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Federal Aviation Administration

Notice of Meeting of the National Parks Overflights Advisory 
Group Aviation Rulemaking Committee

ACTION: Notice of meeting.


SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National 
Park Service (NPS), in accordance with the National Parks Air Tour 
Management Act of 2000, announce the next meeting of the National Parks 
Overflights Advisory Group (NPOAG) Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC). 
This notification provides the date, location, and agenda for the 

Date and Location: The NPOAG ARC will meet on May 16, 2012. The meeting 
will take place in the Garden Pavilion C room at the Hilton Garden Inn 
located on 815 E. Mall Drive in Rapid City, SD 57701. The phone number 
is 605-791-9000. The meeting will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
on May 16, 2012. This NPOAG meeting will be open to the public.

Programs Staff, Federal Aviation Administration, Western-Pacific Region 
Headquarters, P.O. Box 92007, Los Angeles, CA 90009-2007, telephone: 
(310) 725-3800, email: Barry.Brayer@faa.gov.



    The National Parks Air Tour Management Act of 2000 (NPATMA), 
enacted on April 5, 2000, as Public Law 106-181, required the 
establishment of the NPOAG within one year after its enactment. The Act 
requires that the NPOAG be a balanced group of representatives of 
general aviation, commercial air tour operations, environmental 
concerns, and Native American tribes. The Administrator of the FAA and 
the Director of NPS (or their designees) serve as ex officio members of 
the group. Representatives of the Administrator and Director serve 
alternating 1-year terms as chairperson of the advisory group.
    The duties of the NPOAG include providing advice, information, and 
recommendations to the FAA Administrator and the NPS Director on; 
implementation of Public Law 106-181; quiet aircraft technology; other 
measures that might accommodate interests to visitors of national 
parks; and at the request of the Administrator and the Director, on 
safety, environmental, and other issues related to commercial air tour 
operations over national parks or tribal lands.

 Agenda for the May 16, 2012 NPOAG Meeting

    The agenda for the meeting will include, but is not limited to, an 
update on ongoing Air Tour Management Program projects and discussion 
on implementing the new amendments to NPATMA that were included in the 
FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.

Attendance at the Meeting and Submission of Written Comments

    Although this is not a public meeting, interested persons may 
attend. Because seating is limited, if you plan to attend please 
contact the person listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT so that 
meeting space may be made to accommodate all attendees. Written 
comments regarding the meeting will be accepted directly from attendees 
or may be sent to the person listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION 

Record of the Meeting

    If you cannot attend the NPOAG meeting, a summary record of the 
meeting will be made available under the NPOAG section of the FAA ATMP 
web site at: http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/arc/programs/air_tour_management_plan/parks_overflights_group/minutes.cfm or through the Special Programs Staff, Western-
Pacific Region, P.O. Box 92007, Los Angeles, CA 90009-2007, telephone: 
(310) 725-3808.

    Issued in Hawthorne, CA, on April 23, 2012.
Keith Lusk,
Program Manager, Air Tour Management Program, Western-Pacific Region.
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