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[EPA-HQ-OPP-2009-0760; FRL-8844-9]

Clofencet; Registration Review Case Closure; Notice of 

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: This notice announces the availability of EPA's notice of 
registration review case closure for the pesticide clofencet, case 
7015. Registration review is EPA's periodic review of pesticide 
registrations to ensure that each pesticide continues to satisfy the 
statutory standard for registration, that is, that the pesticide can 
perform its intended function without causing unreasonable adverse 
effects on human health or the environment. Through this program, EPA 
is ensuring that each pesticide's registration is based on current 
scientific and other knowledge, including its effects on human health 
and the environment.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For pesticide-specific information, 
contact: Wilhelmena Livingston, Pesticide Re-evaluation Division 
(7508P), Office of Pesticide Programs, Environmental Protection Agency, 
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460-0001; telephone 
number: (703) 308-8025; fax number: (703) 308-8005; e-mail address: 
    For general information on the registration review program, 
contact: Kevin Costello, Pesticide Re-evaluation Division (7508P), 
Office of Pesticide Programs, Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 
Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460-0001; telephone number: 
(703) 305-5026; fax number: (703) 308-8090; e-mail address: 


I. General Information

A. Does this Action Apply to Me?

    This action is directed to the public in general, and may be of 
interest to a wide range of stakeholders including environmental, human 
health, farm worker, and agricultural advocates; the chemical industry; 
pesticide users; and members of the public interested in the sale, 
distribution, or use of pesticides. Since others also may be 
interested, the Agency has not attempted to describe all the specific 
entities that may be affected by this action. If you have any questions 
regarding the applicability of this action to a particular entity, 
consult the pesticide-specific contact person listed under FOR FURTHER 

B. How Can I Get Copies of this Document and Other Related Information?

    EPA has established a docket for this action under docket 
identification (ID) number EPA-HQ-OPP-2009-0760. Publicly available 
docket materials are available either in the electronic docket at 
http://www.regulations.gov, or, if only available in hard copy, at the 
Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) Regulatory Public Docket in Rm. S-
4400, One Potomac Yard (South Bldg.), 2777 S. Crystal Dr., Arlington, 
VA. The hours of operation of this Docket Facility are from 8:30 a.m. 
to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. The Docket 
Facility telephone number is (703) 305-5805.

II. Background

A. What Action is the Agency Taking?

    On July 14, 2010 the Agency issued a product cancellation order (75 
FR 40825; FRL-8833-4) for all clofencet product registrations. Due to 
the cancellation of all registered clofencet products in the United 
States, the Agency closed the registration review case for clofencet, 
pursuant to 40 CFR 155.42(c). This notice announces the availability of 
EPA's Notice of Registration Review Case Closure for clofencet, case 
    In addition to the registration review case closure document, the 
registration review docket for clofencet also includes other relevant 
documents related to the registration review of this case. The Notice 
of Receipt of a Request to Voluntarily Cancel Certain Pesticide 
Registrations was issued on April 28, 2010, and the public was invited 
to submit any comments or new information. During the 30-day comment 
period, no public comments were received which impacted the Agency's 
decision to grant the cancellation request. Subsequently, on July 14, 
2010, the Agency published the Cancellation Order for all clofencet 
product registrations in the Federal Register (75 FR 40825).
    Background on the registration review program is provided at: 
http://www.epa.gov/oppsrrd1/registration_review. Links to earlier 
documents related to the registration review of this pesticide are 
provided at: http://www.epa.gov/oppsrrd1/registration_review/clofencet/index.html.

B. What is the Agency's Authority for Taking this Action?

    Section 3(g) of FIFRA and 40 CFR part 155, subpart C, provide 
authority for this action.

List of Subjects

    Environmental protection, Registration review, Pesticides and 
pests, clofencet.

    Dated: September 13, 2010
 Richard P. Keigwin, Jr.,
Director, Pesticide Re-evaluation Division, Office of Pesticide 

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