WASHINGTON, DC  20401

In the Matter of          )
the Appeal of             )
SPAULDING COMPANY, INC.   )      Docket No. GPO BCA 22-95
Program C279-S            )
Purchase Order 98383      )


By letter dated July 25, 1995, Spaulding Company, Inc. (Appellant
or Contractor), 80-90 Hawes Way, Stoughton, Massachusetts
02072-1163, appealed the June 23, 1995, final decision of
Contracting Officer Jack Scott of the U.S. Government Printing
Office's (Respondent or GPO) Printing Procurement Department,
Washington, DC 20401, terminating the Appellant's contract,
identified as Progam C279-S, Purchase Order 98383, for default
because of the Contractor's inability to perform the balance of
the contract.  GPO Instruction 110.12, Subject: Board of Contract
Appeals Rules of Practice and Procedure, dated September 17,
1984, Rules 1(a), 2 (Board Rules).

The appeal was docketed by the Board on August 17, 1995.  Board
Rules, Rule 3.  By letter of the same date, the Board notified
the Contractor that its appeal had been docketed and provided the
Appellant with a copy of the Board Rules.  Id.  Among other
things, the Board's letter specifically directed the Appellant's
attention to Rule 6(a) of the Board's Rules, which provides that
within 30 days after receipt of the notice of docketing the
appeal, the Appellant shall file with the Board an original and
two (2) copies of a Complaint containing the information
described in that rule.  Board Rules, Rule 6(a).

The Contractor did not file a Rule 6(a) Complaint within the time
frame set forth in the Board Rules.  Therefore, on September 10,
1996, the Board, exercising its authority under Rule 31 of the
Board Rules, issued a Rule To Show Cause Why Appeal Should Not Be
Dismissed For Failure To Prosecute (Rule to Show Cause).  Board
Rules, Rule 31.  The Rule to Show Cause directed the Appellant to
submit a written response to the Board within fifteen (15) days
from its receipt, showing such cause as it may have as to why the
appeal should not be dismissed with prejudice for failure to
prosecute.  Rule To Show Cause, at 3.  The Board sent the Rule to
Show Cause by certified mailed to the Appellant at its address of

Mr. Carmen DiMatteo
Senior Vice President
Spaulding Company, Inc.
80-90 Hawes Way
Stoughton, MA 02072-1163

The U.S. Postal Service's certified mail receipt was returned to
the Board showing that the Rule to Show Cause was received by the
Appellant on September 17, 1996.

On September 24, 1995, the Appellant called the Board in
reference to the show cause notice.  After some discussion, the
Appellant told the Board that it wished to withdraw his appeal.
Thereafter, on September 27, 1996 the Board received a letter
from the Appellant withdrawing its appeal.  A copy of the
Contractor's letter is attached to this Order.

      THEREFORE, for good cause shown, and without objection, the
      Appellant's request to withdraw the above-captioned appeal
      is GRANTED.  ACCORDINGLY, the appeal is hereby DISMISSED
      with prejudice, and the case is closed.

It is so Ordered.

September 27, 1996                     STUART M. FOSS
Administrative Judge