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Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Actions on Special Permit Applications

AGENCY: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), 

ACTION: Notice of actions on Special Permit Applications.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the procedures governing the application 
for, and the processing of, special permits from the Department of 
Transportation's Hazardous Material Regulations (49 CFR part 107, 
subpart B), notice is hereby given of the actions on special permits 
applications in (September to September 2012).
    The mode of transportation involved are identified by a number in 
the ``Nature of Application'' portion of the table below as follows: 
1--Motor vehicle, 2--Rail freight, 3--Cargo vessel, 4--Cargo aircraft 
only, 5--Passenger-carrying aircraft. Application numbers prefixed by 
the letters EE represent applications for Emergency Special Permits. It 
should be noted that some of the sections cited were those in effect at 
the time certain special permits were issued.

    Issued in Washington, DC, on October 15, 2012.
Donald Burger,
Chief, Special Permits and Approvals Branch.

                                                      Nature of special
    S.P. No.         Applicant      Regulation(s)      permit thereof
6691-M..........  Matheson Tri-    49 CFR           To modify the
                   Gas, Inc.        180.209(b)(i).   special permit to
                   Basking Ridge,                    remove Linde's
                   NJ.                               reference within
                                                     paragraph 7.b. and
                                                     add additional
15267-M.........  SMI Companies    49 CFR 171.8...  To modify the
                   Franklin, LA.                     special permit to
                                                     change the design
                                                     by removing the
                                                     nozzles on the top
11629-M.........  U.S. Department  49 CFR 106;      To modify the
                   of Defense       107; 171-180.    special permit to
                   Scott AFB, IL.                    authorize the
                                                     transportation in
                                                     commerce of
                                                     additional Division
                                                     1.2 and 1.3
13102-M.........  Robertshaw       49 CFR           To modify the
                   Industrial       173.150(b);      special permit to
                   Products dba     173.222(c);      authorize the
                   Invensys         173.306(a);      transportation in
                   Controls         173.322.         commerce of
                   Maryville, TN.                    additional Division
                                                     2.1 and 3 hazardous
                       NEW SPECIAL PERMIT GRANTED
15552-N.........  POLY-COAT        49 CFR 173.240,  To authorize the
                   SYSTEMS, INC.    173.241,         manufacture,
                   Liverpool, TX.   173.242,         marking, sale and
                                    173.243 and      use of fiberglass
                                    172.244.         reinforced plastic
                                                     (GFRP) as the basic
                                                     material of
                                                     construction for
                                                     DOT-412/407 type
                                                     cargo tanks. (mode
15580-N.........  Wisconsin        49 CFR 174.85..  To authorize the
                   Central Ltd.                      positioning of
                   Homewood, MN.                     placarded cars
                                                     without a buffer
                                                     car. (mode 2)
15660-N.........  Air Products     49 CFR 180.205   To authorize a 10-
                   and Chemicals,   and 173.302a.    year
                   Inc. Tamaqua,                     requalification for
                   PA.                               DOT-3AL carrying
                                                     Division 2.1 and
                                                     2.2 materials.
                                                     (modes 1, 2, 3, 4,
15656-N.........  Korean Air       49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the one-
                   Lines Co. Ltd.   Column (9B),     time transportation
                   (KAL)            172.204(c)(3),   in commerce of
                   Arington, VA.    173.27, and      certain explosives
                                    173.30(a)(1).    that are forbidden
                                                     for transportation
                                                     by cargo only
                                                     aircraft. (mode 4)
14483-M.........  WEW              49 CFR           To modify the
                   Westerwaekder    178.276(b)(1).   special permit to
                   Eusebwerk                         indicate a fillign
                   Weitefeld                         level is attached
                   Germany.                          to the manhole lid.
                                                     (modes 1, 2, 3)

[[Page 64844]]

15710-N.........  USA Jet          49 CFR 175.85..  To authorize the
                   Airlines, Inc.                    transportation in
                   Belleville,                       commerce of a
                   MI, MI.                           Duracell 600HD
                                                     Portable Power
                                                     Source, containing
                                                     a non-spillable
                                                     battery, by
                                                     passenger aircraft.
                                                     (mode 5)
15448-M.........  U.S. Department  49 CFR 172.320,  To modify the
                   of Defense       173.51,          special permit to
                   Scott AFB, IL.   173.56, 173.57   authorize interim
                                    and 173.58.      hazard
                                                     classification of
                                                     Class 4 and 5
                                                     materials, and to
                                                     allow that
                                                     Ammunication and
                                                     Explosives (AE)
                                                     containing Class 1
                                                     may be clasified as
                                                     other than Class 1
                                                     dependent on the
                                                     characteristics of
                                                     the AE.
1428-M..........  IDQ operating    49 CFR           To modify the
                   Inc.             173.304(d).      special permit to
                   Tarrytown, NY.                    authorize the
                                                     wording in
                                                     paragraph 8.a to be
                                                     changed from
                                                     package to
                                                     packaging would
                                                     allow the
                                                     containers to be
                                                     shipped back to the
                                                     manufacturer for
                                                     recycling as a
                                                     Consumer Commodity
                      NEW SPECIAL PERMIT WITHDRAWN
15669-N.........  U.S. Department  49 CFR 172.101,  To authorize
                   of Defense       Column 1;        alternate stowage
                   Scott Air        176.65;          of Class 1
                   Force Base, IL.  176.84(c)(2);    ammunition on
                                    and 176.136.     United States Navy
                                                     Container Ships.
                                                     (mode 3)
15504-N.........      Request by FIBA Technologies, Inc Millbury, MA
                      September 07, 2012 To authorize the manufacture,
                       marking, sale and use of non-DOT specification
                      cylinders for the transportation in commerce of
                                 certain compressed gases.

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