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The first public release of FDsys is currently available as a public beta. FDsys may be accessed through www.fdsys.gov. There are five major releases planned over the next three years. Below is a list of the primary functionality of each release. For more detailed information on the capabilities by release, view the FDsys System Releases and Capabilities v5.0, December 2007.

Major Capabilities of FDsys Releases

Release 1 - currently available as a Public Beta

  • Search across multiple collections with a single search box
  • Faceted search (filters)
  • Descriptive and authenticity metadata available in MODS and PREMIS xml files
  • A Digital preservation capabilities through manual format migration
  • Authenticated documents with digital signatures
  • Simple, advanced, and retrieve by citation search options
  • Browse government publications
  • Search within search results
  • Suggested spelling for search terms
  • Document in Context feature for Congressional Record, Federal Register and Compilation of Presidential Documents
  • Persistent, predictable links
  • Contextual help features

Release 2 - 2010

  • Congressional submission of content and jobs (orders)

Release 3 - 2010

  • User notifications for content
  • Government agency submission of content and jobs (orders)
  • Documented interface (API) to allow search by non-GPO systems
  • Capability to ingest converted (digitized) content
  • Navigation of relationships between publications
  • Delivery by RSS, email, and FTP

Release 4

  • Automated digital preservation processes
  • Automatically gather information from Federal agency websites (harvest)
  • Capability to acquire, integrate, or link content from external sources
  • Content recommendations based on user preference
  • Automatically execute saved searches
  • Online GPO bookstore interface
  • Output metadata in multiple formats, including MARC, ONIX, and ASCII
  • Customizable alert services, help features, and search preferences
  • Near duplicate detection
  • Customizable user interfaces and mobile support

Release 5

  • Detailed billing information
  • Customizable billing reports
  • Tools to support document creation
  • Enhanced job tracking
  • Collaborative working environment for content creation
  • Ability to interface with Federal agencies' internal procurement systems to transmit orders