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Federal Aviation Administration

Membership in the National Parks Overflights Advisory Group 
Aviation Rulemaking Committee

AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: By Federal Register notice (See 77 FR 27835-27836; May 11, 
2012) the National Park Service (NPS) and the Federal Aviation 
Administration (FAA) invited interested persons to apply to fill six 
upcoming openings on the National Parks Overflights Advisory Group 
(NPOAG) Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC). The notice invited 
interested persons to apply to fill six vacancies representing 
commercial air tour operators (2), general aviation (1), Native 
American tribal (1), and environmental (2) concerns due to the 
incumbent members' completion of three-year term appointments on 
October 9, 2012. This notice informs the public of the persons selected 
to fill five of the six vacancies on the NPOAG ARC. Vacancies filled 
include the two commercial tour operator openings, the general aviation 
opening, the tribal opening, and one of the environmental openings. 
Since the previous notice did not draw enough responses from 
individuals for the remaining environmental vacancy, NPS and FAA are 
also using this notice to invite other interested individuals to apply 
for the remaining environmental opening. If you responded to the 
initial notice for the environmental openings, you will still be under 
consideration and need not re-apply.

DATES: Persons interested in applying for the remaining NPOAG opening 
representing environmental concerns need to apply by September 12, 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Barry Brayer, Special Programs Staff, 
Federal Aviation Administration, Western-Pacific Region Headquarters, 
P.O. Box 92007, Los Angeles, CA 90009-2007, telephone: (310) 725-3800, 
email: Barry.Brayer@faa.gov.



    The National Parks Air Tour Management Act of 2000 (the Act) was 
enacted on April 5, 2000, as Public Law 106-181. The Act required the 
establishment of the advisory group within 1 year after its enactment. 
The NPOAG was established in March 2001. The advisory group is 
comprised of a balanced group of representatives of general aviation, 
commercial air tour operations, environmental concerns, and Native 
American tribes. The Administrator of the FAA and the Director of NPS 
(or their designees) serve as ex officio members of the group. 
Representatives of the Administrator and Director serve alternating 1-
year terms as chairman of the advisory group.
    In accordance with the Act, the advisory group provides ``advice, 
information, and recommendations to the Administrator and the 
    (1) On the implementation of this title [the Act] and the 
amendments made by this title;
    (2) On commonly accepted quiet aircraft technology for use in 
commercial air tour operations over a national park or tribal lands, 
which will receive preferential treatment in a given air tour 
management plan;
    (3) On other measures that might be taken to accommodate the 
interests of visitors to national parks; and
    (4) At the request of the Administrator and the Director, safety, 
environmental, and other issues related to commercial air tour 
operations over a national park or tribal lands.''


    The current NPOAG ARC is made up of one member representing general 
aviation, three members representing the commercial air tour industry, 
four members representing environmental concerns, and two members 
representing Native American interests. Current members of the NPOAG 
ARC are as follows:
    Heidi Williams representing general aviation; Alan Stephen, Elling 
Halvorson, and Matthew Zuccaro representing commercial air tour 
operators; Chip Dennerlein, Greg Miller, Kristen Brengel, and Dick 
Hingson representing environmental interests; and Rory Majenty and Ray 
Russell representing Native American tribes.


    Selected to fill the air tour operator vacancies, for additional 
terms, are returning members Alan Stephen and Matthew Zuccaro. Selected 
to fill the general aviation vacancy is returning member Heidi 
Williams. Selected to fill the Native American opening is new member 
Martin Begaye. Selected to fill one of the environmental vacancies is 
returning member Greg Miller. These members' new or additional terms 
begin on October 10, 2012. The term of service for NPOAG ARC members is 
3 years.

Additional Opening

    In order to retain balance within the NPOAG ARC with one remaining 
opening, the FAA and NPS invite persons interested in representing 
environmental concerns on the ARC to contact Mr. Barry Brayer (contact 
information is written above in FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT).
    Requests to serve on the ARC must be made to Mr. Brayer in writing 
and postmarked or emailed on or before September 12, 2012. The request 
should indicate whether or not you are a member of an association or 
group related to environmental issues or concerns or have another 
affiliation with issues relating to aircraft flights over national 
parks. The request should also state what expertise you would bring to 
the NPOAG ARC as related to

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environmental concerns. The term of service for NPOAG ARC members is 3 

    Issued in Hawthorne, CA, on July 30, 2012.
Barry Brayer,
Manager, Special Programs Staff, Western-Pacific Region.
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