[106th Congress Public Law 520]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office]

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[[Page 114 STAT. 2436]]

Public Law 106-520
106th Congress

                            Joint Resolution

 Making further continuing appropriations for the fiscal year 2001, and 
     for other purposes. <<NOTE: Nov. 15, 2000 -  [H.J. Res. 125]>> 

    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 
States of America in Congress assembled,

    Section 1. Public Law 106-275 is further amended by striking the 
date specified in section <<NOTE: Ante, p. 1899.>> 106(c) and inserting 
``December 5, 2000'', and by adding, at the end, the following three new 

    ``Sec. 121. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this joint 
resolution, except section 107, there are appropriated for all 
construction expenses, salaries, and other expenses associated with 
conducting the inaugural ceremonies of the President and Vice President 
of the United States, January 20, 2001, in accordance with such program 
as may be adopted by the joint committee authorized by Senate Concurrent 
Resolution 89, agreed to March 14, 2000 (One Hundred Sixth Congress), 
and Senate Concurrent Resolution 90, agreed to March 14, 2000 (One 
Hundred Sixth Congress), $1,000,000 to be disbursed by the Secretary of 
the Senate and to remain available until September 30, 2001. Funds made 
available under this heading shall be available for payment, on a direct 
or reimbursable basis, whether incurred on, before, or after, October 1, 
2000: Provided, That the compensation of any employee of the Committee 
on Rules and Administration of the Senate who has been designated to 
perform service for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural 
Ceremonies shall continue to be paid by the Committee on Rules and 
Administration, but the account from which such staff member is paid may 
be reimbursed for the services of the staff member (including agency 
contributions when appropriate) out of funds made available under this 
    ``(b) During fiscal year 2001 the Secretary of Defense shall provide 
protective services on a non-reimbursable basis to the United States 
Capitol Police with respect to the following events:
            ``(1) Upon request of the Chair of the Joint Congressional 
        Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies established under Senate 
        Concurrent Resolution 89 (One Hundred Sixth Congress), agreed to 
        March 14, 2000, the proceedings and ceremonies conducted for the 
        inauguration of the President-elect and Vice President-elect of 
        the United States.
            ``(2) Upon request of the Speaker of the House of 
        Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the 
        joint session of Congress held to receive a message from the 
        President of the United States on the State of the Union.

[[Page 114 STAT. 2437]]

    ``Sec. 122. Notwithstanding any other provision of this joint 
resolution except section 107, $5,961,000 shall be available for a 
payment to the District of Columbia to reimburse the District for 
expenses incurred in connection with Presidential inauguration 
    ``Sec. 123. Notwithstanding limitations imposed by this continuing 
resolution except section 107, the Executive Residence at the White 
House is authorized to make expenditures to provide for the orderly 
transition and moving expenses following the election on November 7, 
    Sec. 2. Notwithstanding section 106 of Public Law 106-275, funds 
shall be available and obligations for mandatory payments due on or 
about December 1, 2000, may continue to be made.

    Approved November 15, 2000.


            Nov. 13, considered and passed House.
            Nov. 14, considered and passed Senate.