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Department of the Air Force

32 CFR Part 989

Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP); Correction

AGENCY: Department of the Air Force, DoD.

ACTION: Final rule; technical corrections.


SUMMARY: This document contains technical correction amendments to the 
Air Force EIAP regulation codified at 32 CFR Part 989. The rule relates 
to the Air Force process for compliance with the National Environmental 
Policy Act (NEPA) and Executive Order (E.O.) 12114, Environmental 
Effects Abroad of Major Federal Actions.

DATES: Effective Date: June 20, 2014.

Force Pentagon, Washington, DC 20330-1260, (703) 614-0237.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The final rule that is the subject of these 
corrections administratively changes responsibilities of the Deputy 
Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Environment, Safety and 
Occupational Health to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force 
for Installations. This document contains administrative documentation 
of internal realignment and redistribution of responsibilities within 
the organization of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air 
Force for Installations and Energy (SAF/IE) that pertain to official 
functions codified in this Part. The functions themselves remain 
unchanged and continue to be performed by principals within SAF/IE.

Administrative Procedure Act

    The Air Force has determined that the Administrative Procedure Act, 
5 U.S.C. 553, does not require notice of proposed rulemaking and an 
opportunity for public participation in connection with these 
corrections. In this regard, the Air Force notes that such notice and 
opportunity for comment is unnecessary because these corrections are 
related solely to agency organization, procedure and practice and make 
technical corrections. Accordingly, the Air Force finds good cause to 
make these corrections effective immediately upon publication in the 
Federal Register. 5 U.S.C. 553(b)(B), 553(d)(3).

List of Subjects in 32 CFR Part 989

    Environmental assessments, Environmental impact statements, 
Reporting and recordkeeping requirements.

    Accordingly, 32 CFR Part 989 is corrected by making the following 


1. The authority citation for part 989 continues to read as follows:

    Authority:  10 U.S.C. 8013.

2. In Sec.  989.3, revise the introductory text of paragraph (a)(1) to 
read as follows:

Sec.  989.3  Responsibilities.

    (a) * * *
    (1) The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for 
Installations (SAF/IEI).
* * * * *

3. In Sec.  989.4, paragraph (h), revise the second sentence to read as 

Sec.  989.4  Initial considerations.

* * * * *
    (h) * * * Formal arrangements with foreign governments concerning 
environmental matters and communications with foreign governments 
concerning environmental agreements will be coordinated with the 
Department of State by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force 
for Installations (SAF/IEI) through the Deputy Under Secretary of 
Defense (Installations & Environment). * * *

4. In Sec.  989.5, revise paragraph (d) to read as follows:

Sec.  989.5  Organizational relationships.

* * * * *
    (d) To ensure timely initiation of the EIAP, SAF/AQ forwards 
information copies of all Mission Need Statements and System 
Operational Requirements Documents to SAF/IEI, HQ USAF/A7CI (or NGB/
A7CV), the Air Force Medical Operations Agency, Aerospace Medicine 
Office (AFMOA/SG), and the affected MAJCOM EPFs.
* * * * *

5. In Sec.  989.14, revise paragraph (h) to read as follows:

Sec.  989.14  Environmental assessment.

* * * * *
    (h) EAs and accompanying FONSIs that require the Air Force to make 
Clean Air Act General Conformity Determinations shall be submitted 
(five hard copies and an electronic version) through the MAJCOM EPF to 
HQ USAF/A7CI for SAF/IEE coordination. SAF/IEE signs all General 
Conformity Determinations; SAF/IEI will sign the companion FONSIs after 
coordination with SAF/IEE, when requested by the MAJCOM (see Sec.  
* * * * *

[[Page 35287]]

6. In Sec.  989.19, paragraph (c)(2), revise the last sentence to read 
as follows:

Sec.  989.19  Draft EIS.

* * * * *
    (c) * * *
    (2) * * * Submit requests to deviate from procedures in appendix C 
to this part to HQ USAF/A7CI for SAF/IEI approval.
* * * * *

7. In Sec.  989.20, paragraph (a), revise the first sentence to read as 

Sec.  989.20  Final EIS.

* * * * *
    (a) If changes in the draft EIS are minor or limited to factual 
corrections and responses to comments, the proponent and EPF may, with 
the prior approval of HQ USAF/A7CI and SAF/IEI, prepare a document 
containing only comments on the Draft EIS, Air Force responses, and 
errata sheets of changes staffed to the HQ USAF ESOHC for coordination. 
* * *
* * * * *

8. In Sec.  989.21, revise the first sentence of paragraph (a) to read 
as follows:

Sec.  989.21  Record of decision (ROD).

    (a) The proponent and the EPF prepare a draft ROD, formally staff 
it through the MAJCOM EPC, to HQ USAF/A7CI for verification of 
adequacy, and forwards it to either SAF/IEI or SAF/AQR, as the case may 
be, for approval and designation of the signator. * * *
* * * * *

9. Sec.  989.26, revise paragraph (f) to read as follows:

Sec.  989.26  Classified actions (40 CFR 1507.3(c)).

* * * * *
    (f) Whenever a proponent believes that EIAP documents should be 
kept classified, the EPF must make a report of the matter to SAF/IEI, 
including proposed modifications of the normal EIAP to protect 
classified information. The EPF may make such submissions at whatever 
level of security classification is needed to provide a comprehensive 
understanding of the issues. SAF/IEI, with support from SAF/GC and 
other staff elements as necessary, makes final decisions on EIAP 
procedures for classified actions.

10. In Sec.  989.34, revise the last sentence of paragraph (a), and the 
third sentence of paragraph (b), to read as follows:

Sec.  989.34  Special and emergency procedures.

    (a) * * * EPFs must forward all requests for procedural deviations 
to HQ USAF/A7CI (or ANGRC/CEV) for review and approval by SAF/IEI.
    (b) * * * If possible, promptly notify HQ USAF/A7CI, for SAF/IEI 
coordination and CEQ consultation. * * *

11. In Sec.  989.36, revise the first sentence to read as follows:

Sec.  989.36  [Corrected]

    In order to deal with unusual circumstances and to allow growth in 
the EIAP process, SAF/IEI may grant waivers to those procedures 
contained in this part not required by NEPA or the CEQ Regulations. * * 

12. In Appendix A to Part 989, add a new entry for ``SAF/IEI'' to the 
``Abbreviations and Acronyms'' table in alphabetical order to read as 

Appendix A to Part 989--Glossary of References, Abbreviations, 
Acronyms, and Terms

* * * * *

        Abbreviation or acronym                     Definition
                              * * * * * * *
SAF/IEI................................  Deputy Assistant Secretary of
                                          the Air Force for
                              * * * * * * *

* * * * *

Henry Williams, DAF,
Acting Air Force Federal Register Liaison Officer.
[FR Doc. 2014-14431 Filed 6-19-14; 8:45 am]