[Constitution, Jefferson's Manual, and the Rules of the House of Representatives, 111th Congress]
[111st Congress]
[House Document 110-162]
[Jeffersons Manual of ParliamentaryPractice]
[Pages 201-202]
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                     sec. xxiv--bills, first reading

[[Page 202]]

is the first time of reading it; and the question will be, whether it 
shall be read a second time? then sitting down to give an opening for 
objections. If none be made, he rises again, and puts the question, 
whether it shall be read a second time? Hakew., 137, 141. A bill cannot 
be amended on the first reading, 6 Grey, 286; nor is it usual for it to 
be opposed then, but it may be done, and rejected. D'Ewes, 335, col. 1; 
3 Hats., 198.

Sec. 399. Obsolete requirements as to first reading of bills. When a bill is first presented, the Clerk reads it at the table, and hands it to the Speaker, who, rising, states to the House the title of the bill; that this
This provision is obsolete, the practice under clause 8 of rule XVI now governing the procedure of the House.