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Excepted Service

AGENCY: U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: This gives notice of OPM decisions granting authority to make 
appointments under Schedules A, B, and C in the excepted service as 
required by 5 CFR 213.103.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Roland Edwards, Senior Executive 
Resource Services, Employee Services, 202-606-2246.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Appearing in the listing below are the 
individual authorities established under Schedules A, B, and C between 
January 1, 2011, and January 31, 2011. These notices are published 
monthly in the Federal Register at http://www.federalregister.gov/. A 
consolidated listing of all authorities as of June 30 is also published 
each year. The following Schedules are not codified in the Code of 
Federal Regulations. These are agency-specific exceptions.

Schedule A

    No Schedule A authorities to report during January 2011.

Schedule B

    No Schedule B authorities to report during January 2011.

Schedule C

    The following Schedule C appointments were approved during January 

            Agency name               Organization name        Position title           No.       Effective date
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE.........  Office of the          Staff Assistant......        DA110007       1/14/2011
                                     Assistant Secretary
                                     for Congressional
                                    Office of              Press Secretary......        DA110013       1/31/2011
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE............  Office of White House  Deputy Director,             DC110025        1/7/2011
                                     Liaison.               Office of White
                                                            House Liaison.
                                    Office of Business     Senior Advisor.......        DC110028       1/20/2011
DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY............  Office of the Under    Special Assistant....        DN110010        1/5/2011
                                     Secretary of the
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION...........  Office of Vocational   Confidential                 DB110018       1/28/2011
                                     and Adult Education.   Assistant.
                                    Office of the          Confidential                 DB110017       1/28/2011
                                     Secretary.             Assistant.
                                    Office of the Under    Deputy Director of           DB110022       1/28/2011
                                     Secretary.             the White House
                                                            Initiative on Tribal
                                                            Colleges and
                                    Office of Planning,    Special Assistant....        DB110024       1/28/2011
                                     Evaluation and
                                     Policy Development.
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY..............  Office of Management.  Director, Office of          DE110016        1/5/2011
                                                            Scheduling and

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                                    Office of the          Special Assistant....        DE110023        1/6/2011
                                    Under Secretary for    Special Assistant....        DE110035       1/28/2011
GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION...  Great Lakes Region...  Regional                     GS110006        1/7/2011
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN      Office of the          Special Assistant....        DH110022       1/20/2011
 SERVICES.                           Secretary.
                                    Office of the General  Special Assistant....        DH110031        1/7/2011
                                    Office of the          Senior Advisor Center        DH110033       1/20/2011
                                     Assistant Secretary    for Faith-Based and
                                     for Planning and       Neighborhood
                                     Evaluation.            Partnerships.
DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY...  Office of the          Director, Homeland           DM110056       1/27/2011
                                     Assistant Secretary    Security Advisory
                                     for Policy.            Council.
                                    Office of the          Press Secretary......        DM110060       1/27/2011
                                     Assistant Secretary
                                     for Public Affairs.
                                    Office of the          Assistant Press              DM110065       1/27/2011
                                     Assistant Secretary    Secretary.
                                     for Public Affairs.
                                    Office of the          Assistant Press              DM110064       1/27/2011
                                     Assistant Secretary    Secretary.
                                     for Public Affairs.
                                    Office of the          Director of Special          DM110061       1/27/2011
                                     Assistant Secretary    Projects.
                                     for Public Affairs.
DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN     Office of Housing....  Special Assistant....        DU110012        1/6/2011
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR........  Secretary's Immediate  Deputy Director,             DI110022       1/31/2011
                                     Office.                Intergovernmental
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.............  Office of Legislative  Attorney Advisor.....        DJ110034       1/26/2011
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR...............  Office of              Deputy Director of           DL110011       1/28/2011
                                     Congressional and      Intergovernmental
                                     Intergovernmental      Affairs.
OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET...  Legislative Affairs..  Deputy for                   BO110005       1/21/2011
                                                            Legislative Affairs
                                    Office of Information  Counselor............        BO110008       1/21/2011
                                     and Regulatory
SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.....  Office of the          Senior Advisor for           SB110011       1/21/2011
                                     Administrator.         Intergovernmental
                                    Office of              Assistant                    SB110012       1/21/2011
                                     Congressional and      Administrator for
                                     Legislative Affairs.   Congressional and
                                                            Legislative Affairs.
                                    Office of the          Special Assistant and        SB110016       1/21/2011
                                     Administrator.         Scheduler.
                                    Office of the          Director of                  SB110015       1/20/2011
                                     Administrator.         Scheduling and
                                    Office of Capital      Deputy Associate             SB110014       1/20/2011
                                     Access.                Administrator for
                                                            Capital Access.
DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY........  Assistant Secretary    Senior Advisor.......        DY110039       1/31/2011
                                     for Financial
                                    Secretary of the       Special Assistant....        DY110040       1/31/2011
                                    Secretary of the       Chief of Staff.......        DY110042       1/31/2011
                                    Assistant Secretary    Media Affairs                DY110043       1/31/2011
                                     (Public Affairs).      Specialist.
DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS....  Office of the          Special Assistant....        DV110007       1/12/2011
                                     Secretary and Deputy.

    Authority:  5 U.S.C. 3301 and 3302; E.O. 10577, 3 CFR 1954-1958 
Comp., p. 218.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management.
John Berry,
[FR Doc. 2011-5519 Filed 3-9-11; 8:45 am]