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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Agency Forms Undergoing Paperwork Reduction Act Review

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publishes a 
list of information collection requests under review by the Office of 
Management and Budget (OMB) in compliance with the Paperwork Reduction 
Act (44 U.S.C. chapter 35). To request a copy of these requests, call 
(404) 639-7570 or send an email to omb@cdc.gov. Send written comments 
to CDC Desk Officer, Office of Management and Budget, Washington, DC 
20503 or by fax to (202) 395-5806. Written comments should be received 
within 30 days of this notice.

Proposed Project

    Risk Factors for Invasive Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus 
aureus (MRSA) among Patients Recently Discharged from Acute Care 
Hospitals through the Active Bacterial Core Surveillance for Invasive 
MRSA infections (ABCs MRSA)--NEW--National Center for Emerging and 
Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID), Centers for Disease Control and 
Prevention (CDC).

Background and Brief Description

    Essential steps in reducing the occurrence of healthcare-associated 
invasive MRSA infections are to quantify the burden and to identify 
modifiable risk factors associated with invasive MRSA disease. The 
current CDC's ABCs MRSA surveillance has been essential to quantify the 
burden of invasive MRSA in the United States. Through this surveillance 
CDC was able to estimate that 94,360 invasive MRSA infections 
associated with 18,650 deaths occurred in the United States in 2005. 
The majority of these invasive infections (58%) had onset in the 
community or within 3 days of hospital admission and occurred among 
individuals with recent healthcare exposures (healthcare-associated 
community-onset [HACO]). More recent data from the CDC's ABCs MRSA 
system have shown that two thirds of invasive healthcare-associated 
community-onset MRSA infections occur among persons who are discharged 
from an acute care hospital in the prior 3 months. Risk factors for 
invasive MRSA infections post-discharge have not been well evaluated, 
and effective prevention measures in this population remain uncertain.
    For this project, an estimated total of 450 patients (150 patients 
with HACO MRSA infection post-acute care discharge and 300 patients 
without HACO MRSA infection) will be contacted for the MRSA interview 
annually. This estimate is based on the numbers of MRSA cases reported 
by the ABCs MRSA sites annually (http://www.cdc.gov/abcs/reports-findings/survreports/mrsa08.html ) who are 18 years of age or older, 
had onset of the MRSA infection in the community or within 3 days of 
hospital admission, and history of hospitalization in the prior 3 
months. ABCs MRSA surveillance case report forms will be used to 
identify HACO MRSA cases to be contacted for a telephone interview. For 
each HACO MRSA case identified; 2 patients without HACO MRSA infection 
(control-patients) matched on age with MRSA case will be contacted for 
a health interview. All 450 patients (both cases and controls) will be 
screened for eligibility and those considered to be eligible will 
complete the telephone interview. We anticipate that 350 of the 450 
patients screened will complete the telephone interview across all 6 
participating ABCs MRSA sites per year. We anticipate the screening 
questions to take about 5 minutes and the telephone interview 20 
minutes per respondent.
    Preventing healthcare-associated invasive MRSA infections is one of 
CDC priorities. The goal of this project is to assess risk factors for 
invasive healthcare-associated MRSA infections, which will inform the 
development of targeted prevention measures. This activity supports the 
HHS Action Plan for elimination of healthcare-associated infections.
    There are no costs to respondents. The total response burden for 
the study is estimated as 155 hours.

                                                                                     Number of    Average burden
          Type of respondents                   Form name            Number of     responses per   per response
                                                                    respondents     respondent      (in hours)
Hospital Patients.....................  Screening Form..........             450               1            5/60
                                        Telephone interview.....             350               1           20/60

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Kimberly S. Lane,
Deputy Director, Office of Science Integrity, Office of the Associate 
Director for Science, Office of the Director, Centers for Disease 
Control and Prevention.
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