[United States Government Manual]
[June 01, 2005]
[Pages 48-53]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]


732 North Capitol Street NW., Washington, DC 20401

Phone, 202-512-0000. Internet, www.gpo.gov.

Office of the Public Printer:                       

Public Printer                                    Bruce R. James
Deputy Public Printer                             William H. Turri
Chief of Staff                                    Robert C. Tapella
    Deputy Chief of Staff                         Maria Robinson
Inspector General                                 Gregory A. Brower

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Director, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity  Nadine L. Elzy
General Counsel                                   Anthony J. Zagami
    Deputy General Counsel                        Drew Spalding
Co-Director, Innovation and New Technology        Scott A. Stovall
Chief Technical Officer and Co-Director,          Michael Wash
        Innovation and New Technology
Director, Congressional Relations                 Andrew M. Sherman
Director, Public Relations                        Veronica Meter
Director, New Business Development                Charles C. Cook, Sr.

Customer Services:                                  

Managing Director                                 James C. Bradley
        Superintendent, Congressional             Jerry Hammond
                Publishing Services
        Superintendent, Departmental              Spurgeon F. Johnson, 
                Account Representative                    Jr.
        Superintendent, Typography and            Janice Sterling
                Design Division
        Director, Institute for Federal           Carol F. Cini
                Printing and Electronic 
        Superintendent, Contract                  Larry Vines, Acting
                Management Division
        Superintendent, Purchase                  Emery A. Dilda
        Assistant Directors, Regional             Julie Hasenfus, Kirk 
                Operations                                Knoll
        Superintendent, Term Contracts            Raymond T. Sullivan

Plant Operations:                                   

Managing Director                                 Robert E. Schwenk
    Manager, Production Department                Jeffrey J. Bernazzoli
        Assistant Production Manager              William C. Krakat
        Assistant to the Production               David N. Boddie
        Superintendent, Binding Division          John W. Crawford
        Superintendent, Electronic                Dannie E. Young
        Superintendent, Press Division            George M. Domarasky
        Superintendent, Production                Philip J. Markett, Jr.
                Planning Division
        Director, Engineering Service             Dennis J. Carey, 
        Director, Materials Management            (vacancy)
    Manager, Quality Control and                  Sylvia S.Y. Subt
            Technical Department

Office of Information Dissemination:                

Superintendent of Documents                       Judith C. Russell
    Deputy Superintendent of Documents            Thomas C. Evans III
    Director, Program Development                 Richard G. Davis
    Director, Collections Management              (vacancy)
    Director, Library Services and                Kevin O'Toole
            Customer Relations
    Director, Program Planning and                (vacancy)

Information Technology and Systems:                 

Chief Information Officer                         Reynold Schweickhardt
    Deputy Chief Information Officer              Bruce C. O'Dell
    Manager, Electronic Systems                   Richard G. Leeds, Jr.
          Development Division
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    Manager, Graphic Systems Development          Joel E. Reeves
    Director, Plans/Policies/Program              Melvin C. Eley

Human Capital:                                      

Human Capital Officer                             William T. Harris, 
    Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer            William T. Harris
    Director, Office of Labor and                 Neil H. Fine
            Employee Relations
    Director, Workforce Development               Steven L. Patrick
            Education and Training
    Director, Occupational Health and             (vacancy)
            Environmental Services

Finance and Administration:                         

Chief Financial Officer                           Steven T. Shedd
    Comptroller                                   William L. Boesch, Jr.
    Director, Office of Budget                    William M. Guy


The mission of the Government Printing Office is to inform the Nation by 
producing, procuring, and disseminating printed and electronic 
publications of the Congress as well as the executive departments and 
establishments of the Federal Government.

The Government Printing Office (GPO) opened for business on March 4, 
1861. GPO's duties are defined in title 44 of the U.S. Code. The Public 
Printer, who serves as the head of GPO, is appointed by the President 
and confirmed by the Senate.


Headquartered in Washington, DC, with a total employment of 
approximately 2,500, GPO is responsible for the production and 
distribution of information products and services for all three branches 
of the Federal Government. GPO is the Federal Government's primary 
centralized resource for gathering, cataloging, producing, providing, 
authenticating, and preserving published information in all its forms. 
GPO's 1.5 million square-foot complex is the largest information 
processing, printing, and distribution facility in the world.
    While many of our Nation's most important products, such as the 
Congressional Record and Federal Register, are produced at GPO's main 
plant, the majority of the Government's printing needs are met through a 
long-standing partnership with America's printing industry. GPO procures 
between 600 and 1,000 print-related projects a day through private 
sector vendors across the country, competitively buying products and 
services from thousands of private sector companies in all 50 States. 
The contracts cover the entire spectrum of printing and publishing 
services and are available to fit almost any firm from the largest to 
the smallest.
    GPO disseminates Federal information products through a sales 
program, distribution network of more than 1,250 Federal libraries 
nationwide, and via GPO Access. More than 286,000 Federal Government 
document titles are available to the public at www.gpoaccess.gov.
    Printed copies of many of those documents ranging from Supreme Court 
opinions to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics may also be 
purchased as follows:
    --To order in person, please visit the GPO Main Bookstore at 710 
North Capitol Street NW., Washington, DC, (corner of North Capitol and H 
Streets) from 8 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. e.s.t.
    --To order online, visit the GPO Online Bookstore at http://
    --To order by phone or inquire about an order, call 866-512-1800 or, 
in the Washington, DC, metro area, call 202-512-1800 from 7 a.m. to 9 
p.m. e.s.t.

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    --To order by fax, dial 202-512-2104.
    --To order by e-mail, send inquiries to [email protected].
    --To order by mail, write to Information Dissemination 
(Superintendent of Documents), P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-
    All orders require prepayment by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, 
or Discover/NOVUS credit cards, check, or SOD deposit account.

Sources of Information

Congressional Affairs  Congressional relations matters, phone, 202-512-
Public Relations  Public relations inquiries, phone, 202-512-1957. Fax, 
Contracts  Commercial printers interested in Government printing 
contract opportunities should direct inquiries to Customer Services, 
Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20401. Phone, 202-512-0111. 
Internet, www.gpo.gov/procurement/index.html.
GPO Access User Support  Phone, 202-512-1530.

                         GPO Offices Nationwide
             Office                      Address             Telephone
Atlanta, GA....................  Suite 110, 1888 Emery      404-605-9160
                                  St., 30318-2542.
  Charleston, SC...............  2825 Noisette Blvd.,       843-743-2036
Boston, MA.....................  28 Court Square, 02108-    617-720-3680
Chicago, IL....................  Suite 810, 200 N.          312-353-3916
                                  LaSalle St., 60601-
Columbus, OH...................  Suite 112-B, 1335          614-488-4616
                                  Dublin Rd., 43215-7034.
Dallas, TX.....................  Rm. 731, 1100 Commerce     214-767-0451
                                  St., 75242-0395.
  New Orleans, LA..............  Rm. 310, 423 Canal St.,    504-589-2538
  Oklahoma City, OK............  Suite 100, 3420 D Ave.,    405-610-4146
                                  Tinker AFB, OK 73145-
  San Antonio, TX..............  Suite 2, 1531 Connally     210-675-1480
                                  St., Lackland AFB, TX
Denver, CO.....................  Rm. D-1010, Bldg. 53,      303-236-5292
                                  Denver Federal Center,
Hampton, VA....................  Suite 400, 11836 Canon     757-873-2800
                                  Blvd., Newport News,
                                  VA 23606-2555.
Los Angeles, CA................  Suite 110, 12501 E.        562-863-1708
                                  Imperial Hwy.,
                                  Norwalk, CA 90650-3136.
  San Diego, CA................  Suite 109, 2221 Camino     619-497-6050
                                  Del Rio S., 92108-3609.
New York, NY...................  Rm. 709, 201 Varick        212-620-3321
                                  St., 10014-4879.
Philedelphia, PA...............  Suite A-190, 928           215-364-6465
                                  Jaymore Rd.,
                                  Southampton, PA 18966-
  Pittsburgh, PA...............  Rm. 501, 1000 Liberty      412-395-6929
                                  Ave., 15222-4000.
RAPID RESPONSE CENTER..........  Bldg. 136, Washington      202-755-2110
                                  Navy Yard, 3d and M
                                  Sts. SE., Washington,
                                  DC 20403.
St. Louis, MO..................  Rm. 1-205, 1222 Spruce     314-241-0349
                                  St., 63103-2822.
San Francisco, CA..............  Suite I, 536 Stone Rd.,    707-748-1970
                                  Benicia, CA 94510-1170.
Seattle, WA....................  4735 E. Marginal Way       206-764-3726
                                  S., Federal Center
                                  South, 98134-2397.

                              GPO Bookstore
              City                       Address             Telephone
Washington, DC, area:
  Central Office...............  710 N. Capitol St. NW..    202-512-0132

For further information, contact Public Relations, Government Printing 
Office, 732 North Capitol Street NW., Washington, DC 20401. Phone, 202-
512-1957. Fax, 202-512-1293.