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Press Release 2002

Below is a list of press releases issued by the U.S. Government Publishing Office. Releases are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

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December 2002

12.27.02 -- GPO'S Columbus Bookstore to Close  PDF
12.27.02 -- GPO'S Cleveland Bookstore to Close  PDF
12.23.02 -- George A. Taylor Named Deputy Public Printer.  PDF
12.19.02 -- Judith C. Russell Named Superintendent of Documents.  PDF
12.03.02 -- Frank A. Partlow, Jr. Named GPO's Chief of Staff.  PDF

November 2002

11.20.02 -- Bruce James Confirmed by U.S. Senate as Public Printer.  PDF

October 2002

10.01.02 -- Nearly 500 Government Information Librarians Set to Meet for Major Conference.  PDF
10.01.02 -- IConfirmation Hearing Bruce R. James, Nominee for Public Printer, Before the Senate Rules and Administration Committee.  PDF

August 2002

08.02.02 -- President Bush Nominates Bruce R. James as Public Printer  PDF

July 2002

07.26.02 -- GPO Produces Traficant Report Volumes.  PDF
07.12.02 -- GPO Testifies on OMB Printing Proposal.  PDF

June 2002

06.28.02 -- GPO Analysis Shows OMB Printing Policy Change Would Raise Costs, Reduce Public Access.  PDF
06.28.02 -- GPO'S Printing Procurement Program Saves Taxpayers Big $$$.  PDF
06.28.02 -- GPO'S Regional Printing Procurement Office Moves to New St. Louis Location.  PDF
06.27.02 -- GPO Receives Clean Opinion in Outside Audit of FY 2001 Finances.  PDF

May 2002

05.29.02 -- Spurgeon F. Johnson, Jr. Heads GPO's Departmental Account Representative Division  PDF
05.17.02 -- GPO Statement Regarding OMB Memo on Printing and Duplicating  PDF
05.09.02 -- GPO Completes FY 2003 Appropriations Presentation with Senate Testimony.  PDF
05.03.02 -- GPO Produces Largest Federal Register.  PDF

April 2002

04.26.02 -- GPO Presents FY 2003 Appropriations Request to House of Representatives.  PDF
04.01.02 -- President Bush Announces Intention to Nominate Bruce R. James as Public Printer.  PDF

March 2002

03.26.02 -- GPO'S Birmingham Bookstore to Close  PDF
03.14.02 -- Public Printer Names Five to Depository Library Council.  PDF

January 2002

01.30.03 -- The Budget of the U.S. Government, Fiscal Year 2003.  PDF
01.28.03 -- Photo Opportunity - Production of the Budget of the United States, FY 2003.  PDF
01.17.03 -- Local Libraries Offer Government Documents Collections to the Public.  PDF
01.17.03 -- Statement on Request to Withdraw USGS Source-Water CD-ROM from Depository Libraries.  PDF
01.07.03 -- Fourth Biennial Report on GPO Access Now Available.  PDF
01.07.03 -- American Express Cards Now Welcomed by Superintendent of Documents Sales Program.  PDF
01.07.03 -- GPO'S Chicago Bookstore to Close.  PDF

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