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Bureau of Indian Affairs

[145D0102DR DS5A300000 DR.5A311.IA000514]

Availability of Funds for Climate Change Adaptation and Coastal 
Management to Federally Recognized Indian Tribes

AGENCY: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Interior.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has funding available for 
support of tribal climate change adaptation and ocean and coastal 
management planning. Any federally recognized tribe (or tribal 
organization whose application is supported by a tribal resolution) may 
submit an application for these funds. The BIA is mailing application 
packets to each tribal leader. Funds will be awarded under the Indian 
Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDEAA).

DATES: Applications must be submitted by April 24, 2015.

ADDRESSES: An application packet has been mailed to tribal leaders. 
Submit your ISDEAA contract proposal in accordance with the directions 
in the application packet to climate.funding@bia.gov or Ms. Helen 
Riggs, Deputy Bureau Director, Office of Trust Services, Bureau of 
Indian Affairs, 1849 C St. NW., MS-4620, Washington, DC 20240.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: If you do not receive an application 
packet or if you would like additional information on how to apply, 
please contact Helen Riggs, BIA Office of Trust Services, at 
helen.riggs@bia.gov or (202) 208-5770.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The BIA has up to $8 million in funding 
available for federally recognized tribes for climate change adaptation 
and for ocean and coastal management planning. Because limited funding 
is available, no more than $250,000 is available for any one proposal. 
The funds are awarded pursuant to ISDEAA, 25 U.S.C. 450 et seq., and 
are subject to 25 CFR part 900 (for self-determination contracts) or 25 
CFR part 1000 (for self-governance funding agreements). Tribes that 
seek for BIA to perform a project via direct service should contact 
their BIA Regional Director for additional information. Applicants may 
request funding for the following:

Climate Adaptation Planning

     Category 1. Trainings & Workshops. Design and host tribal 
training(s) or workshop(s) to support tribal leaders, climate change 
coordinators, planners, and program managers to build skills and gather 
information needed to coordinate the tribal adaptation planning 
     Category 2. Climate Adaptation Planning. Develop tribal 
government climate adaptation plans, vulnerability assessments, or data 
     Category 3. Travel. Provide travel support for tribal 
leaders and staff to attend training(s) or workshop(s) or to 
participate in cooperative climate change adaptation efforts (including 
Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, Climate Science Centers, and other 
adaptation management forums).

Ocean and Coastal Management Planning

     Category 4. Ocean and Coastal Management Planning. Develop 
ocean and coastal management planning; build tribal capacity; implement 
a pilot project for restoration and resilience of coastal resources; 
perform inventories or vulnerability assessments; identify monitoring 
protocols and critical indicator species; marine spatial planning; 
coast climate adaptation

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analysis; or cooperative marine resource plans.
     Category 5. Travel. Provide travel support for tribal 
representatives to attend organizational meetings, working sessions, or 
official meetings in support of collaborative planning efforts, 
including meetings of Regional Planning Bodies (RPBs).
    The application packets mailed to tribal leaders will provide 
additional information, including tips on preparing a proposal, and 
information on BIA's review and ranking of proposals.

    Dated: February 23, 2015.
Kevin K. Washburn,
Assistant Secretary--Indian Affairs.
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