FDsys URL Structure

FDsys uses four key pieces of information to construct predictable URLs to documents and the More Information pages, which are detailed in the table below. Details on these values for each collection can be found by selecting the Sample Searches and URLs link for the collection below.



Structure/Metadata Field

Package ID

The identifier for the entire package (document).

Granule ID

The identifier for the individual granule (part of a document).


The name of the rendition for a specific file format. (e.g., pdf, html, xml, xls)

File Extension

The file extension of the content file. (e.g., pdf, htm, xml, xls)


The following structures can be used to access More Information pages and to access specific documents in FDsys.


More Information Page for an Entire Package{Package ID}/content-detail.html


More Information Page for a Specific Granule

Structure:{Package ID}/{Granule ID}/content-detail.html


Package Level File

Structure:{Package ID}/{Rendition Name}/{Package ID}.{File Extension}


Granule Level File

Structure:{Package ID}/{Rendition Name}/{Granule ID}.{File Extension}

Sample Searches and URLs

For more information on the URL structure for each collection, visit the Sample Searches and URLs page for the collections listed below.




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