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[Page 23114]
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[FR Doc No: 2012-9187]

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Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Part 71

[Docket No. FAA-2011-1386; Airspace Docket No. 11-ANE-11]
RIN 2120-AA66

Modification, Revocation and Establishment of Air Traffic Service 
Routes; Windsor Locks Area; CT

AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.

ACTION: Final rule; correction.


SUMMARY: This action corrects a final rule published in the Federal 
Register on April 5, 2012, that amends the airway structure in the 
vicinity of Windsor Locks, CT, due to the planned decommissioning of 
the Bradley VHF omnirange/tactical air navigation aid. This action 
corrects the longitude coordinate for one point in the description of 
area navigation (RNAV) route T-300.

DATES: Effective date 0901 UTC, May 31, 2012. The Director of the 
Federal Register approves this incorporation by reference action under 
1 CFR part 51, subject to the annual revision of FAA Order 7400.9 and 
publication of conforming amendments.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Paul Gallant, Airspace, Regulations 
and ATC Procedures Group, Office of Airspace Services, Federal Aviation 
Administration, 800 Independence Avenue SW., Washington, DC 20591; 
telephone: (202) 267-8783.



    On April 5, 2012, the FAA published a final rule in the Federal 
Register amending four VOR Federal airways, revoking one VOR Federal 
airway, and establishing three area navigation (RNAV) routes in the 
vicinity of Windsor Locks, CT (77 FR 20528). Subsequent to publication, 
an error was discovered in the longitude coordinate for the Norwich, 
CT, VOR/DME navigation aid in the description of RNAV route T-300. The 
published longitude of 72[deg]59'58'' W. should read 71[deg]59'58'' W.
    Area Navigation Routes are published in paragraph 6011 of FAA Order 
7400.9V, dated August 9, 2011, and effective September 15, 2011, which 
is incorporated by reference in 14 CFR 71.1. The RNAV route listed in 
this document will be published subsequently in the Order.

Correction to Final Rule

Accordingly, pursuant to the authority delegated to me, the longitude 
coordinate for the Norwich, CT VOR/DME as published in the Federal 
Register on April 5, 2010 (77 FR 20528) (FR Doc. 2012-8183) for RNAV 
route T-300, is corrected under the description as follows:

Paragraph 6011 United States area navigation routes

* * * * *

T-300 [Corrected]

On page 20530, line 30, remove ``Norwich, CT (ORW) VOR/DME (lat. 
41[deg]33'23'' N., long. 72[deg]59'58'' W.)'' and insert ``Norwich, CT 
(ORW) VOR/DME (lat. 41[deg]33'23'' N., long. 71[deg]59'58'' W.)

    Issued in Washington, DC, on April 12, 2012.
Ellen Crum,
Acting Manager, Airspace, Regulations and ATC Procedures Group.
[FR Doc. 2012-9187 Filed 4-17-12; 8:45 am]