Public Key Infrastructure

Our PKI Program secures the electronic transfer of government information

About GPO PKI:

  • Began operation at GPO in 2004
  • Cross-Certified with Federal Bridge Certification Authority in December 2005
  • Certified as a Shared Service Provider (SSP) PKI in July 2007
  • Meets all exacting requirements and standards of Federal PKI and Federal policies
  • Meets all Federal PKI requirements
  • Getting started with GPO PKI
  • GPO PKI - Getting Started Presentation

Our Services

  • End User Certificates
  • Digital Signature Certificates
  • Encryption Certificates
  • Device Certificates
  • Meets all Federal PKI requirements
  • Local Registration Authority (LRA) requires a smartcard certificate
  • Extra costs for smartcard and smartcard reader

Certificate Uses

  • File encryption
  • Email encryption (S/MIME)
  • For Outlook email
  • File signing
  • User authentication
  • Device authentication

Follow These Steps to Get Started

  1. Execute a Standard Form (SF-1) and send to GPO via fax at (888) 579-5907.
  2. Execute a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and send to John Hannan at GPO.
  3. Ensure Agency IT Support staff know about:
    • Entrust software installation on end user computers
    • Firewall settings required
    • Help Desk notification for end user problems
  4. Install Entrust software on end user computers (updated 06/30/2021)
  5. Contact John Hannan to arrange a date and time for end users to come to GPO for in-person Identity Proofing (Federal PKI requirement). All users must have Section 1 of the PKI Certificate Registration Form filled out and signed by an authorized agency manager (bring with you to GPO).

Other Documents

For more information about the PKI Program, contact John Hannan, GPO PKI Operational Authority, by email at [email protected].

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