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Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Office of Hazardous Materials Safety; Actions on Special Permit 

AGENCY: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), 

ACTION: Notice of actions on special permit applications.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the procedures governing the application 
for, and the processing of, special permits from the Department of 
Transportation's Hazardous Material Regulations (49 CFR part 107, 
subpart B), notice is hereby given of the actions on special permits 
applications in (November to November 2012). The mode of transportation 
involved are identified by a number in the ``Nature of Application'' 
portion of the table below as follows: 1--Motor vehicle, 2--Rail 
freight, 3--Cargo vessel, 4--Cargo aircraft only, 5--Passenger-carrying 
aircraft. Application numbers prefixed by the letters EE represent 
applications for Emergency Special Permits. It should be noted that 
some of the sections cited were those in effect at the time certain 
special permits were issued.

    Issued in Washington, DC, on December 17, 2012.
Donald Burger,
Chief, Special Permits and Approvals Branch.

                                                      Nature of special
    S.P. No.         Applicant      Regulation(s)      permit thereof
                   Modification Special Permit Granted
15540-M.........  Andrew Airways,  49 CFR           To modify the
                   Inc., Kodiak,    175.310(c).      special permit
                   AK.                               originally issued
                                                     on an emergency
                                                     basis and make it
11989-M.........  Department of    49 CFR 172.504;  To modify the
                   Defense, Scott   176.83(a),       special permit to
                   AFB, IL.         (b),             authorize an
                                    (c)(2)(iii),     additional Division
                                    (d) and (f).     2.2 hazardous
                                                     materials, modify
                                                     the list of
                                                     permited guided
                                                     bombs, packages,
                                                     and operational
14656-M.........  PurePak          49 CFR           To modify the
                   Technology       173.158(f)(3).   special permit to
                   Corporation,                      authorize a 2.6
                   Chandler, AZ.                     liter capacity
                                                     square plastic
                                                     bottle and to allow
                                                     use of a 500 ml
                                                     round plastic
14188-M.........  IDQ Operating    49 CFR           To modify the
                   Inc.,            173.304(d),      special permit to
                   Tarrytown, NY.   173.306(a)(3)    reflect current
                                    and 178.33a.     statutes and
                                                     pertaining to
12396-M.........  National         49 CFR 180.209   To modify the
                   Aeronautics      and 173.302.     special permit to
                   and Space                         authorize rail
                   Administration                    freight, cargo
                   , Washington,                     vessel, and
                   DC.                               passenger aircraft
                                                     as additional modes
                                                     of operation.
                       New Special Permit Granted
15558-N.........  3M Company, St.  49 CFR 173.212,  To authorize the
                   Paul, MN.        172.302(a) (c).  manufacture,
                                                     marking, sale, and
                                                     use of service
                                                     motor vehicles for
                                                     use in transporting
                                                     a corrosive solid
                                                     material in
                                                     packaging. (modes
                                                     1, 3)
15626-N.........  EC Source        49 CFR 49 CFR    To authorize the
                   Aviation, LLC,   Parts 172.101,   transportation in
                   Mesa, AZ.        Column (9b),     commerce of certain
                                    172.204(c)(3),   hazardous materials
                                    173.27(b)(2),    by cargo aircraft
                                    175.30(a)(1),    including by
                                    172.200,         external load in
                                    172.300, and     remote areas
                                    172.400.         without being
                                                     subject to hazard
                                                     requirements and
                                                     limitations where
                                                     no other means of
                                                     transportation is
                                                     available. (modes
                                                     3, 4)
15628-N.........  E.I. du Pont de  49 CFR 179.100-  To authorize the
                   Nemours and      12(c).           transportation in
                   Company,                          commerce of
                   Wilmington, DE.                   hazardous material
                                                     in tank cars with a
                                                     manway housing
                                                     which allows for
                                                     opening from either
                                                     of two sides. (mode
15658-N.........  Xcel Energy,     49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Monticello, MN.  173.427(b)(1),   transportation in
                                    173.465(c),      commerce of certain
                                    173.465(d).      Radioactive
                                                     material in
                                                     packaging by
                                                     highway. A copy of
                                                     the environmental
                                                     assessment can be
                                                     located at http://www.regulations.gov
                                                     0002. (mode 1)
15683-N.........  CESSCO, Johns    49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Island, SC.      180.209(g).      transportation in
                                                     commerce of certain
                                                     4BW240 cylinders
                                                     that have been
                                                     tested using an
                                                     alternative testing
                                                     procedure. (mode 1)
15698-N.........  Timberline       49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the
                   Helicopters,     Column (9B);     transportation in
                   Inc.,            172.204(c)(3);   commerce of certain
                   Sandpoint, ID.   173.27(b)(2);    hazardous materials
                                    175.30(a)(1);    by Part 133
                                    172.200;         Rotorcraft External
                                    172.301(c);      Load Operations,
                                    175.75.          attached to or
                                                     suspended from an
                                                     aircraft, in remote
                                                     areas of the U.S.
                                                     without meeting
                                                     certain hazard
                                                     communication and
                                                     requirements. (mode
15712-N.........  Air Transport    49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the air
                   International,   Column (9B);     transportation in
                   Little Rock,     172.204(c)(3);   commerce of certain
                   AR.              173.27(b)(2)(3   explosives which
                                    );               are forbidden for
                                    175.30(a)(1).    shipment by cargo-
                                                     only aircraft.
                                                     (mode 4)
15721-N.........  Hunter Well      49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Science,         173.301(1);      transportation in
                   Arlington, TX.   173.304a;        commerce of a
                                    173.304a(a);     Division 2.2 gas in
                                    173.304a(a)(2).  a non-DOT
                                                     cylinder. (modes 1,
                                                     3, 4, 5)
15722-N.........  Raytheon         49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the air
                   Missile          Column (9B);     transportation in
                   Systems,         172.204(c)(3);   commerce of certain
                   Tucson, AZ.      173.27(b)(2)(3   explosives which
                                    ); 175.30(a)     are forbidden for
                                    (1).             shipment by cargo-
                                                     only aircraft.
                                                     (mode 4)

[[Page 76603]]

                    Emergency Special Permit Granted
15748-N.........  Wal-Mart         49 CFR part      To authorize the one-
                   Stores, Inc.,    172, part 173    time, one-way
                   Bentonville,     and part 177.    transportation in
                   AR.                               commerce of certain
                                                     hazardous materials
                                                     from damaged or
                                                     impaired retail
                                                     stores impacted by
                                                     Hurricane Sandy to
                                                     a temporary
                                                     facility for
                                                     approximately 10
                                                     miles by motor
                                                     vehicle. (mode 1)
15751-N.........  Williams Gas     49 CFR           To authorize the use
                   Pipeline,        177.834(h),      of non-DOT
                   White Have, PA.  178.700(c)(1).   specification metal
                                                     refueling tanks
                                                     containing Class 3
                                                     liquids and the on
                                                     and off loading
                                                     while the container
                                                     remains on the
                                                     truck. (mode 1)
15752-N.........  Hurricane Sandy  49 CFR 173.242   To authorize the
                   Response.        and Part 172     transportation in
                                    Subpart C,       commerce of certain
                                    Subpart D,       hazardous materials
                                    Subpart F and    in support of the
                                    Subpart I.       recovery and relief
                                                     in response to
                                                     Hurricane Sandy.
                                                     (mode 1)
15756-N.........  United States    49 CFR Parts     To authorize the
                   Environmental    171-180.         transportation in
                   Protection                        commerce of certain
                   Agency Region                     hazardous materials
                   II, Edison, NJ.                   in support of the
                                                     recovery and relief
                                                     efforts within the
                                                     Hurricane Sandy
                                                     disaster areas of
                                                     New York and New
                                                     Jersey under
                                                     conditions that may
                                                     not meet the
                                                     Hazardous Materials
                                                     Regulations. (mode
15761-N.........  MSD Consumer     49 CFR 171.2(g)  To authorize the
                   Care, Inc.,                       transportation in
                   Whitehouse                        commerce of
                   Station, NJ.                      approximately
                                                     101,000 DOT
                                                     Specification 2P
                                                     inner metal
                                                     containing an
                                                     aerosol sunscreen
                                                     that were
                                                     incorrectly marked
                                                     ``DOT-SP 14429.''
                                                     (mode 1)
                  Modification Special Permit Withdrawn
14509-M.........  Pacific          49 CFR           To modify the
                   Consolidated     173.302(a)(1),   special permit to
                   Industries,      173.304a(a)(1)   authorize the
                   LLC,             , 175.3.         transportation in
                   Riverside, CA.                    commerce of
                                                     oxidizing gases
                                                     without a rigid
                                                     outer packaging
                                                     capable of passing
                                                     the Flame
                                                     Penetration and
                                                     Resistance Test and
                                                     the Thermal
                                                     Resistance Test.
                      New Special Permit Withdrawn
15699-N.........  Flight Express   49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Incorporated,    172.203(a);      transportation in
                   Orlando, FL.     175.700(b)(2)(   commerce of
                                    ii);             radioactive
                                    175.702(b).      material on cargo
                                                     only aircraft when
                                                     the combined
                                                     transport index
                                                     exceeds 50.0 and/or
                                                     the separation
                                                     criteria cannot be
                                                     met. (mode 4)
15664-M.........  Request by Pollux Aviation Ltd., Wasilla, AK, November
                                         09, 2012.

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