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[May 30, 1997]
[Pages 548-549]
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2100 K Street NW., Washington, DC 20427
Phone, 202-606-8100

Director                                          John Calhoun Wells
Deputy Director, Field Operations                 C. Richard Barnes
Deputy Director, National Office                  Wilma B. Liebman


The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service assists labor and 
management in resolving disputes in collective bargaining contract 
negotiation through voluntary mediation and arbitration services; 
provides training to unions and management in cooperative processes to 
improve long-term relationships under the Labor Management Cooperation 
Act of 1978, including Federal sector partnership training authorized by 
Executive Order 12871; provides alternative dispute resolution services 
and training to Government agencies, including the facilitation of 
regulatory negotiations under the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act 
and the Negotiated Rulemaking Act of 1996; and awards competitive grants 
to joint labor-management committees to encourage innovative approaches 
to cooperative efforts.

The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) was created by the 
Labor Management Relations Act, 1947 (29 U.S.C. 172). The Director is 
appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.


The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service helps prevent disruptions 
in the flow of interstate commerce caused by labor-management disputes 
by providing mediators to assist disputing parties in the resolution of 
their differences.

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Mediators have no law enforcement authority and rely wholly on 
persuasive techniques.
    The Service offers its facilities in labor-management disputes to 
any industry affecting interstate commerce with employees represented by 
a union, either upon its own motion or at the request of one or more of 
the parties to the dispute, whenever in its judgment such dispute 
threatens to cause a substantial interruption of commerce. The Labor 
Management Relations Act requires that parties to a labor contract must 
file a dispute notice if agreement is not reached 30 days in advance of 
a contract termination or reopening date. The notice must be filed with 
the Service and the appropriate State or local mediation agency. The 
Service is required to avoid the mediation of disputes that would have 
only a minor effect on interstate commerce if State or other 
conciliation services are available to the parties.

For further information, contact one of the regional offices listed 

Mediation  Efforts of FMCS mediators are directed toward the 
establishment of sound and stable labor-management relations on a 
continuing basis, thereby helping to reduce the incidence of work 
stoppages. The mediator's basic function is to encourage and promote 
better day-to-day relations between labor and management, so that issues 
arising in negotiations may be faced as problems to be settled through 
mutual effort rather than issues in dispute.

For further information, contact the Office of Public Affairs. Phone, 

Arbitration  The Service, on the joint request of employers and unions, 
will also assist in the selection of arbitrators from a roster of 
private citizens who are qualified as neutrals to adjudicate matters in 

For further information, contact the Office of Arbitration Services. 
Phone, 202-606-5111.

      Regional Offices--Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service      
        Region/Address                  Director             Telephone  
Northeastern (2d Fl., 1633     Kenneth C. Kowalski......    212-399-5038
 Broadway, New York, NY                                                 
Southern (Suite 472, 401 W.    C. Richard Barnes........    404-331-3995
 Peachtree St. NW., Atlanta,                                            
 GA 30308).                                                             
Midwestern (Suite 100, 6161    Thomas M. O'Brien........    216-522-4800
 Oak Tree Blvd.,                                                        
 Independence, OH 44131).                                               
Upper Midwestern (Suite 3950,  Maureen E. Labenski......    612-370-3300
 1300 Godward St.,                                                      
 Minneapolis, MN 55413).                                                
Western (Suite 610, 225 W.     Jan Jung-Min Sunoo.......    213-965-3814
 Broadway, Glendale, CA                                                 

For further information, contact the Office of Public Affairs, Federal 
Mediation and Conciliation Service, 2100 K Street NW., Washington, DC 
20427. Phone, 202-606-8080. Fax, 202-606-4251.