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Public Availability of Year 2000 Agency Inventories Under the 
Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-270) 
(``FAIR Act'')

AGENCY: Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the 

ACTION: Notice of Public Availability of Commercial Activities 


SUMMARY: Year 2000 FAIR Act Commercial Activities Inventories are now 
available to the public from the agencies listed below. The Office of 
Federal Procurement Policy has prepared and is making available a 
summary FAIR Act User's Guide through its Internet site:


    This User's Guide will help interested parties review Year 2000 
FAIR Act inventories, and will also include the web-site addresses to 
access agency inventories.
    The ``Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998'' (Public Law 
105-270) (``FAIR Act'') requires that OMB publish an announcement of 
public availability of agency Commercial Activities Inventories upon 
completion of OMB's review and consultation process concerning the 
content of the agencies' inventory submissions. OMB has completed this 
process for the agencies listed below. Further

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announcements will be published as OMB and the agencies complete their 
review and consultation process.
    The attached Commercial Activities Inventories are now available.

Jacob J. Lew,

               Agency                              Contact
African Development Foundation.....  Tom Wilson, 202-673-3948. Website:
Agency for International             Deborah Lewis, 202-712-0936.
 Development.                         Website: www.usaid.gov/
Agency for International             Deborah Lewis, 202-712-0936.
 Development (OIG).                   Website: www.usaid.gov/
Agriculture........................  Richard Guyer, 202-690-0291.
                                      Website: www.usda.gov/ocfo.
                                     Richard Kodl, 202-884-7666.
                                      Website: www.arc.gov/infopubs/infomain.htm.
Appalachian Regional Commission....  Hubert Sparks, 202-884-7675.
                                      Website: www.arc.gov/infopubs/infomain.htm.
Appalachian Regional Commission      Richard Guyer, 202-690-0291.
 (OIG).                               Website: www.usda.gov/ocfo.
Architectural and Transportation     Lawrence W. Roffee, 202-272-5434,
 Barriers Compliance Board.           ext. 113 Website: www.access-board.gov.
Barry Goldwater Scholarship and      Gerald J. Smith, 703-756-6012.
 Excellence in Education Foundation.  Website: www.act.org/goldwater
Christopher Columbus Fellowship      Judith M. Shellenberger, (315) 258-
 Foundation.                          0090 Website: www.columbusfdn.org
Commerce...........................  Edna Campbell, 202-482-0585.
                                      Website: www.doc.gov/oebam/fair.
Commission on Fine Arts............  Jeff Carson, 202-504-2200. No
                                      Website currently available.
Committee for Purchase from People   Lee Wilson, 703-603-7740. Website:
 who are Blind or Severely Disabled.  www.jwod.gov.
Council on Environmental Quality...  Ellen Athas, 202-456-6541.Website:
Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Edward E. Quist, 301-504-0029. ext.
                                      2240.Website: www.cpsc.gov/businfo/businfo.html.
Education Department...............  Gary Weaver, 202-401-3848. Website:
Federal Election Commission........  John O'Brien, 202-694-1215.
                                      Website: www.fec.gov.
Federal Emergency Management Agency  Colleen Kennedy-Roberts, 202-646-
                                      2988. Website: www.fema.gov.
Federal Retirement Thrift            Richard White, 202-942-1633.
 Investment Board.                    Website: www.frtib.gov/eread.html.
General Services Administration....  Tom Fitzpatrick, 202-501-0324.
                                      Website: www.cfo.gsa.gov.
Harry S. Truman Scholarship          Louis H. Blair, 202-395-4831.
 Foundation.                          Website: www.truman.gov.
Health and Human Services..........  Michael Colvin, 202-690-7887.
                                      Website: www.hhs.gov/progorg/oam/fair fair
Housing and Urban Development......  Janice W. Blake-Green, 202-708-
                                      0638. Website: www.hud.gov/cfo/cforept.html.
Institute of Museum and Library      Linda Bell, 202-606-8637. Website:
 Services.                            www.imls.gov.
Inter-American Foundation..........  Linda Borst, (703) 306-4308.
                                      Website: www.iaf.gov.
James Madison Memorial Fellowship    Steve Weiss, 202-653-6109. Website:
 Foundation.                          www.jamesmadison.com.
Japan-United States Friendship       Eric Ganloff, 202-418-9800.
 Commission.                          Website: www.jusfc.gov.
Kennedy Center for the Performing    Jared Barlage, 202-416-8721.
 Arts.                                Website: www.kennedy-center.org/about/administration.html.
Marine Mammal Commission...........  Suzanne Montgomery, 301-504-0087.
                                      No Website currently available.
National Commission on Libraries     Judith C. Russell, 202-606-9200.
 and Information Science.             Website: www.nclis.gov.
National Council on Disability.....  Ethel D. Briggs, 202-272-2004.
                                      Website: www.ncd.gov/newsroom/correspondence correspondence (pull up lew 7-14-
National Education Goals Panel.....  John Masaitis, 202-724-0015.
                                      Website: www.negp.gov (hit search
                                      and type in A-76).
National Endowment for the Arts....  Mike Burke, 202-682-5497. Website:
National Labor Relations Board       Emil T. George, 202-273-1960.
 (OIG).                               Website: www.nlrb.gov/active.html.
Office of U.S. Trade Representative  Barbara Ferguson, 202-456-6001
Peace Corps........................  Susan Hancks, 202-692-1612 Website:
Railroad Retirement Board..........  Henry M. Valiulis, 312-751-4520
                                      Website: www.rrb.gov/emaillink.html.
Railroad Retirement Board..........  Martin J. Dickman, 312-751-4690.
                                      Website: www.rrb.gov/emaillink.html.
Smithsonian Institution............  L. Carole Wharton, 202-357-2917.
                                      Website: www.si.edu/si_fairact.htm.
U. S. Trade and Development Agency.  Julie Norton, 703-875-6066 Website:

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