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Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Actions on Special Permit Applications

AGENCY: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), 

ACTION: Notice of actions on Special Permit Applications.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the procedures governing the application 
for, and the processing of, special permits from the Department of

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Transportation's Hazardous Material Regulations (49 CFR Part 107, 
Subpart B), notice is hereby given of the actions on special permits 
applications in (August to August 2012). The mode of transportation 
involved are identified by a number in the ``Nature of Application'' 
portion of the table below as follows: 1--Motor vehicle, 2--Rail 
freight, 3--Cargo vessel, 4--Cargo aircraft only, 5--Passenger-carrying 
aircraft. Application numbers prefixed by the letters EE represent 
applications for Emergency Special Permits. It should be noted that 
some of the sections cited were those in effect at the time certain 
special permits were issued.

    Issued in Washington, DC, on September 10, 2012.
Donald Burger,
Chief, Special Permits and Approvals Branch.

                                                      Nature of special
    S.P. No.         Applicant      Regulation(s)      permit thereof
                   Modification Special Permit Granted
14298-M.........  Air Products     49 CFR           To modify the
                   and Chemicals,   180.209(a) and   special permit to
                   Inc.,            (b).             authorize an
                   Allentown, PA.                    additional Division
                                                     2.1 hazardous
                                                     material, to
                                                     increase maximum
                                                     acceptance flaw
                                                     size used on UE
                                                     requalification and
                                                     other miscellaneous
12516-M.........  Poly-Coat        49 CFR           To modify the
                   Systems, Inc.,   107.503(b)(c);   special permit that
                   Liverpool, TX.   172.102(c)(3)    authorizes the
                                    B15 and 823;     manufacture, mark,
                                    173.241;         sale and use of non-
                                    173.242;         DOT specification
                                    178.345-1; -2;   cargo tanks
                                    -3; -4; -7; -    constructed of
                                    14; -15;         fiberglass
                                    178.347-1; -2;   reinforced plastic
                                    178.348-1;       by increasing the
                                    178.348-2;       volumetric
                                    180.405;         capacity.
                       New Special Permit Granted
15610-N.........  WavesinSolids    49 CFR 180.209,  To authorize the
                   LLC, State       180.209(a),      transportation in
                   College, PA.     180.205(c)(f)(   commerce of certain
                                    g) (i),          gases in DOT 3A,
                                    173.302a         3AA, 3AX, 3AAX and
                                    (b)(2)(3)(4)(5   3T cylinders. The
                                    ), 180.213,      cylinders (tubes)
                                    180.519(a),      are retested by
                                    180.519(b)(c).   acoustic emission
                                                     and ultrasonic
                                                     examination (AE/UE)
                                                     described in
                                                     paragraph 7 below
                                                     in place of the
                                                     internal visual
                                                     inspection and the
                                                     hydrostatic retest
                                                     required in Sec.
                                                     180.205. (modes 1,
                                                     2, 3)
15568-N.........  ATK Launch       49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Systems          172.101(b).      transportation in
                   Corinne, UT.                      commerce soils
                                                     containing solid
                                                     explosive compounds
                                                     (not greater than
                                                     3%) in bulk. (mode
15577-N.........  Olin             49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the
                   Corporation      column 8,        tansportation in
                   Oxford, MS.      173.62(b),       commerce of certain
                                    173.60(b)(8),    Division 1.4 in non-
                                    172.300(d).      DOT specification
                                                     packagings without
                                                     labels and markings
                                                     to a distance not
                                                     to exceed 200 yards
                                                     by motor vehicle,
                                                     subject to the
                                                     limitations and
                                                     specified herein.
                                                     (modes 1, 2)
15623-N.........  Ledwell & Son    49 CFR 173.202,  To authorize the
                   Enterprises,     173.203,         manufacture,
                   Inc.,            173.241,         marking, sale and
                   Texarkana, TX.   173.242.         use of multiple non-
                                                     DOT specification
                                                     manifolded together
                                                     within a frame and
                                                     securely mounted on
                                                     a truck chassis,
                                                     for the
                                                     transportation in
                                                     commerce of the
                                                     authorized by this
                                                     special permit.
                                                     (mode 1)
15654-N.........  T. SCOTT DUNN    49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the
                   CONSTRUCTION,    Column (9B),     transportation in
                   INC. DBA, Heli-  172.204(c)(3),   commerce of certain
                   Dunn, Phoenix,   173.27(b)(2),    hazardous materials
                   OR.              172.200,         by cargo only
                                    172.300, Part    aircraft and 14 CFR
                                    173, 175.30(a)   Part 133 Rotorcraft
                                    (1) and 175.75.  External Load
                                                     hazardous materials
                                                     attached to or
                                                     suspended from an
                                                     aircraft, in remote
                                                     areas of the US
                                                     only, without being
                                                     subject to hazard
                                                     limitations and
                                                     certain loading and
                                                     requirements. (mode
15636-N.........  Ward Air, Inc.,  49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the
                   Juneau, AK.      Column (9B).     transportation in
                                                     commerce of certain
                                                     Class 1 explosive
                                                     materials which are
                                                     forbidden for
                                                     transportation by
                                                     air, to be
                                                     transported by
                                                     cargo aircraft
                                                     within the State of
                                                     Alaska when other
                                                     means of
                                                     transportation are
                                                     impracticable or
                                                     not available.
                                                     (mode 4)
15631-N.........  Atlas Air, Inc.  49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the
                   Miami, FL.       Column (9B),     transportation in
                                    172.204(c)(3),   commerce of
                                    173.27(b)(2)(3   Division 1.1
                                    ).               explosives, which
                                                     are forbidden, by
                                                     aircraft. (mode 4)
                    Emergency Special Permit Granted
15647-N.........  Thunderbird      49 CFR 179.7     To authorize
                   Cylinder,        and 180.505.     retesting of
                   Inc., Phoenix,                    certain DOT
                   AZ.                               Specification and
                                                     Specification multi
                                                     unit tank car
                                                     tanks. (modes 1,
15637-N.........  Textron Inc.,    49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the
                   Wilmington, MA.  Column (9B),     transportation in
                                    172.204(c)(3),   commerce of
                                    173.27(b)(2)(3   Division 1.1
                                    ).               explosives, which
                                                     are forbidden, by
                                                     aircraft. (mode 4)
15664-N.........  Pollux Aviation  49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the
                   Ltd., Wasilla,   Column (9B);     transportation in
                   AK.              175.30(a)(1).    commerce of
                                                     liquefied petroleum
                                                     gas in amounts that
                                                     exceed the quantity
                                                     limitations for
                                                     transportation by
                                                     14 CFR Part 133
                                                     Rotorcraft External
                                                     Load Operations
                                                     hazardous materials
                                                     attached to or
                                                     suspended from an
                                                     aircraft only in
                                                     the State of
                                                     Alaska. (mode 4)

[[Page 58215]]

15677-N.........  Arkema, Inc.,    49 CFR           To authorize the
                   King of          173.304(b).      transportation in
                   Prussia, PA.                      PA commerce of DOT
                                                     Specification 39
                                                     thirty pound
                                                     cylinders by
                                                     highway, which have
                                                     the potential to
                                                     react during
                                                     (mode 1)
15689-N.........  AVL Test         49 CFR 172.200,  To authorize the
                   Systems Inc.,    177.834.         discharge of a
                   Plymouth, MI.                     Division 2.1
                                                     material from an
                                                     authorized DOT
                                                     cylinder without
                                                     removing the
                                                     cylinder from the
                                                     vehicle on which it
                                                     is transported.
                                                     (mode 1)
15685-N.........  National Air     49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the
                   Cargo Group,     Column (9B);     transportation in
                   Inc. dba,        172.204(c)(3);   commerce by cargo
                   National         173.27(b)(2)(3   only aircraft of
                   Airlines,        ); 175.30.       Class 1 explosives
                   Ypsilanti, MI.                    which are forbidden
                                                     or exceed
                                                     authorized. (mode
15696-N.........  Lantis           49 CFR 172.300,  To authorize the one-
                   Fireworks and    172.400 and      time, one-way
                   Lasers,          173.56.          transportation in
                   Draper, UT.                       commerce of 2142 kg
                                                     of unapproved
                                                     fireworks from
                                                     Carson, CA to the
                                                     Lantis Fireworks &
                                                     Lasers facility in
                                                     Fairfield, UT for
                                                     destruction by
                                                     motor vehicle.
                                                     (mode 1)
                   Emergency Special Permit Withdrawn
15670-N.........  Volga-Dnepr      49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the one-
                   Airlines,        Column (9B),     time transportation
                   Ulyanovsk.       172.204(c)(3),   in commerce of
                                    173.27, and      certain Division
                                    175.30(a)(1).    1.2 explosives that
                                                     are forbidden for
                                                     transportation by
                                                     cargo only
                                                     aircraft. (mode 4)
15682-N.........  Kalitta Air,     49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the one-
                   LLC,             Column (9B);     time transportation
                   Ypsilanti, MI.   172.204(c)(3);   in commerce of
                                    173.27(b)(2)(3   certain explosives
                                    );               that are forbidden
                                    175.30(a)(1).    for transportation
                                                     by cargo only
15080-N.........     Request by Alaska Airlines Seattle, WA August 27,
                    2012. To authorize the transportation in commerce of
                     cylinders containing oxidizing gases without rigid
                    outer packagings without outer packaging capable of
                   passing the Flame Penetration and Resistance Test and
                    the Thermal Resistance Test when no other practical
                               means of transportation exist.
10964-M.........  Request by Kidde Aerospace & Defense Wilson, NC August
                    1, 2012. To modify the permit to authorize a rework
                      procedure to allow fire extinguishers which were
                    ``steel stamped'' to be returned to within original

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