[Senate Calendars for January 20, 2015 - 114th Congress, 1st Session]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office]

                             GENERAL ORDERS

                             UNDER RULE VIII


 Order  Measure Number           Title                 Reported or       
  No.     and Author                              Placed on the Calendar 

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    1      S. 1      A bill to approve the     Jan. 7, 2015.--Read the 
      Mr. Hoeven and   Keystone XL Pipeline.     second time and placed 
          others                                 on the calendar.

    2     S. 147     A bill to approve the     Jan. 12, 2015.--Ms. 
       Ms. Murkowski   Keystone XL Pipeline.     Murkowski, Committee on 
                                                 Energy and Natural 
                                                 Resources, without 
                                                 amendment. (An original 
                                                 bill.) (Rept. 1.) 
                                                 (Minority views filed.) 
                                                 (See also Order No. 3.)

    3     H.R. 3     An act to approve the     Jan. 12, 2015.--Placed on 
                       Keystone XL Pipeline.     the calendar. (See also 
                                                 Order No. 2.)

    4     H.R. 33    An act to amend the       Jan. 16, 2015.--Read the 
                       Internal Revenue Code     second time and placed 
                       of 1986 to ensure that    on the calendar.
                       emergency services 
                       volunteers are not 
                       taken into account as 
                       employees under the 
                       shared responsibility 
                       requirements contained 
                       in the Patient 
                       Protection and 
                       Affordable Care Act.

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