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Public Availability of Year 2000 Agency Inventories Under the 
Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-270) 
(``FAIR Act'')

AGENCY: Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the 

ACTION: Notice of Public Availability of Commercial Activities 


SUMMARY: Year 2000 FAIR Act Commercial Activities Inventories are now 
available to the public from the agencies listed below. The Office of 
Federal Procurement Policy has prepared and is making available a 
summary FAIR Act User's Guide through its Internet site: http://www.whitehouse.gov/OMB/procurement/index.html. This User's Guide will 
help interested parties

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review Year 2000 FAIR Act inventories, and will also include the web-
site addresses to access agency inventories.
    The ``Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998'' (Public Law 
105-270) (``FAIR Act'') requires that OMB publish an announcement of 
public availability of agency Commercial Activities Inventories upon 
completion of OMB's review and consultation process concerning the 
content of the agencies' inventory submissions. OMB has completed this 
process for the agencies listed below. Further announcements will be 
published as OMB and the agencies complete their review and 
consultation process.
    The attached Commercial Activities Inventories are now available.

Jacob J. Lew,

                 Agency                              Contact
Advisory Council on Historic             Carol McLain, 202-606-8511,
 Preservation.                            Website: www.Achp.gov.
                                         More information contact:
                                          Sharon Conway, 202-606-8648,
                                          For challenges and appeals
                                          contact: Carol McLain.
 Broadcasting Board of Governors.......  Dennis Sokol, 202-619-3988,
                                          Website: www.ibb.gov/fairact,
                                          Can provide hard copy if
 Chemical Safety Board.................  Phylliis Thompson, 202-261-
                                          7600, Website: www.csb.gov.
                                         More information contact: Faye
                                          Gibbons 202-261-7600.
 Environmental Protection Agency.......  George Ames, 202-564-4998,
                                          Website: www.epa.gov/efinpage
                                          (Whats News).
 Environmental Protection Agency.......  John Jones, 202-260-3137,
                                          Website: www.epa.gov/oigearth.
 Equal Employment Opportunity            Allan fisher, 202-663-4200
                                         More information contact:
                                          George Betters, 202-663-4266,
                                          For Challenges and Appeals
                                          contact: George Betters and
                                          legal counsel.
 Federal Labor Relations Authority.....  Harold D. Kessler, 202-482-6690
                                          ext. 440, Website:
Federal Medication and Conciliation      George Buckingham 202-606-8100,
 Service.                                 Website: www.fmcs.gov.
Federal Mine Safety and Health Review    Richard Baker, 202-653-5625,
 Commission.                              Website: www.fmshrc.gov.
Holocaust Memorial Council and Museum..  Jay Gaglione, 202-314-0336,
                                          Website: Ushmm.org.
Merit Systems Protection Board.........  Douglas Wade, 202-653-6772,
                                          Website: www.mspb.gov.
 National Aeronautics and Space          Timothy Sullivan, 202-358-2215,
 Administration.                          Website: www.HQ.NASA.gov/fair/
 National Gallery of Art...............  Bill Roache, 202-842-6329,
                                          Website: www.nga.gov.
National Labor Relations Board.........  Harding Darden, 202-273-3970,
                                          Website: www.nlrb.gov.
National Mediation Board...............  June King, 202-692-5010,
                                         Website: www.nmb.gov.
 National Science Foundation...........  Gary Scavongelli, 703-292-8102,
                                          Website: www.nsf.gov/cgi-bin/getpub?od001.
 Occupational Safety & Health Review     Ledia Bernal, 202-606-5390,
 Commission.                              Website: www.oshrc.gov.
 Office of Federal Housing Enterprise    Linda Gwinn, 202-414-3789,
 Oversight.                               Website: www.ofago.gov.
 Office of Government Ethics...........  Sean Donohue, 202-208-8000,
                                          ext. 1217, Website:
 Office of Management and Budget.......  Brian Gillis, 202-395-7250,
                                          Website: www.whitehouse.gov/OMB/procrement OMB/procrement.
 Office of National Drug Control Policy  Tilman Dean, 202-395-6722,
                                          More information contact:
                                          Tilman Dean and General
 Office of Personnel Management........  Kenneth McMahill, 202-606-2494,
                                          Website: www.opm.gov/procure.
 Office of Science & Technology Policy.  Barbara Ferguson, 202-456-6001,
                                          Website: www.ostp.gov (Inside
 Office of the Special Counsel.........  Jane McFarland, 202-653-9001,
                                          Website: www.ics.si.edu.
 Department of Veterans Affairs........  John O'Hara, 202-273-5068,
                                          Website: www.va.gov e-mail:
                                          [email protected], fax: 202-
 Woodrow Wilson Center.................  Ms. Ronnie Dempsey, 202-691-

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