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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP Programs: Research and Analysis on 
Impact of CMS Programs on the Indian Health Care System

AGENCY: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS.

ACTION: Notice of Single Source Award.


SUMMARY: This notice supports expansion of research on the impact of 
CMS programs on the Indian health care system through a single source 
award. The Indian Health Service (IHS), Tribes and Tribal Organizations 
and Urban programs, deliver health care services to American Indian/
Alaska Native (AI/AN) people through a network of hospitals, clinics 
and other providers. This award expands research on the impact of CMS 
programs and the delivery of health care to AI/AN beneficiaries.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Rodger Goodacre, Centers for Medicare 
& Medicaid Services, Office of Public Affairs/Tribal Affairs Group, 
7500 Security Boulevard, M/S S1-05-13, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, (410) 
    Intended Recipient: National Indian Health Board (NIHB).

Purpose of Award

    The IHS and Tribal health programs have had long standing authority 
to bill Medicare and Medicaid for services provided at their 
facilities. These participating and billing authorities were expanded 
by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), the 
Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 
(CHIPRA), and the Affordable Care Act in 2010 (ACA). AI/AN people have 
traditionally been medically underserved and have health disparities 
significantly above those of the population as a whole. In order to 
ensure that AI/AN people have full knowledge of these new changes and 
the fullest access to CMS programs, this award will study the adoption 
and impact of these new authorities on the Indian health care system.

Amount of the Award

    The total amount of funding available over a five year period is 
$3,175,000.00. The initial award will be awarded at $635,000.00. The 
subsequent years will be awarded on a non-competing continuation basis 
at approximately $635,000.00 per year for 5 total years, and will be 
subject to the availability of funds and satisfactory performance by 
the recipient.

Justification for Single Source Award

    For the past five years through Cooperative Agreements with IHS, 
NIHB has provided analysis and research of the potential and actual 
impact of CMS programs on AI/AN beneficiaries and the health care 
system serving these beneficiaries. This work has included extensive 
analysis and research on Medicare and Medicaid data enrollment of AI/AN 
beneficiaries to understand utilization of the AI/AN population in the 
context of CMS programs. In addition, the NIHB has been instrumental in 
tracking CMS regulations and providing analysis and research to better 
understand the implications of CMS regulatory guidance on the Indian 
health programs. Based on this experience, NIHB is the only entity 
capable of carrying out the scope of activities because the scope of 
work builds on past experience and knowledge. Any other source would 
not have all of the knowledge and experience gained in the last five 
years. The NIHB provides research on health program issues impacting 
AI/ANs to over 565 Federally-recognized Tribes and has historically 
provided these services for several decades in conjunction with the 
HIS. The NIHB program has a national focus relevant to its AI/AN 
constituency who need to know through substantive research about the 
changes and updates in the latest health care services and access 
through CMS programs.

Project Period

    The anticipated period of performance is for this cooperative 
agreement is August 31, 2012 through August 30, 2017 with funding 
awarded in 12-month budget increments subject to the availability of 
funds and satisfactory performance.

Provisions of the Notice

    CMS has solicited a proposal from the NIHB to undertake analysis, 
research and studies to address the impact of CMS programs and AI/AN 
beneficiaries and the health care system serving those beneficiaries. 
The project consists of four principal research objectives:
     Study the ongoing impact of CMS programs on the Indian 
health system through analysis of, response to, and implementation of 
CMS regulations by Indian health providers.
     Study AI/AN demographic, enrollment, and utilization data 
and propose strategies to increase CMS data system capabilities to 
create more Indian specific reporting capacity.
     Provide ongoing study of CMS efforts to increase AI/AN 
knowledge of CMS programs and CMS responsiveness to Indian health 
     Provide research support on the use and effectiveness of 
the CMS Tribal Consultation Policy. CMS requested that the NIHB submit 
an application which includes:
    1. Cover Letter.
    2. SF-424 Application for Federal Assistance.
    3. SF-424A Budget Information--Non-Construction Programs.
    4. A budget narrative (not to exceed three single spaced pages).
    5. Abstract of Project.
    6. A research project narrative that describes each of the four 
separate objectives (the entire narrative not to exceed 12 single space 
    7. SF-424B Assurances.
    8. Health Board Resolution.
    9. 501(c)(3) Non-Profit certification.
    10. Resumes of all key personnel.
    11. Position descriptions.

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    12. Disclosure of Lobbying Activities, if applicable.
    13. Copy of approved indirect cost rate agreement, if applicable.
    14. Documentation of current OMB A-133 required financial audit, if 
    Evaluation criteria for review of the application will be comprised 
of three principal areas:
    a. Program information which includes current organizational 
capabilities and operations.
    b. Program planning and evaluation which includes identification of 
measurable goals, products, personnel and workplanning.
    c. Program reporting which includes organizational capabilities and 
qualifications and categorical budget and justification.

    Authority: Section 1110 of the Social Security Act, codified at 
42 U.S.C. 1310.

    Dated: August 16, 2012.
Daniel F. Kane,
Chief Grants Management Officer, Office of Acquisition and Grants 
Management, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
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