[Background Material and Data on Programs within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Ways and Means (Green Book)]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office, www.gpo.gov]

[1998 Green Book] ACRONYMS

AAICAMA                          Association of Administrators of the   
                                  Interstate Compact on Adoption and    
                                  Medical Assistance                    
AAPCC                            adjusted average per capita cost       
AC                               appeals council                        
ACF                              Administration for Children and        
ACR                              adjusted community rate                
ADC                              Aid to Dependent Children              
ADL                              activities of daily living             
AFCARS                           Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and  
                                  Reporting System                      
AFDC                             Aid to Families with Dependent Children
AFDC-UP                          Aid to Families with Dependent         
                                  Children--Unemployed Parent           
AGI                              adjusted gross income                  
AHCPR                            Agency for Health Care Policy and      
AIME                             average indexed monthly earnings       
ALJ                              administrative law judge               
ALS                              advanced life support                  
AMP                              average manufacturer price             
APWA                             American Public Welfare Association    
ASC                              ambulatory surgical center             
ATP                              authorization-to-participate card      
AWIU                             average weekly insured unemployment    
BBA                              Balanced Budget Act                    
BLS                              Bureau of Labor Statistics             
BLS                              basic life support                     
CACFP                            Child and Adult Care Food Program      
CAMP                             College Assistance Migrant Program     
CAPD                             continuous ambulatory peritoneal       
CAPTA                            Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment   
                                  Act of 1974                           
CBO                              Congressional Budget Office            
CCDBG                            Child Care and Development Block Grant 
CCPD                             continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis 
CDC                              Centers for Disease Control            
CDF                              Children's Defense Fund                
CDR                              continuing disability review           
CMN                              certificate of medical necessity       
CMP                              competitive medical plan               
COBRA                            Consolidated Omnibus Budget            
                                  Reconciliation Act of 1985            
COLA                             cost-of-living adjustment              
CPAC                             Competitive Pricing Advisory Committee 
CPI                              Consumer Price Index                   
CPI-U                            Consumer Price Index for Urban         
CPI-W                            Consumer Price Index for Wage Earners  
                                  and Clerical Workers                  
CPS                              Current Population Survey              
CPT                              current procedural terminology         
CRNA                             certified registered nurse anesthetist 
CRS                              Congressional Research Service         
CSE                              Child Support Enforcement Program      
CSFP                             Commodity Supplemental Food Program    
CSRS                             Civil Service Retirement System        
CWEP                             Community Work Experience Program      
DAA                              drug addiction and alcoholism          
DCTC                             dependent care tax credit              
DDS                              disability determination service       
DEFRA                            Deficit Reduction Act of 1984          
DI                               disability insurance                   
DIC                              dependency and indemnity compensation  
DHHS                             Department of Health and Human Services
DME                              durable medical equipment              
DOL                              Department of Labor                    
DOT                              Department of Treasury                 
DRC                              delayed retirement credit              
DRG                              diagnosis-related group                
DSH                              disproportionate share hospital        
DUR                              drug utilization review                
EA                               emergency assistance                   
EAC                              estimated acquisition cost             
EB                               extended benefits                      
EBT                              electronic benefit transfer            
EFT                              electronic funds transfer              
EIC                              earned income credit                   
EITC                             earned income tax credit               
EPO                              erythropoietin                         
EPSDT                            early and periodic screening,          
                                  diagnosis, and treatment              
ERISA                            Employee Retirement Income Security Act
                                  of 1974                               
ES                               Employment Service                     
ESAA                             employment security administration     
ESOP                             employee stock ownership plan          
ESRD                             end-stage renal disease                
ETA                              Employment and Training Administration 
EUC                              emergency unemployment compensation    
EUCA                             extended unemployment compensation     
FCS                              Food and Consumer Service              
FECA                             Federal employee compensation account  
FERS                             Federal Employee's Retirement System   
                                  Act of 1986                           
FFP                              Federal financial participation        
FHA                              Federal Housing Administration         
FmHA                             Farmers Home Administration            
FPLS                             Federal Parent Locator Service         
FQHC                             federally qualified health center      
FSB                              Federal Supplemental Benefits Program  
FSC                              Federal Supplemental Compensation      
FTE                              full-time equivalent                   
FUA                              Federal unemployment account           
FUBA                             Federal Unemployment Benefits and      
                                  Allowances Account                    
FUTA                             Federal Unemployment Tax Act           
GA                               general assistance                     
GAF                              geographic adjustment factor           
GDP                              gross domestic product                 
GME                              graduate medical education             
GPCI                             geographic practice cost index         
HCD                              human capital development              
HCFA                             Health Care Financing Administration   
HCPP                             health care prepayment plan            
HEP                              Migrant High School Equivalency Program
HHA                              home health agency                     
HHS                              Department of Health and Human Services
HI                               hospital insurance                     
HIPAA                            Health Insurance Portability and       
                                  Accountability Act                    
HLA                              human leukocyte antigen                
HMO                              health maintenance organization        
HOPE                             Home Ownership and Opportunity for     
                                  People Everywhere Program             
HUD                              U.S. Department of Housing and Urban   
IADL                             instrumental activities of daily living
ICF/MR                           intermediate care facility for the     
                                  mentally retarded                     
ICH                              Interagency Council on Homelessness    
IDA                              individual development account         
IFA                              individualized functional assessment   
IIRIRA                           Illegal Immigration Reform and         
                                  Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996  
IMD                              institutions for mental disease        
IME                              indirect medical education             
IMG                              international medical graduates        
INA                              Immigration and Nationality Act        
INS                              Immigration and Naturalization Service 
IOL                              intraocular lens                       
IPD                              intermittent peritoneal dialysis       
IRP                              individual responsibility plan         
IRS                              Internal Revenue Service               
IUR                              insured unemployment rate              
IWPR                             Institute for Women's Policy Research  
JOBS                             Job Opportunities and Basic Skills     
                                  Training Program                      
JS                                job search                            
JTPA                             Job Training Partnership Act           
LFA                              labor force attachment                 
LIHEAP                           Low-Income Home Energy Assistance      
LMSA                             section 8 loan management set-aside    
LOS                              length-of-stay (outliers)              
MAAC                             maximum allowable actual charge        
MBI                              market basket index                    
MCBS                             Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey    
MCCA                             Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act     
MDH                               Medicare dependent hospitals          
MDRC                             Manpower Demonstration Research        
MedPAC                           Medicare Payment Advisory Commission   
MEI                              Medicare economic index                
MFS                              Medicare fee schedule                  
MGIB                             Montgomery GI bill                     
MOE                              maintenance of effort                  
MPPAA                            Multiemployer Pension Plan Amendments  
                                  Act of 1980                           
MSA                              medical savings account                
MSA                              metropolitan statistical area          
MSP                              Medicare Secondary Payer Program       
MVPS                             Medicare volume performance standard   
NAFTA                            North American Free Trade Agreement    
NF                               nursing facility                       
NGA                              National Governors' Association        
NIQCS                            National Integrated Quality Control    
NLSY                             National Longitudinal Study of Youth   
OASDI                            Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability     
                                  Insurance Program                     
OASI                             Old-Age and Survivors Insurance        
OBRA                             Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of   
OCSE                             Federal Office of Child Support        
OECD                             Organization for Economic Cooperation  
                                  and Development                       
OJT                              on-the-job training                    
OMB                              Office of Management and Budget        
OPD                              outpatient department                  
OPEC                             Organization of Petroleum Exporting    
OTCA                             Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act  
                                  of 1988                               
PA                               physician assistant                    
PASS                             plan for achieving self-support        
PBGC                             Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation   
PCCM                             primary care case management programs  
PCS                              profile of child care settings         
PD                               property disposition                   
PIA                              primary insurance amount               
PIC                              private industry council               
PLS                              parent locator service                 
PNA                              personal needs allowance               
POS                              point-of-service                       
PPA                              Pension Protection Act of 1987         
PPO                              preferred provider organization        
PPRC                             Physician Payment Review Commission    
PPS                              prospective payment system             
PRO                              peer review organization               
ProPAC                           Prospective Payment Assessment         
PRUCOL                           permanently residing in the United     
                                  States under color of law             
PRWORA                           Personal Responsibility and Work       
                                  Opportunity Reconciliation Act        
PSO                              provider-sponsored organizations       
PSRO                             Professional Standards Review          
QC                               quality control                        
QDWI                             qualified disabled and working         
QMB                              qualified Medicare beneficiary         
RBRVS                            resource-based relative value scale    
RCCI                             residential child care institution     
RUI                               Railroad Unemployment Insurance System
REACH                            Residential Energy Assistance Challenge
RPA                              Retirement Protection Act of 1994      
RRB                              Railroad Retirement Board              
RRC                              rural referral centers                 
RRC                              regional referral center               
RUGs-III                          resource utilization groups           
RVU                              relative value unit                    
SACWIS                           Statewide Automated Child Welfare      
                                  Information Systems                   
SAVE                             Systematic Alien Verification for      
                                  Entitlement Program                   
SCH                              sole community hospital                
S-CHIP                            State Children's Health Insurance     
SDA                               service delivery area                 
SECA                             Self-Employment Contributions Act      
SEPPAA                           Single Employer Pension Plan Amendments
                                  Act of 1986                           
SGA                              substantial gainful activity           
SGR                              sustainable growth rate                
SIMPLE                           Savings Incentive Match Plan for       
SIPP                             Survey of Income and Program           
SLMB                             specified low-income Medicare          
SMI                              supplementary medical insurance        
SNF                              skilled nursing facility               
SSA                              Social Security Administration         
SSBG                             Social Services Block Grant Program    
SSI                               Supplemental Security Income          
SSIG                             State Student Incentive Grant Program  
SSP                              State supplementary payments           
TAA                              Trade Adjustment Assistance Program for
TANF                             Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TCC                              Transitional Child Care Assistance     
TEFAP                            The Emergency Food Assistance Program  
TEFRA                            Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility   
                                  Act of 1982                           
TENS                             transcutaneous electrical nerve        
TFP                               Thrifty Food Plan                     
TPR                              termination of parental rights         
TRA                              trade readjustment allowances          
TUR                              total unemployment rate                
TWP                              trial work period                      
UC                               unemployment compensation              
UEFJA                            Uniform Enforcement of Foreign         
                                  Judgments Act                         
UI                               unemployment insurance                 
UIFSA                            Uniform Interstate Family Support Act  
URESA                            Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of      
                                  Support Act                           
USPCC                            U.S. per capita costs                  
VA                                Department of Veterans Affairs        
VCIS                             Voluntary Cooperative Information      
VPS                              volume performance standard            
VR                               vocational rehabilitation              
WIC                              Special Supplemental Nutrition Program 
                                  for Women, Infants, and Children      
WIN                              Work Incentive Program                 
WOTC                             work opportunity tax credit            
WOW                              Wyoming Opportunities for Work Program 
WTW                              welfare-to-work