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[Docket No. DHS-2011-0115]

Request for Public Comments Concerning U.S.-Canada Action Plan 
for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness

AGENCY: Office of Policy, DHS.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The United States and Canada are staunch allies, vital 
economic partners, neighbors, and steadfast friends. We share common 
values, communities, and deep links among our citizens. The extensive 
mobility of people, goods, capital, and information between our two 
countries has helped ensure that our societies remain open, democratic, 
prosperous, and secure.
    On February 4, 2011, President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime 
Minister Stephen Harper announced Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision 
for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness. This declaration 
describes a perimeter approach to security in which the United States 
and Canada share responsibility for the security and resilience of our 

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Our countries will seek to jointly address threats at the earliest 
point possible, while working together to facilitate the flows of 
legitimate travel and trade.
    Beyond the Border identifies four key areas of cooperation: 
Addressing Threats Early; Trade Facilitation, Economic Growth, and 
Jobs; Integrated Cross-Border Law Enforcement; and Critical 
Infrastructure and Cybersecurity. Progress in these areas will be 
underpinned by a respect for the sovereignty, civil rights and civil 
liberties, privacy protections, and legal frameworks of both countries.
    On December 7, 2011, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister 
Harper announced the Beyond the Border Action Plan, which describes 
specific initiatives our countries intend to undertake to achieve 
Beyond the Border's goals of perimeter security and economic 
competitiveness. With this notice, the United States Department of 
Homeland Security (DHS), on behalf of the Administration, is seeking 
public input on the Beyond the Border Action Plan.

DATES: The agency must receive comments on or before January 9, 2012.

ADDRESSES: Interested parties are invited to submit comments on the BTB 
Action Plan. You may submit comments, identified by the docket number 
DHS-2011-0115 through the Federal eRulemaking Portal: http://www.regulations.gov. Follow the instructions for submitting comments.
    Electronic comment submissions should be emailed to 
BeyondtheBorder@hq.dhs.gov. Please direct written submissions to Beyond 
the Border Coordinator, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Mailstop 
0455, Washington, DC 20016. The public is strongly encouraged to file 
submissions electronically rather than by mail.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: BeyondtheBorder@hq.dhs.gov or visit 

    Requirements for Submissions: In order to ensure the timely receipt 
and consideration of comments, the White House and DHS strongly 
encourage commenters to make submissions via email to 
    For any comments submitted electronically containing business 
confidential information, the file name of the business confidential 
version should begin with the characters ``BC''. The top of any page 
containing business confidential information must clearly be marked 
``BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL''. Any person filing comments that contain 
business confidential information must also file in a separate 
submission a public version of the comments. The file name of the 
public version of the comments should begin with the character ``P''. 
The ``BC'' and ``P'' should be followed by the name of the person or 
entity submitting the comments. If a comment contains no business 
confidential information, the file name should begin with the character 
``P'', followed by the name of the person or entity submitting 
    Please do not attach separate cover letters to electronic 
submissions; rather, include any information that might appear in a 
cover letter in the comments themselves. Similarly, to the extent 
possible, please include any exhibits, annexes, or other attachments in 
the same file as the submission itself, not as separate files.

Luis Alvarez,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Affairs.
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