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Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Office of Hazardous Materials Safety Actions on Special Permit 

AGENCY: Pipeline And Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), 

ACTION: Notice of actions on Special Permit Applications.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the procedures governing the application 
for, and the processing of, special permits from the Department of 
Transportation's Hazardous Material Regulations (49 CFR part 107, 
subpart B), notice is hereby given of the actions on special permits 
applications in (January to January 2013). The mode of transportation 
involved are identified by a number in the ``Nature of Application'' 
portion of the table below as follows: 1--Motor vehicle, 2--Rail 
freight, 3--Cargo vessel, 4--Cargo aircraft only, 5--Passenger-carrying 
aircraft. Application numbers prefixed by the letters EE represent 
applications for Emergency Special Permits. It should be noted that 
some of the sections cited were those in effect at the time certain 
special permits were issued.

    Issued in Washington, DC, on February 7, 2013.
Donald Burger,
Chief, Special Permits and Approvals Branch.

                                                      Nature of special
    S.P. No.         Applicant      Regulations(s)     permit thereof
                   Modification Special Permit Granted
11914-M.........  Cascade          49 CFR           To modify the
                   Designs, Inc.    173.304(d)(3)(   special permit to
                   Seattle, WA.     ii); 178.33.     authorize cargo
                                                     only aircraft.
11273-M.........  Cherry Air,      49 CFR Part      To modify the
                   Inc. Addison,    107, Subpart     special permit to
                   TX.              B, Appendix B    authorize Division
                                    with             1.5 and 1.6
                                    exceptions;      explosives which
                                    172.101;         are forbidden or
                                    172.204(c)(3);   exceed the quantity
                                    173.27(b)(2)(3   limitation
                                    ); 175.30(a)     authorized for
                                    (1).             transportation by
                                                     cargo aircraft.
15599-M.........  Vodik Labs, LLC  49 CFR 173.311.  To modify the
                   (formerly                         special permit
                   Ovonic                            originally issued
                   Hydrogen                          on an emergency
                   Systems) Fort                     basis to authorize
                   Worth, TX.                        an additional two
15461-M.........  Kidde Products   49 CFR 171.23..  To modify the
                   High Bentham.                     special permit to
                                                     extend the
                                                     expiration date and
                                                     add an additional
                                                     location to the
                                                     authorized shipment
15634-M.........  SodaStream USA   49 CFR 171.2(k)  To modify the
                   Cherry Hill,                      special permit to
                   NJ.                               authorize rail
                                                     freight, cargo
                                                     vessel, cargo
                                                     aircraft, and
                                                     passenger aircraft
                                                     as additional modes
                                                     of transportation.
15689-M.........  AVL Test         49 CFR 172.200,  To reissue the
                   Systems Inc.     177.834.         special permit
                   Plymouth, MI.                     originally issued
                                                     on an emergency
                                                     basis and add rail
                                                     freight as an
                                                     additional mode of
15664-M.........  Pollux Aviation  49 CFR 172.101   To modify the
                   Ltd. Wasilla,    Column (9B);     special permit
                   AK.              175.30)(a)(1).   originally issued
                                                     on an emergency
                                                     basis to routine
                                                     with a two year
                       New Special Permit Granted
15638-N.........  Lantis           49 CFR 172.101,  Authorizes the
                   Productions      172.204(c)(3),   transportation of
                   Inc. dba         173.27,          Fireworks, Division
                   Lantis           175.30(a)(1),    1.3G, UN0335 by
                   Fireworks &      175.320.         cargo aircraft
                   Lasers Draper,                    only, which is
                   UT.                               otherwise forbidden
                                                     for air
                                                     (mode 3)
15693-N.........  Croman           49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the
                   Corporation      Column (9B);     transportation in
                   White City, OR.  172.204(c)(3);   commerce of certain
                                    173.27(b)(2);    hazardous materials
                                    175.30(a)(1);    by Part 133
                                    172.200;         Rotorcraft External
                                    172.301(c);      Load Operations,
                                    175.75.          attached to or
                                                     suspended from an
                                                     aircraft, without
                                                     meeting certain
                                                     communication and
                                                     requirements. (mode
15706-N.........  Viking Packing   49 CFR 106,      To authorize the
                   Specialist       107, 171-180;    manufacture, mark
                   Tulsa, OK.       173.13(a);       and sale of
                                    173.13(b);       specially designed
                                    173.13(c)(1)(i   combination type
                                    i);              packaging for
                                    173.13(c)(1)(i   transporting
                                    v);              certain hazardous
                                    173.13(c)(2)(i   materials in
                                    ii).             limited quantities
                                                     without required
                                                     labelling and
                                                     placarding. (modes
                                                     1, 2, 4, 5)
15707-N.........  Air Products     49 CFR 173.240;  To authorize the
                   and Chemicals,   173.242;         transportation in
                   Inc.             176.83.          commerce of a gas
                   Allentown, PA.                    purification
                                                     containing bulk
                                                     quantities of
                                                     certain Division
                                                     4.2 (spontaneously
                                                     combustible) solids
                                                     in non-DOT
                                                     stainless steel
                                                     pressure vessels.
                                                     (modes 1, 2, 3)

[[Page 12419]]

15713-N.........  Bulk Tank        49 CFR 178.345-  To authorize the
                   International    2; 178.346-2;    manufacture,
                   Guanajuato,      178.347-2;       marking, sale and
                   Mexico.          178.348-2.       use of DOT 400
                                                     series cargo tanks
                                                     using alternative
                                                     materials of
                                                     specifically duplex
                                                     stainless steels.
                                                     (mode 1)
15726-N.........  Giant Resource   49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Recovery         173.306(k)(2);   transportation in
                   Sewickley, PA.   173.156(b).      commerce of waste
                                                     aerosol cans in
                                                     intermediate bulk
                                                     containers without
                                                     covering or
                                                     clipping the valve
                                                     stems. (mode 1)
15765-N.........  Delphi           49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Automotive       173.306(k)(2);   manufacture, mark,
                   Systems, LLC     173.156(b).      sale and use of a
                   WARREN OH.                        UN4B aluminum box
                                                     used for the
                                                     transportation in
                                                     commerce of damaged
                                                     or defective
                                                     lithium ion
                                                     approved under
                                                     CA2011050032) that
                                                     do not meet the
                                                     requirements of
                                                     Sec.   173.185(a).
                                                     (modes 1, 3)
                    Emergency Special Permit Granted
12396-M.........  National         49 CFR 180.209   To modify the
                   Aeronautics      and 173.302a.    special permit to
                   and Space                         authorize a lithium
                   Administration                    battery along with
                   Washington, DC.                   the SAFER assembly
                                                     (modes 1, 3, 4, 5)
15793-N.........  Northern Air     49 CFR 172.101   To authorize the one-
                   Cargo            Column (9B).     time transportation
                   Anchorage, AK.                    of Division 1.3
                                                     Fireworks within
                                                     the State of Alaska
                                                     where no other
                                                     means of
                                                     transportation is
                                                     available. (mode 4)
                      New Special Permit Withdrawn
15771-N.........  McLane Company,  49 CFR 49 CFR    Renewal of SP 14600
                   Inc. Temple,     Part 173.308     permitting up to
                   TX.              (e).             5000 cigarette
                                                     lighters in a
                                                     truck. (mode 1)
15784-N.........  C L Smith        49 CFR           (To authorize the
                   Company Saint    173.13(c)(i),    manufacture, mark,
                   Louis, MO.       (ii), (iii).     sale and use of the
                                                     specially designed
                                                     described herein
                                                     for transportation
                                                     in commerce of the
                                                     materials listed in
                                                     paragraph 6 without
                                                     hazard labels or
                                                     placards, with
                                                     quantity limits not
                                                     exceeding 3.1 kg.
                                                     (modes 1, 2, 3, 4,
                   Emergency Special Permit Withdrawn
15796-N.........  Eaton            49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Corporation      173.306(f)(1)    transportation in
                   Los Angeles,     thru (f)(4).     commerce of a
                   CA.                               hydraulic strut
                                                     nonflammable gas
                                                     and a Class 3
                                                     combustible liquid.
                                                     (modes 1, 2, 3, 4,

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