit Modifications

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ACTION: Notice of permit modifications.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing, as 
a direct final action, Phase I Acid Rain permit modifications that 
include nitrogen oxides (NOX) compliance plans in accordance 
with the Acid Rain Program regulations (40 CFR parts 72 and 76). 
Because the Agency does not anticipate receiving adverse comments, the 
permit modifications are being issued as a direct final action.

DATES: The permit modifications issued in this direct final action will 
be final on September 13, 1999 unless adverse comments are received by 
September 2, 1999. If adverse comments are timely received on any 
permit modification in this direct final action, that permit 
modification will be withdrawn through a notice in the Federal 

ADDRESSES: Administrative Records. The administrative record for the 
permits, except information protected as confidential, may be viewed 
during normal operating hours at the following location: EPA Region 4, 
61 Forsyth St., SW, Atlanta, GA, 30303.
    Comments. Send comments, requests for public hearings, and requests 
to receive notice of future actions to EPA Region 4, Air, Pesticides 
and Toxics Management Division, Attn: Jenny Jachim (address above). 
Submit comments in duplicate and identify the permit to which the 
comments apply, the commenter's name, address, and telephone number, 
and the commenter's interest in the matter and affiliation, if any, to 
the owners and operators of all units in the plan. All timely comments 
will be considered, except those pertaining to standard provisions 
under 40 CFR 72.9 or issues not relevant to the permit.
    Hearings. To request a public hearing, state the issues proposed to 
be raised in the hearing. EPA may schedule a hearing if EPA finds that 
it will contribute to the decision-making process by clarifying 
significant issues affecting a NOX compliance plan.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jenny Jachim, EPA Region 4, (404) 562-

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Title IV of the Clean Air Act directs EPA to 
establish a program to reduce the adverse effects of acidic deposition 
by promulgating rules and issuing permits to emission sources subject 
to the program. In today's action, EPA is issuing permit modifications 
that include approval of early election plans for NOX. The 
units that are included in the early election plans will be required to 
meet an actual annual average emissions rate for NOX of 
either 0.45 lbs/MMBtu for tangentially-fired boilers or 0.50 lbs/mmBtu 
for dry bottom wall-fired boilers beginning on January 1, 1997 through 
December 31, 2007, after which they will be required to meet the 
applicable Phase II Group 1 emissions limitation for NOX.
    The designated representative submitted complete NOX 
early election plans under 40 CFR 76.8(c) to EPA prior to January 1, 
1997 as required under 40 CFR 76.8(b). However, through an 
administrative oversight, EPA failed to review the plans and modify the 
Phase I permits. Since the units covered by the plans have been in 
compliance with all applicable requirements under 40 CFR 76.8, 
including compliance with the Phase I Group 1 limits below beginning in 
1997, EPA approves the plans with effective dates beginning 
retroactively on January 1, 1997.
    The following is a list of units included in the permit 
modifications and the limits that they are required to meet:
    H.L. Spurlock unit 2 in Kentucky: 0.45 lbs/mmBtu. The designated 
representative is Robert E. Hughes, Jr.
    W.C. Dale units 3 and 4 in Kentucky: 0.50 lbs/mmBtu. The designated 
representative is Robert E. Hughes, Jr.

    Dated: June 30, 1999.
Larry F. Kertcher,
Acting Director, Acid Rain Division, Office of Atmospheric Programs, 
Office of Air and Radiation.
[FR Doc. 99-19902 Filed 8-2-99; 8:45 am]