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[May 30, 1997]
[Pages 491-492]
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1400 Eye Street NW., Washington, DC 20005
Phone, 202-673-3916

Board of Directors:

Chairman                                          Ernest G. Green
Vice Chair                                        Willie Grace Campbell
Members of the Board                              Cecil Banks, Marion 
                                                          John Hicks, 
                                                          Henry McKoy, 
                                                          George Moose

President                                         William R. Ford
Vice President                                    Nathaniel Fields

[For the African Development Foundation statement of organization, see 
        the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 22, Part 1501]


The African Development Foundation assists and supports indigenous, 
community-based self-help organizations in their efforts to solve their 
own development problems.
The African Development Foundation was established by the African 
Development Foundation Act (22 U.S.C. 290h) as a nonprofit Government 
corporation to support the self-help efforts of poor people in African 
countries. The Foundation became operational in 1984 and is governed by 
a seven-member Board of Directors, appointed by the President with the 
advice and consent of the Senate. By law, five Board members are from 
the private sector and two are from the Government.
    The purposes of the Foundation are to:
    --strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding between the 
people of Africa and the United States;
    --support self-help development activities at the local level 
designed to promote opportunities for community development;
    --stimulate and promote effective and expanding participation of 
Africans in their development process; and
    --encourage the establishment and growth of development institutions 
that are indigenous to particular countries in Africa and that can 
respond to the requirements of the poor in those countries.
    To carry out its purposes, the Foundation makes grants, loans, and 
loan guarantees to African private groups, associations, or other 
entities engaged in peaceful activities that enable the people of Africa 
to develop more fully.

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For further information, contact the Public Affairs Officer, African 
Development Foundation, 10th Floor, 1400 Eye Street NW., Washington, DC 
20005. Phone, 202-673-3916.