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Notice of Intelligent Mail Indicia Performance Criteria

AGENCY: Postal ServiceTM.

ACTION: Notice of final changes.


SUMMARY: The Postal Service is updating and consolidating the 
submission procedures and performance criteria for Postage Evidencing 
Systems (PES).

DATES: Copies of the Intelligent Mail[supreg] Indicia (IMI) Performance 
Criteria (PC) will be available effective February 4, 2013. Projected 
implementation dates for the new criteria are set forth in the 

ADDRESSES: To receive a copy of the IMI PC, mail or deliver written 
requests to: USPS[supreg] Payment Technology/Attn: Marlo Kay Ivey, 475 
L'Enfant Plaza SW., Room 3660, Washington, DC 20260-4110.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Marlo Kay Ivey, Business Programs 
Specialist, Payment Technology, U.S. Postal Service, at 202-268-7613.



    Current product submission procedures, the Performance Criteria and 
Security Architecture for Open Information Based Indicia (IBI) Postage 
Evidencing Systems and the Performance Criteria and Security 
Architecture for Closed Information Based Indicia (IBI) Postage 
Evidencing Systems (collectively known as the PCIBI) are approximately 
10 years old, and since their inception have had little or no 
substantive updates since being initially provided to the Postage 
Evidencing System (PES) industry. The PES environment has changed 
substantially with the availability of new PES products designed to 
meet new customer needs for access to postage. In addition, changes 
within the United States Postal Service[supreg] (USPS[supreg]) 
infrastructure provide enhanced opportunities for PES providers to 
propose new concepts, methods, and processes to create, distribute, and 
enable customers to print pre-paid evidence of postage while improving 
Postal Service operations efficiency and effectiveness.
    On March 30, 2011, the Postal Service published (and requested 
comments on) a proposed change that will replace the current PES 
product submission procedures and the PCIBI with the proposed IMI PC 
document (``IMI PC'' or ``Document''). This Document is comprised of 
four volumes to support the United States Postal Service[supreg] 
(USPS[supreg]) PES Test and Evaluation Program (the ``Program''). The 
intent is for the volumes to fully support each other without being 
redundant in content.

Description of Replacement Document

    Volume I--PES Requirements. Provides the PES industry and test 
laboratories with detailed information, requirements, and the guidance 
necessary to develop new PES technology compliant with current 
USPS[supreg] requirements.
    Volume II--IMI Requirements. Provides the minimum required 
information, both human-readable and machine readable, for all postage 
evidence produced by a PES. This volume also provides the reporting 
requirements for all supporting data systems used by USPS[supreg] to 
manage the program.
    Volume III--Test and Evaluation Requirements. Provides guidance on 
additional test and evaluation procedures that a PES must undergo to 
receive USPS[supreg] approval, as well as providing guidance for 
testing laboratories certified by National Institute of Standards and 
Technology (NIST) to perform Federal Information Processing Standard 
(FIPS) 140-X testing and USPS[supreg] approved PES testing entities 
    Volume IV--PES Test and Evaluation Program Requirements. Provides 
the Program and logistical processes required for a new PES to obtain 
approval from the USPS[supreg] as well as the requirements for the 
evaluation and submission of changes and updates to a previously 
approved PES.

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    Annexes A through M provide detailed requirements to support the 
four volumes described above.
    Annex K--Self Service Postage Dispensing (Kiosk) System 
Requirements. The Kiosk requirements were created for USPS[supreg] 
branded Kiosks only and did not fully consider other unbranded kiosks. 
This Annex will be updated and expanded to define requirements for 
both. This annex will be recirculated for comment by April 1, 2013.

Implementation Schedule

    New IBI product Concepts of Operation (Con-Ops) may be submitted 
under the PCIBI if Alpha testing is completed by September 30, 2013.
    Effective February 1, 2013, new product submissions must follow the 
submission and testing processes in Volumes 3 and 4.
    For existing IBI Products--Processes in the IMI remain the same as 
in the IBI.
    Effective October 1, 2013, new product submissions must adhere to 
requirements in Volumes 1 and 2.
    Existing IBI Products--These products will continue under PCIBI but 
must maintain valid FIPS certification.
    With the exception of Annex K, as mentioned previously, all annexes 
will become effective with the Volume they support.

Summary of Comments and Responses

    Comments regarding the proposed criteria were received by 
providers, USPS personnel, and other industry professionals. To review 
the comments, a Change Control Board (CCB) was formed with various 
Postal stakeholders represented. The merits of each comment were 
discussed and reviewed. To receive a copy of the comments and how we 
addressed them, mail or deliver written requests to: USPS Payment 
Technology/Attn: Marlo Kay Ivey, 475 L'Enfant Plaza SW., Room 3660, 
Washington, DC 20260-4110.

Stanley F. Mires,
Attorney, Legal Policy & Legislative Advice.
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