49 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2011 Edition
Sec. 525 - Disobedience to subpenas
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§525. Disobedience to subpenas

A motor carrier, motor carrier of migrant workers, or motor private carrier not obeying a subpena or requirement of the Secretary of Transportation under this chapter to appear and testify or produce records shall be fined at least $100 but not more than $5,000, imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

(Pub. L. 97–449, §1(b), Jan. 12, 1983, 96 Stat. 2437.)

Historical and Revision Notes


Source (U.S. Code)Source (Statutes at Large)
525 49:304(a)(3) (last sentence) (related to “Sec. 305(d) (related to liability)”). Feb. 4, 1887, ch. 104, 24 Stat., 379, §204(a)(3) (last sentence) (related to “Sec. 205(d) (related to liability)”); added Aug. 9, 1935, ch. 498, 49 Stat. 546.
  49:304(a)(3a) (last sentence) (related to “Sec. 305(d) (related to liability)”). Feb. 4, 1887, ch. 104, 24 Stat. 379, §204(a)(3a) (last sentence) (related to “Sec. 205(d) (related to liability)”); added Aug. 3, 1956, ch. 905, §2, 70 Stat. 958.
  49:1655(f)(2). Oct. 15, 1966, Pub. L. 89–670, §6(f)(2), 80 Stat. 940.

The section is included because 49:1655(f)(2) gave the same administrative powers exercised by the Interstate Commerce Commission under certain sections of title 49 to the Secretary of Transportation to carry out duties transferred to the Secretary by 49:1655(e). See the revision notes for section 501 of the revised title for an explanation of the transfer under 49:1655(f)(2). The powers of the Commission have been codified in subtitle IV of the revised title. The comparable provisions of title 49 that are represented by the section may be found as follows:

Section 52549 U.S. CodeRevised Section
  305(d) (related to liability). 11913

See the revision notes for the revised section for an explanation of changes made in the text. Changes not accounted for in those revision notes are as follows:

The section does not apply to the liability of a rail carrier because 49:46 is not included in the specific enumeration of 49:1655(f)(2)(B)(ii). The text of 49:304(a)(3) (last sentence 1st–7th words) and (3a) (last sentence 1st–5th words) is omitted as executed. The words “under this chapter” are added for clarity.