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Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Office of Hazardous Materials Safety; Special Permit Applications

AGENCY: Pipeline And Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), 

ACTION: Notice of actions on Special Permit Applications.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the procedures governing the application 
for, and the processing of, special permits from the Department of 
Transportation's Hazardous Material Regulations (49 CFR Part 107, 
Subpart B), notice is hereby given of the actions on special permits 
applications in (July to July 2014). The mode of transportation 
involved are identified by a number in the ``Nature of Application'' 
portion of the table below as follows: 1--Motor vehicle, 2--Rail 
freight, 3--Cargo vessel, 4--Cargo aircraft only, 5--Passenger-carrying 
aircraft. Application numbers prefixed by the letters EE represent 
applications for Emergency Special Permits. It should be noted that 
some of the sections cited were those in effect at the time certain 
special permits were issued.

    Issued in Washington, DC, on August 14, 2014.
Donald Burger,
Chief, Special Permits and Approvals Branch.

                                                     Nature of special,
     S.P No.         Applicant      Regulation(s)      permit thereof
                   Modification Special Permit Granted
15558-M.........  3M Company, St.  49 CFR 173.212,  To modify the
                   Paul, MN.        172.301(a) and   special permit to
                                    (c).             authorize the use
                                                     of non-
                                                     stainless steel
                                                     portable tanks.
10869-M.........  Norris Cylinder  49 CFR           To modify the
                   Company          173.301(a),      special permit to
                   Longview, TX.    173.302a,        revise the
                                    180.205(c),      referenced
                                    (f) and (g),     drawings.
                                    and 180.2015.
15869-M.........  Mercedes-Benz    49 CFR 172.102,  To modify the the
                   USA, LLC         Special          special permit to
                   (MBUSA)          provision A54.   authorize
                   Montvale, NJ.                     additional battery
11911-M.........  Transfer Flow,   49 CFR           To modify the
                   Inc. Chico, CA.  177.834(h),      special permit to
                                    and              authorize design
                                    178.700(c)(1).   flexibility in lieu
                                                     of modifying the
                                                     special permit for
                                                     each design change.
                       New Special Permit Granted
16046-N.........  Rohm and Haas    49 CFR 173.3,    To authorize the
                   Electronic       173.181, and     transportation in
                   Materials,       173.187.         commerce of a
                   LLC, North                        damaged cylinder
                   Andover, MA.                      containing Division
                                                     4.3 and/or 4.2
                                                     materials in a
                                                     salvage cylinder.
                                                     (modes 1, 2, 3)
16109-N.........  CST              49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Enterprises,     173.304a(d)(3)   transportation in
                   LLC, dba         (ii).            comerce of certain
                   Colibri Group,                    non-DOT
                   New York, NY.                     specification non-
                                                     refillable inside
                                                     containers similar
                                                     to a DOT 2P
                                                     containing certain
                                                     Division 2.1 gases
                                                     which are not
                                                     subject to the hot
                                                     water bath test and
                                                     which are not
                                                     fitted with a
                                                     pressure relief
                                                     device. (modes 1,
                                                     2, 3)
16111-N.........  Allen Institute  49 CFR           To authorize the
                   for Brain        173.24(b)(1).    transportation in
                   Science,                          commerce of living
                   Seattle, WA.                      human brain tissue
                                                     continuously fed by
                                                     compressed gas.
                                                     (mode 1)
16175-N.........  National         49 CFR 173.56,   To authorize the
                   Aeronautics      173.302a and     transportation in
                   and Space        173.304a.        commerce of a
                   Administration                    Division 1.4S
                   (NASA)                            explosive without
                   Washington, DC.                   an EX
                                                     approval and carbon
                                                     dioxide in a non-
                                                     DOT specification
                                                     cylinder. (modes 1,
                    Emergency Special Permit Granted
16186-N.........  Veolia ES        49 CFR Part 173  To authorize the one-
                   Technical                         way transportation
                   Solutions,                        in commerce by
                   L.L.C.                            motor vehicle
                   Flanders, NJ.                     certain hazardous
                                                     materials in
                                                     packaging. (mode 1)
16200-N.........  Olympus          49 CFR 172.101,  To authorize the
                   Trading, Inc.,   172.204(c)(3),   transportation in
                   Springfield,     173.27,;         commerce of Class
                   VA.              175.30(a)(1),    1.2 explosives, by
                                    175.320.         cargo aircraft
                                                     only, which is
                                                     otherwise forbidden
                                                     by the regulations.
                                                     (mode 4)
                      New Special Permit Withdrawn
16149-N.........  Reclamation      49 CFR           To authorize the
                   Technologies,    171.23(a)(4)     transportation in
                   Inc. dba, A-     and 173.304a.    commerce of certain
                   Gas Remtec                        non-DOT
                   Bowling Green,                    specification
                   OH.                               cylinders
                                                     refrigerant gas for
                                                     recovery and
                                                     disposal. (modes 1,
                   Emergency Special Permit Withdrawn
16207-N.........  Amerex           49 CFR           To authorize a
                   Trussville, AL.  173.304a(2),     maximum fill
                                    173.309(a)(3).   density of 68% for
                                                     carbon dioxide fire
                                                     (modes 1, 2)
13207-M.........    Request by Hemco Fabrication & Services Midland, TX
                       July 16, 2014. To modify the special permit to
                        authorize additional portable tanks for the
                        transportation in commerce of sulfuric acid.
16116-N.........   Request by Commercial Body & Rigging Dallas, TX July
                      16, 2014. To authorize the manufacture, marking,
                     sale, and use of non-DOT specification containers,
                      manifolded together within a frame and securely
                   mounted on a truck chassis, for the transportation in
                       commerce of Class 3, Division 6.1, and Class 8

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