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Environmental Impacts Statements; Notice of Availability

    Responsible Agency: Office of Federal Activities, General 
Information (202) 564-7146 or http://www.epa.gov/compliance/nepa/.

Weekly receipt of Environmental Impact Statements
Filed 09/03/2013 through 09/06/2013
Pursuant to 40 CFR 1506.9.


    Section 309(a) of the Clean Air Act requires that EPA make public 
its comments on EISs issued by other Federal agencies. EPA's comment 
letters on EISs are available at: http://www.epa.gov/compliance/nepa/eisdata.html.

EIS No. 20130263, Draft EIS, FHWA, NV, Pyramid Highway/US 395 
Connection, Comment Period Ends: 11/12/2013, Contact: Abdelmoez Abdalla 
EIS No. 20130264, Final EIS, FHWA, CO, Interstate 25 Improvements 
through Pueblo, Review Period Ends: 10/15/2013, Contact: Chris Horn 
EIS No. 20130265, Final EIS, USFS, UT, Fishlake National Forest Oil and 
Gas Leasing Analysis Project, Review Period Ends: 10/21/2013, Contact: 
Rob Hamilton 435-896-1022
EIS No. 20130266, Draft EIS, USN, GU, The Mariana Islands Training and 
Testing, Comment Period Ends: 11/12/2013, Contact: John Van Name 808-
EIS No. 20130267, Final Supplement, USFS, CA, Sierra Nevada Forest Plan 
Amendment (SNFPA), Review Period Ends: 11/18/2013, Contact: Donald 
Yasuda 916-640-1168
EIS No. 20130268, Final EIS, USFWS, WV, Proposed Issuance of an 
Incidental Take Permit For the Beech Ridge Energy Wind Project Habitat 
Conservation Plan, Review Period Ends: 10/15/2013, Contact: Laura Hill 
EIS No. 20130269, Draft EIS, NRC, 00, Generic--Waste Confidence, 
Comment Period Ends: 11/27/2013, Contact: Sarah Lopas 301-287-0675
EIS No. 20130270, Draft EIS, FHWA, OH, Cleveland Opportunity Corridor 
Project, Comment Period Ends: 10/28/2013, Contact: Naureen Dar 614-280-
EIS No. 20130271, Final EIS, HUD, NY, Halletts Point Rezoning, Review 
Period Ends: 10/15/2013, Contact: Robert Dobruskin 212-720-3423
EIS No. 20130272, Final EIS, USFS, AK, Greens Creek Mine Tailings 
Disposal Facility Expansion, Review Period Ends: 10/28/2013, Contact: 
Sarah Samuelson 907-789-6274

Amended Notices

    EIS No. 20130159, Final Supplement, USACE, IN, Indianapolis North 
Flood Damage Reduction Project, Review Period Ends: 10/31/2013, 
Contact: Keith Keeney 502-315-6885 Revision to FR Notice Published 07/
05/2013; Extending Comment Period from 09/06/2013 to 10/31/2013
EIS No. 20130260, Draft EIS, BIA, NV, Moapa Solar Energy Center, 
Comment Period Ends: 10/21/2013, Contact: Amy Heuslein 602-379-6750 
Revision to FR Notice Published 09/06/2013; Correction to Comment 
Period--Change from 10/14/2013 to 10/21/2013 and Contact Phone Number 
should be 602-379-6750.

    Dated: September 10, 2013.
Aimee S. Hessert,
Deputy Director, NEPA Compliance Division, Office of Federal 
[FR Doc. 2013-22363 Filed 9-12-13; 8:45 am]