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Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Adjustment of Service Fees for Outer Continental Shelf Activities

AGENCY: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), Interior.

ACTION: Adjustment of Service Fees.


SUMMARY: This notice informs all lessees, operators, permittees, and 
right-of-way (ROW) holders that certain BOEM fees are being adjusted 
for inflation, as provided for in BOEM regulations at 30 CFR Sec.  
550.125 and 30 CFR Sec.  556.63.

DATES: Effective Date: This Adjustment of Service Fees becomes 
effective on February 2, 2013.

ADDRESSES: Questions related to the calculations underlying the cost 
recovery fee adjustments should be directed to: U.S. Department of the 
Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Economics Division, 381 
Elden Street, HM 3310, Herndon, Virginia 20170.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Peter Meffert, Office of Policy, 
Regulations and Analysis, (703) 787-1610 or at Peter.Meffert@BOEM.gov.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Regulations at 30 CFR Sec.  550.125 and 30 
CFR Sec.  556.63 provide the authority for BOEM to adjust a number of 
its cost recovery service fees on an annual basis. These fees were last 
updated in 2008, with Federal Register Notice 73 FR 49943. BOEM is now 
adjusting various cost recovery fees to reflect inflation since the 
last update.
    This notice informs all relevant parties that the fees are being 
adjusted in accordance with BOEM regulations at 30 CFR Sec.  550.125 
and 30 CFR Sec.  556.63. The proposed 2012 Fee Amount is based on the 
Implicit Price Deflator value of 6.72 percent; this value is based on 
inflation from 2007 through 2011.
    The inflation rate between any two years is calculated as the 
percentage difference between the measure of the level of prices for a 
designated year (e.g., 2011) and some previous year (e.g., 2007) of all 
new, domestically produced, final goods and services in the economy for 
the designated year (e.g., 2011), as contained in the Department of 
Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Table 1.1.9, Implicit 
Price Deflators for Gross Domestic Product, available at http://www.bea.gov/national/pdf/dpga.pdf. We expect BEA to revise the rate 
during future updates and, as in the last few years, we expect 
revisions to be upward. Even if BEA revises the inflation rate,

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BOEM will retain the published fee schedule until BOEM's next fee 
    The following table highlights those cost recovery fees that are 
affected by this notice:

           Plan/permit action                   2008 fee amount          Citation           2012 fee amount
Conservation Information Document.......  $25,629...................            Sec.  $27,348.
Designation of Operator (change of).....  $164......................            Sec.  $175.
Development and Production Plan (DPP) or  $3,971 for each well         Sec.   550.24  $4,238 for each well
 Development Operations Coordination       proposed; no fee for                        proposed; no fee for
 Document (DOCD).                          revisions.                                  revisions.
Non-Required Document Filing Fee........  $27.......................   Sec.   556.63  $29.
Exploration Plan (EP)...................  $3,442 for each surface               Sec.  $3,673 for each surface
                                           location; no fee for           550.211(d)   location; no fee for
                                           revisions.                                  revisions.
Record Title/Operating Rights (Transfer)  $186......................   Sec.   556.63  $198.
Right-of-Use and Easement (RUE) for       $2,569....................  Sec.   550.165  $2,742.
 State lessee.

    Authority: 43 U.S.C. 1331-1356 (2002).

    Dated: January 18, 2013.
Tommy P. Beaudreau,
Director, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.
[FR Doc. 2013-01671 Filed 1-25-13; 8:45 am]