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[Proposed Rules]
[Pages 57494-57495]
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Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

49 CFR Parts 171 and 173

[Docket No. PHMSA-2011-0143 (HM-253)]
RIN 2137-AE81

Hazardous Materials: Reverse Logistics (RRR).

AGENCY: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), 

ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking. Extension of comment period.


SUMMARY: PHMSA is notifying the public of its intent to extend the 
comment period by thirty days for a notice of proposed rulemaking 
entitled ``Hazardous Materials: Reverse Logistics'' under Docket Number 
PHMSA-2011-0143 (HM-253) published in the Federal Register on August 
11, 2014.

DATES: The comment period for the NPRM published August 11, 2014, at 79 
FR 46748, is extended from October 10, 2014, until November 10, 2014. 
To the extent possible, PHMSA will consider late-filed comments.

ADDRESSES: You may submit comments identified by the Docket Number 
(PHMSA-2011-0143; HM-253) by any of the following methods:
     Federal eRulemaking Portal: Go to http://www.regulations.gov. Follow the online instructions for submitting 
     Fax: 1-202-493-2251.
     Mail: Docket Operations, U.S. Department of 
Transportation, West Building, Ground Floor, Room W12-140, Routing 
Symbol M-30, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590.
     Hand Delivery: To Docket Operations, Room W12-140 on the 
ground floor of the West Building, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., 
Washington, DC 20590, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, 
except Federal Holidays.
    Instructions: All submissions must include the agency name and 
docket number for this notice at the beginning of the comment. Note 
that all comments received will be posted without change to the docket 
management system, including any personal information provided.
    Docket: For access to the dockets to read background documents or 
comments received, go to http://www.regulations.gov, or DOT's Docket 
Operations Office (see ADDRESSES).

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    Privacy Act: Anyone is able to search the electronic form of any 
written communications and comments received into any of our dockets by 
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union, etc.). You may review DOT's complete Privacy Act Statement in 
the Federal Register published on April 11, 2000 (Volume 65, Number 70; 
Pages 19477-78) or you may visit http://www.dot.gov/privacy.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Steven Andrews, Hazardous Materials 
Standards and Rulemaking Division, (202) 366-8553, Office of Hazardous 
Materials Safety, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety 
Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590.


I. Background

    On August 11, 2014, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety 
Administration (PHMSA) published a notice of proposed rulemaking [79 FR 
46748] seeking comments on our proposal to revise the Hazardous 
Materials Regulations (HMR; 49 CFR Parts 171-180) applicable to return 
shipments of certain hazardous materials by motor vehicle. PHSMA 
proposed to establish a new section in the regulations to provide an 
exception for materials that are transported in a manner that meets the 
definition of ``reverse logistics.'' In this NPRM, PHMSA also proposed 
to clearly identify the hazardous materials authorized, and the 
packaging, hazard communication, and training requirements applicable 
to reverse logistics shipments. In addition, this rulemaking also 
proposed to expand an existing exception for reverse logistics 
shipments of used automobile batteries that are being shipped from a 
retail facility to a recycling center.

II. Extension of Comment Period

    PHMSA received a request to extend the comment period by thirty 
days from the American Trucking Association (ATA). ATA is conducting 
its annual meeting in early October 2014, and will require more time to 
adequately respond with an official comment. ATA is requesting this 
extension in order to have sufficient time to fully evaluate the 
impacts of the proposed requirements associated with the proposals in 
the NPRM. An extension of the comment period will provide ATA and its 
members the opportunity to compile valuable and comprehensive comments.
    Due to PHMSA's desire to collect meaningful input from affected 
stakeholders, PHMSA is granting the ATA's request to extend the comment 
period to ensure ATA and other stakeholders have sufficient time to 
review the proposals in the NPRM. PHMSA is confident the 30-day 
extension will allow stakeholders sufficient time to conduct a more 
thorough review.

    Issued in Washington, DC, on September 19, 2014, under authority 
delegated in 49 CFR 1.97(b).
William S. Schoonover,
Deputy Associate Administrator, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety 
[FR Doc. 2014-22759 Filed 9-24-14; 8:45 am]