How Do I Find Documents?

Start by performing a search at Enter terms related to what you are trying to find in the Search Box.


For example, if you are trying to find out about fire safety regulations, type in fire safety regulations and click the Search button.


Once you have received search results, you can narrow your results using the Narrow Your Search panel.

There are three methods to search for government publications in FDsys:

  • Simple Search, which can be used to perform simple or complex queries

  • Advanced Search, which can be used to perform queries specifying dates, specifying one or more collections, and specifying up to 5 additional search criteria

  • Retrieve by Citation, which can be used to retrieve a specific document from a specific collection.


If you prefer to browse through government publications rather than search government publications that match certain keyword values, then you can use the browse feature of FDsys.


Click on Browse Government Publications link on the left navigational bar. Choose how you would like to browse:


Additional step-by-step help materials can be accessed by clicking on Performing Search, Search Results, and Browsing Documents.



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