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[Pages 41670-41671]
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Bureau of Industry and Security

15 CFR Part 774

The Commerce Control List

CFR Correction

    In Title 15 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 300 to 799, 
revised as of January 1, 2012, in supplement no. 1 to part 774, make 
the following corrections:
    1. In Category 0:
    A. On page 663, in 0A981, add ``N/A'' behind ``LVS:''.
    B. On page 665, in 0A985, add the heading ``License Requirements'' 
above ``Reason for Control''.
    C. On page 665, in 0A986, correct the table under ``License 
Requirements'' to read as set forth below.
    D. On page 671, in 0B986, add ``, North Korea,'' between ``Iraq'' 
and ``Rwanda'' in UN Reason for Control.
    2. In Category 1:
    A. On page 676, in 1A004, add ``(1)'' after the colon, at the 
beginning of ``Related Definitions''.
    B. On page 682, in 1B001, remove ``Note: 1B001.c does not control 
textile machinery not modified for the above end-uses.''
    C. On page 707, in 1C351, after ``Related Definitions;'' remove ``* 
* *''

[[Page 41671]]

and add paragraphs (1) and (2) as set forth below.
    3. In Category 2:
    A. On page 734, in 2B009, remove the text after ``Related 
Definitions'' and add ``N/A'' in its place.
    B. On page 734, in 2B009, revise the Technical Note to read 
``Technical Note: For the purpose of 2B009, machines combining the 
function of spin-forming and flow-forming are regarded as flow-forming 
    C. On page 757, in 2E003, in the Notes to Table on Deposition 
Techniques, in note 15, add the word ``are'' after ``Dielectric 
    D. On page 759, in 2E018, in the ``Reasons for Control'', remove 
``CC, RS,'', and remove ``License Requirement Notes: See Sec.  743.1 of 
the EAR for reporting requirements for exports under License 
    E. On page 759, in 2E101, add ``(1)'' after the colon at the 
beginning of ``Related Controls''.

The text to be revised and added is set forth below:

Supplement No. 1 to Part 774--The Commerce Control List

* * * * *

Category 0

* * * * *
0A986 Shotgun shells, except buckshot shotgun shells, and parts.
* * * * *

                  Control(s)                         Country chart
AT applies to entire entry. A license is
 required for items controlled by this entry
 to North Korea for anti-terrorism reasons.
 The Commerce Country Chart is not designed
 to determine AT licensing requirements for
 this entry. See Sec.   742.19 of the EAR for
 additional information.
FC applies to entire entry...................  FC Column 1.
UN applies to entire entry...................  Iraq, North Korea, and

* * * * *

Category 1

* * * * *
1C351 Human and zoonotic pathogens and ``toxins'', as follows (see 
List of Items Controlled).
* * * * *
    Related Definitions: (1) For the purposes of this entry 
``immunotoxin'' is defined as an antibody-toxin conjugate intended 
to destroy specific target cells (e.g., tumor cells) that bear 
antigens homologous to the antibody. (2) For the purposes of this 
entry ``subunit'' is defined as a portion of the ``toxin''.
* * * * *
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