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[Docket No. FD 35571]

Amtrak's Petition for Determination of PRIIA Section 209 Cost 

AGENCY: Surface Transportation Board.

ACTION: Adoption of methodology to establish and allocate costs for 
state-supported Amtrak routes.


SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given of the adoption of a methodology to 
establish and allocate costs for state-supported Amtrak routes. Amtrak 
developed this methodology in consultation with affected states, 
pursuant to Section 209 of the Passenger Rail Investment and 
Improvement Act of 2008 (PRIIA). Following consultations, the affected 
states agreed to adoption of the methodology, with the exception of 
Indiana. Indiana advised Amtrak that it did not accept the proposed 
methodology, but did not offer any explanation for its decision. In 
light of Indiana's decision, Amtrak subsequently filed its petition 
with the Board, seeking adoption of the methodology.
    By decision served on March 15, 2012, the Board finds that the 
methodology meets the requirements of PRIIA Section 209(a) and should 
be implemented by Amtrak in accordance with PRIIA Section 209(c). The 
methodology is a single, nationwide standardized methodology for 
establishing and allocating the operating and capital costs among the 
states and Amtrak, associated with the trains operated on the routes 
subject to PRIIA Section 209(a). Upon review of the methodology and the 
facts and circumstances surrounding its development, the Board 
concludes that the methodology will: (1) Ensure equal treatment in the 
provision of like services of all states and groups of states; and (2) 
allocate to each route the costs incurred only for the benefit of that 
route and a proportionate share, based upon factors that reasonably 
reflect relative use, of costs incurred for the common benefit of more 
than one route. The decision will become effective on April 14, 2012. 
The entire Board decision is available on the Board's Web site at 
    This decision will not significantly affect either the human 
environment or the conservation of energy resources.

    Decided: March 13, 2012.

    By the Board, Chairman Elliott, Vice Chairman Mulvey, and 
Commissioner Begeman.
Jeffrey Herzig,
Clearance Clerk.
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