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Excepted Service

AGENCY: U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: This notice identifies Schedule A, B, and C appointing 
authorities applicable to a single agency that were established or 
revoked from March 1, 2012, to March 31, 2012.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Senior Executive Resources Services, 
Executive Resources and Employee Development, Employee Services, 202-

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In accordance with 5 CFR 213.103, Schedule 
A, B and C appointing authorities available for use by all agencies are 
codified in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Schedule A, B and C 
appointing authorities applicable to a single agency are not codified 
in the CFR, but the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) publishes a 
notice of agency-specific authorities established or revoked each month 
in the Federal Register at www.gpo.gov/fdsys/. OPM also publishes 
annually a consolidated listing of all Schedule A, B and C appointing 
authorities current as of June 30 as a notice in the Federal Register.

Schedule A

    The following Schedule A authority is amended to read as follows.
    10. Department of Justice (Sch. A, Sec.  213.3110).
    (a) General.
    (7) Positions necessary throughout DOJ, for the excepted service 
transfer of NDIC employees hired under Schedule A, Sec.  213.3110(d). 
Authority expires September 30, 2012.
    (d) (Reserved, moved to Justice).

Schedule B

    The Schedule B authority is amended to read as follows:
    11. Department of Homeland Security (Sch. B, Sec.  213.3211).
    (a) Coast Guard.
    Up to 35 permanent positions at the GS-9 through GS-15 grade levels 
and 1 senior level (SL) position classified above GS-15 pursuant to 
section 5108 of title 5, United States Code, that does not meet the 
definition of an SES position at section 3132 of title 5. This 
authority may be used to fill GS-080 (Security) and GS-132 
(Intelligence) positions. No appointments may be made under this 
authority after April 30, 2012.

Schedule C

    The following Schedule C appointing authorities were approved 
during March 2012.

            Agency name               Organization name        Position title           No.       Effective date
Department of Agriculture.........  Office of the          Confidential                 DA120041      03/23/2012
                                     Secretary.             Assistant.

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Department of Commerce............  Office of the Chief    Director of                  DC120077      03/15/2012
                                     of Staff.              Scheduling.
                                    Assistant Secretary    Special Advisor......        DC120083      03/23/2012
                                     and Director General
                                     of United States and
                                     Foreign Commercial
                                    Office of the Under    Special Advisor......        DC120084      03/23/2012
Department of Defense.............  Office of the          Director, Travel             DD120032      03/07/2012
                                     Secretary.             Operations.
                                    Washington             Defense Fellow.......        DD120037      03/09/2012
                                    Office of the          Special Assistant for        DD120038      03/30/2012
                                     Director (Cost         Special Projects.
                                     Assessment and
                                     Program Evaluation).
Department of The Navy............  Office of the          Special Advisor......        DN120012      03/08/2012
Department of Education...........  Office for Civil       Confidential                 DB120030      03/30/2012
                                     Rights.                Assistant.
                                    Office of the          Confidential                 DB120040      03/30/2012
                                     Secretary.             Assistant.
                                    Office of the          Confidential                 DB120041      03/30/2012
                                     Secretary.             Assistant.
Department of Energy..............  Office of the Deputy   Special Assistant....        DE120053      03/15/2012
                                    Office of the          Deputy White House           DE120054      03/20/2012
                                     Secretary.             Liaison.
                                    Office of the          Special Assistant....        DE120058      03/22/2012
                                    Assistant Secretary    Legislative Affairs          DE120056      03/29/2012
                                     for Congressional      Specialist.
                                    Office of Electricity  Special Assistant....        DE120057      03/29/2012
                                     Delivery and Energy
                                    Assistant Secretary    Senior Advisor.......        DE120068      03/29/2012
                                     for Energy
                                     Efficiency and
                                     Renewable Energy.
                                    Office of the          Special Advisor......        DE120067      03/30/2012
Environmental Protection Agency...  Office of the          Deputy Press                 EP120016      03/02/2012
                                     Administrator.         Secretary.
Federal Communications Commission.  Office of Strategic    Advisor..............        FC120007      03/20/2012
                                     Planning and Policy
General Services Administration...  Office of the          Communications               GS120012      03/30/2012
                                     Administrator.         Director.
Department of Health And Human      Office of the          Special Assistant....        DH120059      03/19/2012
 Services.                           Assistant Secretary
                                     for Public Affairs.
Department of Homeland Security...  Office of the          Local Affairs                DM120073      03/13/2012
                                     Assistant Secretary    Coordinator.
                                    Office of the Chief    Deputy White House           DM120075      03/13/2012
                                     of Staff.              Liaison.
                                    Federal Emergency      Director of Public           DM120076      03/13/2012
                                     Management Agency.     Affairs.
                                    U.S. Customs and       Advisor..............        DM120078      03/15/2012
                                     Border Protection.
                                    Office of the          Advisor for                  DM120079      03/15/2012
                                     Assistant Secretary    International
                                     for Policy.            Affairs and Chief
                                                            Diplomatic Officer.
                                    U.S. Customs and       Senior Advisor.......        DM120085      03/23/2012
                                     Border Protection.
                                    Office of the          Assistant Press              DM120084      03/29/2012
                                     Assistant Secretary    Secretary.
                                     for Public Affairs.
                                    Office of the Under    Senior Advisor for           DM120086      03/29/2012
                                     Secretary for          Public Affairs.
                                     National Protection
                                     and Programs
                                    Federal Emergency      Associate Director of        DM120089      03/30/2012
                                     Management Agency.     Public Affairs/Press
Department of Housing and Urban     Office of the          Financial Analyst for        DU120025      03/28/2012
 Development.                        Secretary.             Housing Finance.
Department of the Interior........  Secretary's Immediate  Special Assistant....        DI120028      03/12/2012
Department of Justice.............  Office on Violence     Special Assistant....        DJ120030      03/02/2012
                                     Against Women.
                                    Office of Public       Senior Public Affairs        DJ120031      03/08/2012
                                     Affairs.               Specialist.
Department of Labor...............  Office of the          Special Assistant....        DL120035      03/08/2012
                                    Employee Benefits      Senior Advisor.......        DL120036      03/09/2012
                                    Office of Public       Special Assistant....        DL120037      03/15/2012
                                    Wage and Hour          Chief of Staff.......        DL120039      03/23/2012
Office of Management and Budget...  Natural Resource       Confidential                 BO120019      03/29/2012
                                     Programs.              Assistant.
                                    Health Division......  Confidential                 BO120021      03/30/2012
Office of Personnel Management....  Planning and Policy    Deputy Performance           PM120013      03/07/2012
                                     Analysis.              Improvement Officer.
President's Commission on White     President's            Special Assistant....        WH120002      03/05/2012
 House Fellowships.                  Commission on White
                                     House Fellowships.
Small Business Administration.....  Office of              Senior Speechwriter..        SB120016      03/07/2012
                                     Communications and
                                     Public Liaison.
                                    Office of              Press Secretary......        SB120017      03/19/2012
                                     Communications and
                                     Public Liaison.
                                    Office of the          Special Advisor......        SB120019      03/29/2012

[[Page 41460]]

                                    Office of              Deputy Press                 SB120020      03/29/2012
                                     Communications and     Secretary.
                                     Public Liaison.
Department of State...............  Office of the Chief    Protocol Officer.....        DS120061      03/30/2012
                                     of Protocol.
Department of the Treasury........  Under Secretary for    Managing Director,           DY120068      03/22/2012
                                     International          China Operations.

    The following Schedule C appointing authorities were revoked during 
March 2012.

          Agency name             Organization name    Position title     Authorization  No.     Effective date
Department of Agriculture......  Rural Housing       Special Assistant.  DA120016              3/18/2012
Department of Commerce.........  Office of the       Associate Director  DC100041              3/9/2012
                                  Director.           for Business
                                 National Oceanic    Policy Advisor for  DC110056              3/9/2012
                                  and Atmospheric     the Under
                                  Administration.     Secretary.
                                 Office of           Legislative         DC100072              3/10/2012
                                  Legislative and     Assistant.
Department of Energy...........  Assistant           Deputy Assistant    DE100106              3/10/2012
                                  Secretary for       Secretary for
                                  Congressional and   Senate Affairs.
Department of Homeland Security  Office of the       Deputy White House  DM110161              3/10/2012
                                  Chief of Staff.     Liaison.
Department of the Navy.........  Office of the       Special Assistant.  DN110008              3/11/2012
Federal Energy Regulatory        Office of External  Deputy Director,    DR100017              3/18/2012
 Commission.                      Affairs.            Office of
                                                      External Affairs.
President's Commission on White  President's         Special Assistant.  WH110001              3/10/2012
 House Fellowships.               Commission on
                                  White House

    Authority:  5 U.S.C. 3301 and 3302; E.O. 10577, 3 CFR 1954-1958 
Comp., p. 218.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management.
John Berry,
[FR Doc. 2012-17128 Filed 7-12-12; 8:45 am]