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[Docket No. 50-608; NRC-2013-0053]

SHINE Medical Technologies, Inc.

AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

ACTION: Notice; acceptance for docketing.


SUMMARY: The NRC staff has determined that the partial application for 
a construction permit, submitted by SHINE Medical Technologies, Inc., 
is acceptable for docketing.

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Technologies (SHINE) filed with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
(NRC), pursuant to Section 103 of the Atomic Energy Act and part 50 of 
Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR), a portion of an 
application for a construction permit for a medical radioisotope 
production facility in Janesville, Wisconsin (SMT-2013-012, NRC's ADAMS 
Accession No. ML13088A192). A notice of receipt and availability of 
this application was previously published in the Federal Register (78 
FR 29390) on May 20, 2013.
    An exemption from certain requirements of 10 CFR 2.101(a)(5) 
granted by the Commission on March 20, 2013 (ADAMS Accession No. 
ML13072B195), in response to a letter from SHINE dated February 18, 
2013 (ADAMS Accession No. ML13051A007), allowed for SHINE to submit its 
construction permit application in two parts. Specifically, the 
exemption allowed SHINE to submit a portion of its application for a 
construction permit up to six months prior to the remainder of the 
application regardless of whether or not an environmental impact 
statement or a supplement to an environmental impact statement is 
prepared during the review of its application. The first part of 
SHINE's construction permit application consisted of the following 
     The description and safety assessment of the site required 
by 10 CFR 50.34(a)(1)
     The environmental report required by 10 CFR 50.30(f)
     The filing fee information required by 10 CFR 50.30(e) and 
10 CFR 170.21
     The general information required by 10 CFR 50.33
     The agreement limiting access to classified information 
required by 10 CFR 50.37
    The NRC staff has determined that SHINE has submitted the 
information listed above in accordance with 10 CFR 2.101(a)(5), and 
that the partial application is acceptable for docketing. The docket 
number established for SHINE is 50-608.
    The NRC staff will perform a detailed technical review of the 
partial construction permit application. Docketing of the partial 
construction permit application does not preclude the NRC from 
requesting additional information from the applicant as the review 
proceeds, nor does it predict whether the Commission will grant or deny 
the application. The NRC staff will also perform an acceptance review 
of the second and final part of the construction permit application 
when it is tendered. As stated in SHINE's March 26, 2013, letter, the 
second and final part of SHINE's application for a construction permit 
will contain the remainder of the preliminary safety analysis report 
required by 10 CFR 50.34(a) and will be submitted in accordance with 
the requirements of 10 CFR 2.101(a)(5). If, after completion of the 
acceptance review of the full construction permit application, the full 
construction permit application is found acceptable for docketing, the 
Commission will conduct a hearing in accordance with Subpart L, 
``Informal Hearing Procedures for NRC Adjudications,'' of 10 CFR Part 2 
and will receive a report on the construction permit application from 
the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards consistent with 10 CFR 
50.58, ``Hearings and report of the Advisory Committee on Reactor 
Safeguards.'' The Commission will announce in a future Federal Register 
notice, the opportunity to petition for leave to intervene in the 
hearing required for this application by 10 CFR 50.58, as well as the 
time and

[[Page 39343]]

place of the hearing. If the Commission finds that the full 
construction permit application meets the applicable standards of the 
Atomic Energy Act and the Commission's regulations, and that required 
notifications to other agencies and bodies have been made, the 
Commission will issue a construction permit, in the form and containing 
conditions and limitations that the Commission finds appropriate and 
    In accordance with 10 CFR part 51, the Commission will also prepare 
an environmental impact statement for the proposed action. Pursuant to 
10 CFR 51.26, and as part of the environmental scoping process, the NRC 
staff intends to hold a public scoping meeting. Detailed information 
regarding this meeting will be included in a future Federal Register 

    Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 25th day of June, 2013.
For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Alexander Adams, Jr.,
Chief, Research and Test Reactors Licensing Branch, Division of Policy 
and Rulemaking, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation.
[FR Doc. 2013-15678 Filed 6-28-13; 8:45 am]