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Maritime Administration

[Docket Number: MARAD-2002-12955]

Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws

AGENCY: Maritime Administration, Department of Transportation.

ACTION: Invitation for public comments on a requested administrative 
waiver of

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the Coastwise Trade Laws for the vessel NETWORKER.


SUMMARY: As authorized by Public Law 105-383, the Secretary of 
Transportation, as represented by the Maritime Administration (MARAD), 
is authorized to grant waivers of the U.S.-build requirement of the 
coastwise laws under certain circumstances. A request for such a waiver 
has been received by MARAD. The vessel, and a description of the 
proposed service, is listed below. Interested parties may comment on 
the effect this action may have on U.S. vessel builders or businesses 
in the U.S. that use U.S.-flag vessels. If MARAD determines that in 
accordance with Public Law 105-383 and MARAD's regulations at 46 CFR 
part 388 (65 FR 6905; February 11, 2000) that the issuance of the 
waiver will have an unduly adverse effect on a U.S.-vessel builder or a 
business that uses U.S.-flag vessels, a waiver will not be granted.

DATES: Submit comments on or before September 3, 2002.

ADDRESSES: Comments should refer to docket number MARAD-2002-12955. 
Written comments may be submitted by hand or by mail to the Docket 
Clerk, U.S. DOT Dockets, Room PL-401, Department of Transportation, 400 
7th St., SW., Washington, DC 20590-0001. You may also send comments 
electronically via the Internet at http://dmses.dot.gov/submit/. All 
comments will become part of this docket and will be available for 
inspection and copying at the above address between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., 
E.T., Monday through Friday, except federal holidays. An electronic 
version of this document and all documents entered into this docket is 
available on the World Wide Web at http://dms.dot.gov.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Kathleen Dunn, U.S. Department of 
Transportation, Maritime Administration, MAR-832 Room 7201, 400 Seventh 
Street, SW., Washington, DC 20590. Telephone 202-366-2307.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Title V of Public Law 105-383 provides 
authority to the Secretary of Transportation to administratively waive 
the U.S.-build requirements of the Jones Act, and other statutes, for 
small commercial passenger vessels (no more than 12 passengers). This 
authority has been delegated to the Maritime Administration per 49 CFR 
1.66, Delegations to the Maritime Administrator, as amended. By this 
notice, MARAD is publishing information on a vessel for which a request 
for a U.S.-build waiver has been received, and for which MARAD requests 
comments from interested parties. Comments should refer to the docket 
number of this notice and the vessel name in order for MARAD to 
properly consider the comments. Comments should also state the 
commenter's interest in the waiver application, and address the waiver 
criteria given in Sec. 388.4 of MARAD'S regulations at 46 CFR part 388.

Vessel Proposed for Waiver of the U.S.-Build Requirement

    (1) Name of vessel and owner for which waiver is requested. Name of 
vessel: NETWORKER. Owner: Steven R. Stanfield/Janet S. Valenty.
    (2) Size, capacity and tonnage of vessel. According to the 
applicant: ``Gross Tonnage: 37, Net Tonnage: 30, Length 44.3 ft, 
Breadth: 15.8 ft, Depth: 8.0 ft.''
    (3) Intended use for vessel, including geographic region of 
intended operation and trade. According to the applicant: ``The vessel 
will be used for sportfishing charters carrying no more than 6 (six) 
passengers. It will be operated on a full-time basis out of DANA Wharf 
Sportfishing in Dana Point, California. The intended geographic region 
of operation is within 100 nautical miles of the coast from Point 
Conception, CA to the US/ Mexico border.''
    (4) Date and Place of construction and (if applicable) rebuilding. 
Date of construction: 1997. Place of construction: Tao Yuan Taiwan, 
Republic of China.
    (5) A statement on the impact this waiver will have on other 
commercial passenger vessel operators. According to the applicant: ``To 
the best of my knowledge there are over 100 six-pak sportfishing 
charter boats operating in this geographic region. (The term ``Six-
pak'' describes uninspected vessels carrying six or less passengers.) 
They carry passengers to various near shore locations for rod and reel 
fishing of bass, barracuda, rockfish, shark and other coastal species. 
Some take sport fishermen out to various offshore locations for tuna, 
billfish, and other offshore species. The majority of these boats 
operate on a part-time basis doing little or no advertising and very 
limited numbers of charters. Of these there are 22 boats which are 
operated full-time and advertised in the South Coast Sportfishing 
Charter Boat Directory. Of these 22, most are independent owner/
operators of only one vessel, however two operators own two vessels 
each. I believe the granting of this waiver will have very little or no 
impact on the existing operators.''
    (6) A statement on the impact this waiver will have on U.S. 
shipyards. According to the applicant: ``I believe the granting of this 
waiver will have no impact of U.S. shipyards.''

    Dated: July 26, 2002.

    By Order of the Maritime Administrator.
Joel C. Richard,
Secretary, Maritime Administration.
[FR Doc. 02-19380 Filed 7-31-02; 8:45 am]