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National Park Service

General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement, Navajo 
National Monument, Arizona

AGENCY: National Park Service, Department of the Interior.

ACTION: Notice of intent to prepare an environmental impact statement 
for the general management plan, Navajo National Monument.


SUMMARY: Under the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act, 

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National Park Service is preparing an environmental impact statement 
for the general management plan (GMP) for Navajo National Monument. The 
environmental impact statement will be approved by the Director, 
Intermountain Region.
    Navajo National Monument was established by Presidential 
Proclamation No. 873 on March 20, 1909 (36 Stat. 2491), to preserve ``a 
number of prehistoric cliff dwellings and pueblo ruins, situated within 
the Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona, and which are new to science 
and wholly unexplored, and because of their isolation and size are of 
the very greatest ethnological, scientific and educational interest.'' 
The GMP will result in a comprehensive plan that would balance 
protection and preservation of natural and cultural resources with the 
interests of American Indians, as well as provisions for visitor use 
and interpretation and development of necessary and appropriate 
facilities. In cooperation with the Navajo Nation, and other affiliated 
American Indian tribes, agencies and organizations, and local 
interests, attention will also be given to resources outside the 
boundaries that affect the integrity of Navajo National Monument's 
resources. Alternatives to be considered include no-action, the 
preferred alternative, and other alternatives addressing the following 
major issues:
     How can the important natural and cultural resources be 
best protected and preserved in concert with American Indian traditions 
and concerns?
     How can Navajo National Monument develop and maintain good 
relationships, as well as explore new opportunities for partnerships, 
with affiliated American Indian tribes?
     What level and type of use is appropriate to be consistent 
with Navajo National Monument's purpose, and to relate to the national 
monument's significance?
     What facilities are needed to meet the mission goals of 
Navajo National Monument regarding natural and cultural resource 
management, visitor use and interpretation, partnerships, and 
    The National Park Service is planning to hold public scoping 
meetings regarding the GMP in January, 2000. Specific dates, times, and 
locations will be announced in the local media and can also be obtained 
by contacting the superintendent of Navajo National Monument. The 
purpose of the meetings is to explain the planning process and to 
obtain comments concerning appropriate resource management; desired 
visitor use, interpretation, and facilities; and issues that need to be 
resolved. In addition to attending the scoping meetings, people wishing 
to provide input to this initial phase of developing the GMP may 
address comments to the superintendent. Scoping comments should be 
received no later that 60 days from the publication of this Notice of 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Superintendent James Charles, Navajo 
National Monument, HC71, Box 3, Tonalea, AZ 86044-9704; Tel: (520) 672-
2366; FAX: (520) 672-2345; e-mail: james__charles@nps.gov.

    Dated: October 19, 1999.
Ronald E. Everhart,
Acting Director, Intermountain Region.
[FR Doc. 99-27971 Filed 10-26-99; 8:45 am]