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[Public Notice 3986]

Shipping Coordinating Committee; Notice of Meetings

    The U.S. Shipping Coordinating Committee (SHC) will conduct a 
series of open meetings between June and October, 2002, to assist in 
refining the United States position prior to the Diplomatic Conference 
hosted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on the draft 
Protocol to the Athens Convention Relating to the Carriage of 
Passengers and Their Luggage by Sea, 1974 (draft Athens Protocol), and 
also to prepare for the eighty-fifth session of the Legal Committee 
(LEG 85). The Athens Diplomatic Conference will convene from October 21 
to November 1, 2002, and LEG 85 will meet from October 22 to October 
24, 2002.
    The U.S. delegation to the Athens Diplomatic Conference and LEG 85 
will consider views on issues raised by the draft Athens Protocol and 
LEG 85 as indicated below but will also allow time for discussion of 
other topics raised at the meetings. To submit comments in advance of 
the scheduled meetings, please send them via e-mail to 
[email protected]; via fax, attention of LT Leonard-Cho at 
(202) 267-4496; or via mail, Commandant (G-LMI), U.S. Coast Guard, 2100 
Second St. SW., Washington, DC, 20593-0001 attention LT Leonard-Cho. 
Any written submissions may be posted at: https://afls16.jag.af.mil/
    The following meeting schedule allows time for the preparation of 
U.S. submissions, if deemed necessary, for consideration at the Athens 
Diplomatic Conference and LEG 85. Each meeting will be held at U.S. 
Coast Guard Headquarters, 2100 Second Street SW., Washington, DC 20593-
0001 in room 2415 at 10:00 a.m. The meeting dates and topics are as 
    June 26, 2002: The focus will be on views expressed about the draft 
Athens Protocol liability and insurance limits, including the strict 
liability limit (Art. 3); the compulsory insurance amount (Art. 4bis); 
and the carrier's minimum limit of liability for personal injury (Art. 
    July 31, 2002: The U.S. delegation will consider any additional 
comments on the draft Athens Protocol liability and compulsory 
insurance limits. In addition, the U.S. delegation will consider views 
on any issues raised by other country delegations and any issues raised 
by written submissions to the Coast Guard regarding the draft Athens 
Protocol. To date, other country delegations have indicated that they 
may raise the issue of removing the willful misconduct defense (Art. 
4bis), and modifying the definition of defect in the ship (Art. 3).
    September 5, 2002: This meeting will focus on views expressed on 
any other issue that arise subsequent to July 31, 2002 regarding the 
draft Athens Protocol. The meeting will also consider views on the LEG 
85 agenda items of the draft Convention on Wreck Removal (e.g. comments 
on the insertion of a new cargo liability article), and Suppression of 
Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation, 1988 (SUA 
Convention) and its 1988 Protocol.
    October 16, 2002: This meeting will consider views on all the LEG 
85 agenda items as well as the draft Athens Protocol. The provisional 
LEG 85 agenda includes a progress report by the SUA Convention 
Correspondence Group; a status update on the draft Convention on Wreck 
Removal; and the review of an IMO resolution on safety measures for 
rescue at sea. Members of the public are invited to attend the SHC 
meeting up to the room's seating capacity. To facilitate the building 
security process, those who plan to attend should call or send an e-
mail two days before the meeting. Upon request, participating by phone 
may be an

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option. For further information please contact CAPT Joseph F. Ahern or 
LT Carolyn Leonard-Cho at [email protected] or telephone, 
(202) 267-1527.

    Dated: May 24, 2002.
Stephen M. Miller,
Executive Secretary, Shipping Coordinating Committee, Executive 
Secretary, Shipping Coordinating Committee, Department of State.
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