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Rules and Regulations
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Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 39 / Thursday, February 27, 2003 / 
Rules and Regulations

[[Page 8989]]


Rural Utilities Service

7 CFR Part 1738

Rural Broadband Access Loans and Loan Guarantees

AGENCY: Rural Utilities Service, USDA.

ACTION: Final rule; technical correction.


SUMMARY: The Rural Utilities Service (RUS) published in the Federal 
Register on Thursday, January 30, 2003, at 68 FR 4684, a rule amending 
its regulations in order to establish the Rural Broadband Access Loan 
and Loan Guarantee Program as authorized by the Farm Security and Rural 
Investment Act of 2002 (Pub. L. 101-171) (2002 Act). Section 6103 of 
the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 amended the Rural 
Electrification Act of 1936, as amended (RE Act), to add Title VI, 
Rural Broadband Access, to provide loans and loan guarantees to fund 
the cost of construction, improvement, or acquisition of facilities and 
equipment for the provision of broadband service in eligible rural 
communities. This document makes a technical correction to the final 

DATES: Effective January 30, 2003.

Administrator, Telecommunications Program, Rural Utilities Service, 
U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW., STOP 
1590, Room 4056, Washington, DC 20250-1590. Telephone number (202) 720-
9554, Facsimile (202) 720-0810.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In FR Doc. 03-2199, published on January 30, 
2003, at 68 FR 4684, make the following correction:

Sec.  1738.10  [Corrected]

    1. On page 4688, in column one, in the fourth line of Sec.  
1738.10(b), in the fourth line, remove ``telecommunications loan made 
under'', and add, ``telecommunications loan made or guaranteed under'' 
in its place.

    Dated: February 14, 2003.
Hilda Gay Legg,
Administrator, Rural Utilities Services.
[FR Doc. 03-4563 Filed 2-26-03; 8:45 am]