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National Drinking Water Advisory Council: Request for Nominations

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or Agency) 
invites all interested persons to nominate qualified individuals to 
serve a three-year term as members of the National Drinking Water 
Advisory Council (Council). This 15-member Council was established by 
the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) to provide practical and independent 
advice, consultation and recommendations to the Agency on the 
activities, functions, policies, and regulations required by the SDWA. 
Each year the terms of five (5) members expire. To maintain the 
representation required in the statute, nominees for the 2011 Council 
should represent: State and local officials concerned with public water 
supply and public health protection (2 vacancies), the general public 
(1 vacancy) and organizations or groups demonstrating an active 
interest in the field of public water supply and public health 
protection (2 vacancies). All nominations will be fully considered, but 
applicants need to be aware of the specific representation needed as 
well as geographical balance so that all major areas of the U.S. (East, 
Mid-West, South, Mountain, South-West, and West) will be represented. 
The current list of members is available on the EPA Web site at: http://water.epa.gov/aboutow/ogwdw/ndwac/index.cfm.

DATES: Submit nominations on or before October 31, 2010.

ADDRESSES: The preferred form of communication is via e-mail to Eric 
Bissonette, Alternate Designated Federal Officer, National Drinking 
Water Advisory Council, @ bissonette.eric@epa.gov. The mailing address 
is Eric Bissonette, Alternate Designated Federal Officer, U.S. 
Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking 
Water (Mail Code 4601-M), 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: E-mail your questions to Jacquelyn 
Springer, @ springer.jacquelyn@epa.gov or call 202-564-9904.

    National Drinking Water Advisory Council: The Council consists of 
15 members, including a Chairperson, appointed by the Deputy 
Administrator. Five members represent the general public; five members 
represent appropriate State and local agencies concerned with public 
water supply and public health protection; and five members represent 
private organizations or groups demonstrating an active interest in the 
field of public water supply and public health protection. SDWA 
requires that at least two members of the Council represent small, 
rural public water systems. Additionally, members may be asked to serve 
on one of the Council's workgroups that are established on an as-needed 
basis to assist EPA in addressing specific program issues. This notice 
solicits nominations to fill five new vacancies through April 15, 2014. 
Persons selected for membership will receive compensation for travel 
and a nominal daily compensation (if appropriate) while attending 
meetings. The Council holds two face-to-face meetings each year, 
generally in the spring and fall. Conference calls will be scheduled if 
    Nomination of a Member: Any interested person or organization may 
nominate qualified individuals for membership. Self-nominations are 
also welcome. EPA values and welcomes diversity. In an effort to obtain 
nominations of diverse candidates, EPA encourages nominations of women 
and men of all racial and ethnic groups. Nominees should be identified 
by name, occupation, position, address and telephone number. To be 
considered, all nominations must include a current resume, providing 
the nominee's

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background, experience and qualifications. Prospective candidates will 
be required to fill out the ``Confidential Financial Disclosure Form 
for Special Government Employees Serving on Federal Advisory Committees 
at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency'' (EPA Form 3110-48). This 
confidential form allows Government officials to determine whether 
there is a statutory conflict between that person's public 
responsibilities (which includes membership on an EPA Federal advisory 
committee) and private interests and activities, or the appearance of a 
lack of impartiality, as defined by Federal regulation.

    Dated: September 30, 2010.
Cynthia C. Dougherty,
Director, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water.
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