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Bureau of Land Management


West Tavaputs Plateau Road Restriction Order, Utah

AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of restrictions.


SUMMARY: This notice is to inform the public that the Bureau of Land 
Management (BLM) is restricting the use of certain roads in the Price 
Field Office, Utah, as follows: The public is prohibited from driving a 
motorized vehicle on Horse Bench, Jack Canyon, Jack Ridge, and Cedar 
Ridge Roads on the West Tavaputs Plateau in Carbon County, Utah, unless 
specifically authorized by the BLM to do so.

DATES: The Road Restriction Order is effective upon publication of this 
notice in the Federal Register and will remain in effect until further 

ADDRESSES: Copies of this road restriction order are available and 
posted at the Price Field Office, Bureau of Land Management, 125 South 
400 West, Price, Utah 84501, or via the Internet at http://www.blm.gov/ut/st/en/fo/price.html.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Don Stephens, Natural Resource 
Specialist, telephone (435) 636-3608; address 125 South 600 West, 
Price, Utah 84501; e-mail Don_Stephens@blm.gov. Persons who use a 
telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD), may call the Federal 
Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1-800-877-8339 to contact the above 
individual during normal business hours. The FIRS is available 24 hours 
a day, 7 days a week, to leave a message or question with the above 
individual. You will receive a reply during normal business hours.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Four roads (Horse Bench, Jack Canyon, Jack 
Ridge, and Cedar Ridge), totaling approximately 41 miles, are hereby 
restricted to authorized use only. Horse Bench, Jack Canyon, Jack 
Ridge, and Cedar Ridge Roads in Carbon County, Utah, located in the 
following lands:

Horse Bench Road

Salt Lake Meridian, Utah

T. 11 S., R. 18 E., sec. 27, SE\1/4\SE\1/4\; sec. 33, S\1/2\SE\1/4\; 
sec. 34, N\1/2\NE\1/4\, SW\1/4\NE\1/4\, and SW\1/4\.

Salt Lake Meridian, Utah

T. 12 S., R. 18 E., sec. 4, lots 1 to 4, inclusive; sec. 5, lots 1 
to 4, inclusive; sec. 6, lots 1 to 3, inclusive, and NW\1/4\SW\1/4\.

T. 12 S., R. 17 E., sec. 1, SE\1/4\SW\1/4\, S\1/2\SE\1/4\, and NE\1/
4\SE\1/4\; sec. 9, S\1/2\SE\1/4\ and SE\1/4\SW\1/4\; sec. 10, S\1/
2\; sec. 11, SE\1/4\NE\1/4\, N\1/2\SW\1/4\, and N\1/2\SE\1/4\; sec. 
12, NW\1/4\; sec. 17, N\1/2\NE\1/4\, SW\1/4\NE\1/4\, SE\1/4\NW\1/4\, 
N\1/2\SW\1/4\, and SW\1/4\SW\1/4\; sec. 18, S\1/2\SE\1/4\ and SE\1/
4\SW\1/4\; sec. 19, lot 1, and NE\1/4\NW\1/4\.

T. 12 S., R. 16 E., sec. 23, NE\1/4\SE\1/4\ and S\1/2\SE\1/4\; sec. 
24, NE\1/4\, SE\1/4\NW\1/4\, and N\1/2\SW\1/4\; sec. 26, lots 2, 3, 
and 7, SE\1/4\NW\1/4\ and NE\1/4\SW\1/4\; sec. 27, SE\1/4\SE\1/4\.

Cedar Ridge Road

Salt Lake Meridian, Utah

T. 13 S., R. 17 E., sec. 8, S\1/2\SW\1/4\; sec. 17, NW\1/4\NW\1/4\; 
sec. 18, lots 2 to 4, inclusive, N\1/2\NE\1/4\, and E\1/2\NW\1/4\; 
sec. 19, lot 1, N\1/2\N\1/2\; sec. 20, NW\1/4\, NE\1/4\SW\1/4\, W\1/
2\SE\1/4\, and SE\1/4\SE\1/4\; sec. 21, S\1/2\S\1/2\.

T. 13 S., R. 16 E., sec. 13, S\1/2\; sec. 22, SE\1/4\SE\1/4\; sec. 
23, N\1/2\NE\1/4\, SW\1/4\NE\1/4\, N\1/2\SW\1/4\, and SW\1/4\SW\1/
4\; sec. 24, NW\1/4\NW\1/4\; sec. 27, N\1/2\NE\1/4\, E\1/2\NW\1/4\, 
NW\1/4\NW\1/4\, and NW\1/4\SW\1/4\; sec. 28, E\1/2\SE\1/4\, SW\1/
4\SE\1/4\, and SE\1/4\SW\1/4\; sec. 33, N\1/2\NW\1/4\.

Jack Ridge Road

Salt Lake Meridian, Utah

T. 13 S., R. 16 E., sec. 8, NE\1/4\; sec. 9, SE\1/4\NE\1/4\, SW\1/
4\NW\1/4\, and N\1/2\S\1/2\; sec. 10, lot 1, NW\1/4\NE\1/4\, SW\1/
4\NE\1/4\, and S\1/2\NW\1/4\; sec. 11, lot 2, W\1/2\NE\1/4\ and N\1/
2\NW\1/4\; sec. 12, S\1/2\NW\1/4\.

Jack Canyon Road

Salt Lake Meridian, Utah

T. 13 S., R. 17 E., sec. 5, SE\1/4\SW\1/4\; sec. 7, lot 3, S\1/
2\NE\1/4\, SE\1/4\NW\1/4\, and NE\1/4\SW\1/4\; sec. 8, NW\1/4\.

T. 13 S., R. 16 E., sec. 1, SW\1/4\SW\1/4\; sec. 3, lots 3 to 5, 
inclusive, SE\1/4\SW\1/4\ and S\1/2\SE\1/4\; sec. 12, NE\1/4\, N\1/
2\NW\1/4\, and NE\1/4\SE\1/4\.

T. 12 S., R. 16 E., sec. 34, SW\1/4\SW\1/4\.

    These areas are located on the West Tavaputs Plateau approximately 
30 miles east-northeast of Price, Utah. Analysis of the road 
restrictions was included in the West Tavaputs Natural Gas Full Field 
Development Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The 
reasons for the road restrictions are discussed in detail within the 
Record of Decision (ROD) for that EIS, which was signed on July 2, 
2010. Restricting the motorized use of these roads is in conformance 
with the 2008 Price Field Office Approved Resource Management Plan 
    In order to reflect the decision to restrict motorized travel on 
the four roads, the Travel Management Plan Map (Map R-18) implemented 
as part of the ROD for the Price RMP will be modified at the time the 
road restriction order takes effect.
    On all public lands, under Section 303(a) of the Federal Land 
Policy and

[[Page 18246]]

Management Act of 1976, 43 U.S.C. 1733(a), 43 CFR 8360.0-7, 43 CFR 
9260.0-7, and 43 CFR 8364.1, the BLM will enforce this road restriction 
order for Cedar Ridge, Jack Ridge, Jack Canyon, and Jack Ridge roads.
    Persons who are exempt from the restriction include:
    (a) Any Federal, State, or local officers engaged in fire, 
emergency, or law enforcement activities;
    (b) BLM employees engaged in official duties; and
    (c) Authorized persons or their designees for purposes specifically 
authorized by the BLM to access the restricted roads.
    Penalties: Any person who violates these restrictions may be tried 
before a United States Magistrate and fined no more than $1,000 or 
imprisoned for no more than 12 months, or both. Such violations may 
also be subject to the enhanced fines provided for by 18 U.S.C. 3571.
    This Road Restriction Order does not adjudicate or determine the 
validity of any claimed right under Revised Statute (R.S.) 2477. 
Nothing in this Road Restriction Order alters or extinguishes any valid 
R.S. 2477 right that the county or individuals may have, or their right 
to assert and protect R.S. 2477 rights, and to challenge in Federal 
court or other appropriate venue any restrictions that they believe are 
inconsistent with their rights.

    Authority: 43 CFR 8364.1.

Jeff Rawson,
Associate State Director.
[FR Doc. 2011-7723 Filed 3-31-11; 8:45 am]