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Remarks at a Florida Victory 2006 Rally in Pensacola, Florida

November 6, 2006

    The President. Thank you all very much. He just yelled, ``Happy 
birthday,'' to Laura--and happy anniversary. Imagine, in a short period 
of time, a birthday and anniversary and Republican victory on Tuesday.
    I appreciate you recognizing Laura. No doubt about it, she is the A 
Team in my family, and she's a great First Lady for the United States. 
And Jeb Bush has been a great Governor for Florida, and I want to thank 
you for standing with him during 8 years in which he worked hard to 
improve the lives of every single citizen in this State, regardless of 
their political party. Jeb is the kind of fellow who did in office what 
he said he was going to do, and he's going to go down as one of the 
great Governors in your State's history.
    I'm proud to be here with Senator Mel Martinez, one of the fine 
United States Senators. Tomorrow you get to vote for a new Governor, and 
I strongly suggest you vote for Charlie Crist to be Governor of the 
State of Florida. He's experienced; he's compassionate; and he'll work 
hard on behalf of all the citizens of this important State. And while 
you're in there voting for Charlie, vote for Katherine Harris for the 
United States Senate and Bill McCollum to be the attorney general; Tom 
Lee to be the chief financial officer. And if you know anything about 
agriculture, you're going to want Charlie Bronson to be your secretary 
of agriculture.
    I'm proud to be here in the district of a fine United States 
Congressman, Congressman Jeff Miller. I want to thank you and Vicki for 
being here. Miller always talks about the good folks in this district. 
Every time I see him he's saying, ``Don't you forget the people in the 
panhandle.'' And I say, ``Congressman, how could I forget them; I 
wouldn't be President without them.''
    We're 24 hours away from voting. Some of the folks in Washington 
already think they figured out the results.
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. That's what happened in 2004. [Laughter] Some of them 
up there started listening to the prognosticators and started picking 
out their offices in the West Wing. [Laughter] Then the people in 
Florida voted, and the people around the country voted, and the movers 
weren't needed. The same thing is going to happen tomorrow. Republicans 
are going to turn out. It's going to be a great victory on November the 
    And I thank you all for coming out today. I thank you for your 
interest. I thank you for what you have done to help these candidates, 
and I thank you for what you're going to do for the next 24 hours. 
You're going to pick up the phone; you're going to make the phone calls; 
you're going to turn out your friends and neighbors; and we're going to 
    We're also going to win because over the past 5 years, we have 
accomplished great things. Together we have taken an economy from 
recession to strong and lasting growth. Together we have risen to the 
test of September the 11th and have taken the fight to the terrorists 
all across the world. Together we found a calling for a generation of 
Americans, a freedom agenda to replace tyranny with liberty, oppression 
with democracy, and an ideology of hate with an ideology of hope.
    History has called upon our generation to lead, and we have led. 
We're also going to win this election because Republicans understand the 
values and the priorities of the American people. We don't need an 
opinion poll to tell us what we believe. Our principles are rock solid. 
We're going to win because we have a hopeful, optimistic agenda.
    I knew we were going to finish strong because I knew that when the 
American people

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paid attention to the two most important issues, they would understand 
we stand with them. And the two most important issues is, how much money 
are you going to have in you pocket--in other words, the size of the 
taxes--and which group of folks can best win the war on terror.
    Let me start with taxes. See, our philosophy says, you can spend 
your money better than the Federal Government can. Our philosophy says 
when you have more money in your pocket to save, invest, or spend, the 
entire economy benefits. The Democrat philosophy is, they can spend your 
money better than you can, and that's why they want more of it.
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. Oh, you might remember the debates that we had in 
Washington. They said the tax cuts--the Democrats said the tax cuts 
wouldn't increase job growth; it wouldn't increase wages; it would cause 
the deficit to explode. Well, the facts are in. Our economy is strong. 
Americans are working. The national unemployment rate is down to 4.4 
percent. The unemployment rate in this great State is 3.2 percent. Real 
wages are going up, and we cut the deficit in half 3 years ahead of 
    People are beginning to pay attention to this election, and they 
understand that if the Democrats win, they're going to raise your taxes.
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. Oh, I know they don't want you to know that. See, 
they're going to say everything they can to make sure you don't 
understand that reality. Matter of fact, I want you to listen to the 
words of the top Democrat leader in the House of Representatives. They 
asked her about tax cuts; she said, ``We love tax cuts.'' Well, given 
her record, she must be a secret admirer. Every tax cut we passed--and 
by the way, they're the largest tax cuts since Ronald Reagan was the 
President. Every tax cut we passed, whether it be increasing the child 
tax credit, or reducing the marriage penalty, or putting the death tax 
on the road to extinction, or cutting taxes on capital gains or 
dividends, or reducing all income taxes for people who pay taxes, she 
was against. And so were the Democrats in Washington. If that's their 
idea of love, I'd hate to see what hate looks like.
    Now here's the way this works. See, if the tax cuts we passed are 
not made permanent or are not extended, your taxes are going up. And so 
they asked the man who thinks he is going to be the head of the tax 
writing committee--he's not, but he thinks he's going to be--they said, 
``Can you think of one of the tax cuts that you would extend?'' He said 
he couldn't think of one. See, rather than saying, ``I'm looking forward 
to raising the taxes on the American people,'' this Democrat shows a 
different way of saying he's going to raise taxes on--he just said, ``I 
can't think of one of the tax cuts that I would extend.'' So, for 
example, the child tax credit will go from $1,000 a child to $500 a 
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. And if you've got four kids--right there. I'm going 
to use you as an example, if that's all right. So when you get to dinner 
tonight and you're sitting around the table, you go, one, two, three, 
four, and multiply that by $500 a child. That's $2,000. You'll be paying 
$2,000 more in taxes if people across this country vote Democrat. The 
best way for you to keep your taxes low is to vote Republican.
    There are clear differences on this important issue. The Democrats 
want to raise taxes when you're born, when you're working, when you're 
retired, and when you die. [Laughter] In other words, the Democrats' 
philosophy is this: If it breathes, tax it. [Laughter] And if it stops 
breathing, find their children and tax them. [Laughter] Our philosophy 
is, we want you to have more of your own money because we know the tax 
cuts have worked to keep this economy strong.
    These are historic times. When our children and grandchildren look 
back on this period, there will be one overriding question--one question 
will overwhelm all the rest: Did the United States do everything in our 
power to win the war on terror? I wish I could tell you we weren't at 
war, but we are. We face a brutal enemy that has an ideology, an 
ideology so backwards that many of our citizens can't possibly 
comprehend it. See, we believe in basic freedoms; they don't. We believe 

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the freedom to worship; they don't. We believe in freedom to dissent; 
they don't. We believe in freedom of a press; they don't.
    And because we stand in the way of their ambitions, which is to 
spread their vision as far and wide as possible, they want to hurt us. 
And so my most important job, when it all boils down to Washington, DC, 
my most important job, and any of us in Washington's most important job, 
is to protect you. You can't negotiate with these people. You cannot 
hope for the best with these people. The best way to protect you is to 
find them and bring them to justice before they have a chance to hurt 
    And we've got to make sure we're doing everything at home to protect 
you. The enemy has got to be right one time, and we've got to be right 
100 percent of the time to do our job to secure this country. And so 
that is why I worked with the Congress to tear down walls that prevented 
our intelligence services from talking to law enforcement. It probably 
didn't make any sense to you that's what happened, but that's the case. 
And so I asked Congress to pass the PATRIOT Act. And they did. But when 
it came time to be renewed, the overwhelming majority of the Democrats 
in the House and in the United States Senate voted no.
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. And the reason I'm bringing this up to you is that 
there is a different mindset in Washington, DC, than what I believe. 
See, I believe our professionals have all the tools necessary to protect 
you; Democrats don't. There's an attitude up there that says, ``Well, 
we'll respond after we're attacked.'' My attitude is, we're going to 
respond before we're attacked.
    I felt it was important, if Al Qaida or an Al Qaida affiliate was 
making a phone call into the United States, that we knew why. In this 
different kind of war, we must understand what the enemy is thinking, if 
our job is to prevent an attack. When that bill came up in front of the 
United States House of Representatives, the vast majority of Democrats 
voted against it.
    I felt it was important that when we picked somebody up off the 
battlefield that we had an opportunity to question that person. See, we 
picked up Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who our intelligence services think 
was the mastermind of September the 11th. Here's my way of thinking: If 
he knew about one attack, he might know about another attack. When this 
bill came up in front of the House and the Senate, the overwhelming 
majority of Democrats voted no. If the people of this country expect 
their Government to do its most important job, you better elect people 
who will give our professionals the tools necessary to protect you, and 
those people are Republicans.
    We're involved in a global struggle, and we will face the enemy 
where we find them, no matter what the theater of war is. The most 
important theater, however, is Iraq. See, one of the lessons of 
September the 11th is that when we see a threat, we have got to take 
that threat seriously. I saw a threat in Saddam Hussein; Members of the 
United States Congress in both political parties saw the same threat; 
the United Nations saw the threat. My decision to get rid of Saddam 
Hussein was the right decision, and the world is better off for it.
    Audience members. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
    The President. On Sunday, we witnessed a landmark event in the 
history of Iraq. Saddam Hussein was convicted and sentenced to death. We 
congratulate the Iraqi people. We appreciate the fact that they're 
converting their country from a rule of a tyrant to rule of law. And as 
we congratulate the Iraqi people, we've got to remember that there was a 
lot of brave men and women who wear our uniform that made sacrifices 
necessary so that Iraq got to that position in the first place.
    In our efforts to protect you, Iraq is now the central front. Oh, 
you hear them all the time in Washington say, ``Well, Iraq isn't the 
central front in the war on terror,'' or, ``Iraq is a distraction from 
the war on terror.'' I don't think it is; our troops don't think it is; 
and neither does Usama bin Laden. He has said that the fight in Iraq is 
the third world war. He has said that victory for the terrorists in Iraq 
will mean America's defeat and disgrace forever. That's what he said.
    Oh, you hear them in Washington say, the Democrats say, that because 
we're fighting them in Iraq, we're creating more enemies.

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Well, Iraq is not the reason that the terrorists are at war with us. We 
weren't in Iraq when they bombed the World Trade Center in 1993. We 
weren't in Iraq when they attacked our Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. 
We weren't in Iraq when they attacked the USS Cole. And we were not in 
Iraq on September the 11th, 2001. You do not create terrorists by 
fighting the terrorists. The best way to protect you is to stay on the 
offense and defeat the enemy overseas so we do not have to face them 
again here at home.
    Our goal in Iraq is victory, and victory means a country that can 
sustain itself and defend itself and govern itself, and a country which 
will be an ally in the war on terror against these extremists and 
radicals. And we've got a lot going for us. First of all, we have a plan 
for victory. I have given our commanders on the ground all the 
flexibility and all the tools they need to be able to stay ahead of the 
enemy. And we got a fighting force equal to none. We got the finest 
United States military ever.
    I understand a lot of citizens don't agree that Iraq is important 
for your security, but our troops understand it. Morale is high. They 
understand what's going on in this combat zone. They understand the 
stakes. And therefore, those of us in government have the full 
responsibility to give them all the tools they need to do the jobs that 
I've asked them to do. And you don't have to worry about Martinez and 
Miller. They understand that when we've got a man or woman in harm's 
way, he or she deserves all the full support of the Federal Government.
    We've got something else going for us, and those are brave Iraqis. 
These folks have suffered unspeakable violence, and yet they're still 
committed to a government of, by, and for the people. You know, when 
they went to the polls and defied the car bombers and assassins, I was 
pleased, but I wasn't surprised. And the reason I wasn't surprised is 
because I believe in an Almighty, and I believe a great gift of the 
Almighty in each man and woman's soul is the desire to be free. I 
believe in the universality of freedom. It shouldn't surprise you when 
people say, ``I'd rather be free than live under the hand of a tyrant.''
    So we'll help the Iraqis. We'll help them politically; we'll help 
economically; and we will continue to train their security forces so 
they get to take the fight to the enemy. And I want you to know, if 
you've got a loved one in uniform, if you've got a loved one in Iraq, I 
would not have your loved one there if I didn't believe that the cause 
was noble and just and that victory was attainable. As a matter of fact, 
the only way we will not win is if we leave before the job is done.
    This is an important part of this campaign. It's an important part 
for your future. And if you listen for the plan of the Democrats, there 
isn't one. Oh, they've got some ideas. Some of them say, ``Get out right 
now.'' Some of them say, ``Get out at a fixed date,'' even though the 
job hasn't been done. One of them said, ``Let's move our troops to an 
island some 5,000 miles away.''
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. They don't have a plan, but they've got a principle 
around which they're organized, which is: It's too tough; get out before 
the job is done. That's what they believe. I'm not saying they're 
unpatriotic; I'm saying they're wrong. They have taken a calculated 
gamble. They believe the only way they can win this election is to 
criticize and offer no plan. It's a huge election issue, and they don't 
have a plan. So if you happen to bump into a Democrat candidate, you 
might want to ask this question: What is your plan? If they say they 
want to protect the homeland but opposed the PATRIOT Act, ask them this 
question: What's your plan? If they say they want to uncover terrorist 
plots but opposed listening in on terrorist conversations, ask them this 
question: What's your plan?
    Audience members. What's your plan?
    The President. If they say they want to stop new attacks on our 
country but opposed letting the CIA detain and question the terrorists 
who might know what those plots are, ask them this question: What's your 
    Audience members. What's your plan?
    The President. If they say they want to win the war on terror but 
call for America to pull out from what Al Qaida says is the central 
front in the war on terror, ask them a simple question----
    Audience members. What's your plan?

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    The President. They don't have one. [Laughter] I want you to remind 
your fellow citizens when you ask them to go vote, harsh criticism is 
not a plan for victory. Second-guessing is not a strategy. We have a 
plan for victory, and part of that plan is to make sure Republicans 
control the House and the Senate.
    Retreat from Iraq before the job is done would embolden the enemy 
and would make this country less secure. In this war, if we were to 
leave before the job is done, the enemy would follow us here to America. 
If we leave before the job is done, it would enable these radicals and 
extremists to be able to recruit. If we leave before the job is done, it 
would dash the hopes of millions upon millions of people in the Middle 
East who simply want to live a peaceful existence. It would condemn them 
to the violent ideology of these haters. And if we were to leave before 
the job was done, it would dishonor the sacrifice of the men and women 
who have worn our uniform.
    The stakes in this fight in Iraq are important, not only for today's 
generation but for future generations. See, the enemy has made it 
abundantly clear that they believe we'll leave because we're soft. They 
believe if they can put enough unspeakable violence on the TV screens 
that America will lose its nerve. They don't understand; we don't run 
from thugs and assassins. They believe it's a matter of time for us to 
leave, and they want us to so they can have safe haven from which to 
launch further attacks. This is what they have said. They have said that 
they want us to leave so they can have room to topple moderate 
governments, to begin to expand their ideological vision.
    Can you imagine a world in the Middle East in which they controlled 
oil resources? And then they would say to the West, ``Abandon your 
alliance with Israel; abandon your alliance with moderate governments; 
withdraw, otherwise we'll bring you to your knees, economically.'' And 
you couple that with a country with a nuclear weapon that doesn't like 
us, and people will look at this period of time and say, ``What happened 
to them in 2006? How come they couldn't see the impending danger? What 
clouded their vision?'' I want to assure you, I see the danger. That is 
why we will stay in Iraq, fight in Iraq, and win in Iraq.
    One of my favorite stories that I like to share with our fellow 
citizens is the story about the time when Laura and I went to Elvis's 
place with sitting Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan. People say, ``What 
the heck did you go there for?'' [Laughter] I said, ``Well, I hadn't 
taken Laura on a vacation for a while.'' [Laughter] Koizumi himself 
wanted to go because he was an Elvis fan. [Laughter] But it also tells 
an interesting story about the power of liberty, about the capacity of 
liberty to change for the better.
    See, the Japanese attacked us, and thousands of young Americans, 
like your relatives and our dad, said, ``I volunteer. I volunteer to 
fight for the country.'' It's happening today, by the way. Thousands are 
doing the same thing. And he went, and thousands went, and thousands 
died in a bloody war. And yet his son is on Air Force One flying down to 
Memphis, Tennessee, talking about the peace, talking about peace on the 
Korean Peninsula, talking about the fact that Japan had 1,000 troops in 
Iraq. The Prime Minister and I understand we're in an ideological 
struggle between extremists and people who want a better life than what 
they offer. And the best way to defeat the ideology of hate is with an 
ideology of hope. We were talking about the admonition, to whom much is 
given, much is required, and that's why we'll continue to lead the fight 
against the pandemic of HIV/AIDS. We were talking about our global 
responsibilities to foster peace.
    Isn't that interesting; our dad fought the Japanese, and one of his 
sons is talking about keeping the peace. Something happened. Japan 
adopted a Japanese-style democracy. The lesson is that liberty has got 
the capacity to transform an enemy into an ally; liberty has got the 
capacity to transform a region of the world that is resentful and full 
of hate to a region of the world full of hope. Someday, an elected 
leader from the United States will be sitting down with elected leaders 
from the Middle East talking about the peace, and a generation of 
Americans will be better off for it.
    And those are the stakes in this election. I urge our fellow 
citizens to go to the polls.

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I urge you to do your duty in this great democracy, and that is to 
exercise your right as an individual to determine the course of this 
Nation. And as you're going into those polls, remember, if you want your 
taxes low, vote Republican. And as you go to the polls, remember, we're 
at war. And if you want this country to do everything in its power to 
protect you and, at the same time, lay the foundation of peace for 
generations to come, vote Republican.
    Laura and I are so pleased you're here. Thank you for coming out. 
Thank you for your interest. May God bless you, and may God continue to 
bless the United States.

Note: The President spoke at 1:24 p.m. at the Pensacola Civic Center. In 
his remarks, he referred to Vicki Miller, wife of Representative Jeff 
Miller; former President Saddam Hussein of Iraq; Usama bin Laden, leader 
of the Al Qaida terrorist organization; and former Prime Minister 
Junichiro Koizumi of Japan.