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Request for Nominations of Candidates to the EPA's Science 
Advisory Board (SAB) Agricultural Science Committee: Additional Time to 

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) invites public 
nominations of scientific experts to be considered for appointment to 
the EPA's Science Advisory Board (SAB) Agricultural Science Committee 
to provide advice to the Chartered SAB regarding matters referred to 
the SAB that will have a significant direct impact on farming and 
agriculture-related industries.

DATES: Nominations should be submitted in time to arrive no later than 
March 30, 2015.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Nominators unable to submit 
nominations electronically as described below may submit a paper copy 
to Ms. Stephanie Sanzone, Designated Federal Officer (DFO) for the 
committee, by email at sanzone.stephanie@epa.gov or by telephone at 

    Background: The chartered SAB (the Board) was established in 1978 
by the Environmental Research, Development and Demonstration 
Authorization Act (42 U.S.C. 4365) to provide independent advice to the 
Administrator on general scientific and technical matters underlying 
the Agency' policies and actions. Members of the SAB and its 
subcommittees constitute a distinguished body of non-EPA scientists, 
engineers, economists, and social scientists that are nationally and 
internationally recognized experts in their respective fields. Members 
are appointed by the EPA Administrator, generally for a period of three 
years. The SAB conducts business in accordance with the Federal 
Advisory Committee Act (FACA) (5 U.S.C. App. 2) and related 
regulations. Generally, SAB meetings are announced in the Federal 
Register, conducted in public view, and provide opportunities for 
public input during deliberations. All the work of the SAB 
subcommittees is performed under the direction of the Board. The 
chartered Board provides strategic advice to the EPA Administrator on a 
variety of EPA science and research programs and reviews and approves 
all SAB subcommittee and panel reports. Additional information about 
the SAB Federal Advisory Committees may be found at http://www.epa.gov/sab.
    The EPA previously announced (79 FR 73304-73305, December 10, 2014) 
the opportunity for the public to nominate experts to the SAB 
Agricultural Science Committee, with nominations requested by January 
30, 2015. Due to the high level of interest in the new committee from 
organizations in the agricultural sector, the EPA has extended the date 
to receive nominations of candidates for the committee until March 30, 
    Pursuant to section 12307 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (Pub. L. 
133-79), the EPA is establishing a new agriculture-related standing 
committee of the SAB. The SAB Agricultural Science Committee will 
provide advice to the chartered SAB on matters referred to the Board 
that EPA and the Board, in consultation with the Secretary of 
Agriculture, determine will have a significant direct impact on farming 
and agriculture-related industries. Initial appointments to the 
committee will be for a mix of 2 and 3 year terms to ensure rotation 
and staggered terms for future years.
    Expertise Sought: The SAB Staff Office is seeking nominations of 
experts to serve on the SAB Agricultural Science Committee with 
demonstrated expertise in agriculture-related sciences, including: 
agricultural economics, including valuation of ecosystem goods and 
services; agricultural chemistry; agricultural engineering; agronomy, 
including soil science; aquaculture science; biofuels engineering; 
biotechnology; crop and animal science; environmental chemistry; 
forestry; and hydrology. For further information, please contact Ms. 
Sanzone, DFO, as identified above.
    Selection criteria include:
--Demonstrated scientific credentials and disciplinary expertise in 
relevant fields;
--Willingness to commit time to the committee and demonstrated ability 
to work constructively and effectively on committees;
--Background and experiences that would contribute to the diversity of 
perspectives on the committee, e.g., geographic, economic, social, 
cultural, educational backgrounds, and professional affiliations; and
--For the committee as a whole, consideration of the collective breadth 
and depth of scientific expertise; and a balance of scientific 
    As the committee undertakes specific advisory activities, the SAB 
Staff Office will consider two additional criteria for

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each new activity: absence of financial conflicts of interest and 
absence of an appearance of a loss of impartiality.
    How to Submit Nominations: Any interested person or organization 
may nominate qualified persons to be considered for appointment to this 
advisory committee. Individuals may self-nominate. Nominations should 
be submitted in electronic format (preferred) following the 
instructions for ``Nominating Experts to the SAB Agricultural Science 
Committee'' provided on the SAB Web site. Instructions can be accessed 
through the ``Nomination of Experts'' link on the blue navigational bar 
on the SAB Web site at http://www.epa.gov/sab. To be considered, all 
nominations should include the information requested. EPA values and 
welcomes diversity. In an effort to obtain nominations of diverse 
candidates, EPA encourages nominations of women and men of all racial 
and ethnic groups.
    The following information should be provided on the nomination 
form: contact information about the person making the nomination; 
contact information about the nominee; the disciplinary and specific 
areas of expertise of the nominee; the nominee's curriculum vita; and a 
biographical sketch of the nominee indicating current position, 
educational background; research activities; sources of any research 
funding over the last two years; and recent service on other national 
advisory committees or national professional organizations. Persons 
having questions about the nomination procedures, or who are unable to 
submit nominations through the SAB Web site, should contact the 
Designated Federal Officer for the committee, as identified above. Non-
electronic submissions must follow the same format and contain the same 
information as the electronic form. The SAB Staff Office will 
acknowledge receipt of nominations.
    Candidates invited to serve will be asked to submit the 
``Confidential Financial Disclosure Form for Special Government 
Employees Serving on Federal Advisory Committees at the U.S. 
Environmental Protection Agency'' (EPA Form 3110-48). This confidential 
form allows the EPA to determine whether there is a statutory conflict 
between that person's public responsibilities as a Special Government 
Employee and private interests and activities, or the appearance of a 
loss of impartiality, as defined by
    Federal regulation. The form may be viewed and downloaded through 
the ``Ethics Requirements for Advisors'' link on the blue navigational 
bar on the SAB Web site at http://www.epa.gov/sab.

    Dated: January 14, 2015.
Thomas H. Brennan,
Deputy Director, EPA Science Advisory Board Staff Office.
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