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International Trade Administration

19 CFR Part 358

RIN 0625-AA99
[Docket No.: 131114956-3956-01]

Import Administration; Change of Agency Name for Supplies for Use 
in Emergency Relief Work

AGENCY: Import Administration, Commerce.

ACTION: Final rule; Nomenclature change.


SUMMARY: Effective October 1, 2013, the Department of Commerce 
(Department), through internal department organizational orders, 
changed the name of ``Import Administration'' to ``Enforcement and 
Compliance.'' Consistent with this action, this rule makes appropriate 
conforming changes in our regulations. The rule also sets forth a 
Savings Provision in SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION that preserves, under 
the new name, all actions taken under the name of Import Administration 
and provides that any references to Import Administration in any 
document or other communication shall be deemed to be references to 
Enforcement and Compliance.

DATES: This rule is effective December 20, 2013.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Robert Goodyear, Director, Office of 
Operations Support Enforcement & Compliance, Telephone: (202) 482-5194; 
Michele D. Lynch, Senior Counsel, Office of Chief Counsel for Trade 
Enforcement and Compliance, Telephone: (202) 482-2879.



    This rule implements the decision by the Department, through 
internal Department Organizational Orders 10-3 (effective September 18, 
2013) and Department Organizational Order 40-1, (effective September 
19, 2013), to consolidate and reorganize certain department 
organizational functions and revise the name of ``Import

[[Page 77354]]

Administration'' to ``Enforcement and Compliance.'' The revision more 
accurately reflects the breadth of the agency's activities with respect 
to the enforcement of, and compliance with, U.S. trade laws and 
agreements. Consistent with the consolidation and name change, this 
rule makes certain changes in part 358 of title 19 of the Code of 
Federal Regulations. Specifically, this rule changes all references to 
``Import Administration'' wherever they appear in part 358 of title 19, 
to ``Enforcement and Compliance.''
    This rule shall constitute notice that all references to Import 
Administration in any documents, statements, or other communications, 
in any form or media, and whether made before, on, or after the 
effective date of this rule, shall be deemed to be references to 
Enforcement and Compliance. Any actions undertaken in the name of or on 
behalf of Import Administration, whether taken before, on, or after the 
effective date of this rule, shall be deemed to have been taken in the 
name of or on behalf of Enforcement and Compliance.

Rulemaking Requirements

    1. This final rule has been determined to be exempt from review for 
purposes of Executive Order 12866.
    2. This rule does not impose information collection and 
recordkeeping requirements. Consequently, it need not be reviewed by 
the Office of Management and Budget under the provisions of the 
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
    3. This rule does not contain policies with Federalism implications 
as this term is defined in Executive Order 13132.
    4. The provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act (5 U.S.C. 
553) requiring notice of proposed rulemaking, the opportunity for 
public participation, and a delay in effective date, are inapplicable 
because this rule involves a rule of agency organization, procedure, or 
practice. 5 U.S.C. 553(b)(B). Further, no other law requires that a 
notice of proposed rulemaking and an opportunity for public comment be 
given for this final rule. Because a notice of proposed rulemaking and 
an opportunity for public comment are not required to be given for this 
rule under 5 U.S.C. or by any other law, the analytical requirements of 
the Regulatory Flexibility Act (5 U.S.C. 601, et seq.) are not 
applicable. Accordingly, this rule is issued in final form.

List of Subjects in 19 CFR Part 358


1. The authority citation for part 358 continues to read as follows:

    Authority: 19 U.S.C. 1318(A).

2. In 19 CFR part 358, revise all references to ``Import 
Administration'' to read ``Enforcement and Compliance.''

    Dated: December 13, 2013.
Ken Hyatt,
Acting Under Secretary for International Trade.
[FR Doc. 2013-30570 Filed 12-20-13; 8:45 am]