[United States Government Manual]
[June 01, 2002]
[Pages 47-50]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

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441 G Street NW., Washington, DC 20548
Phone, 202-512-3000. Internet, www.gao.gov.

Comptroller General of the United States          David M. Walker
    Deputy Comptroller General of the             (vacancy)
            United States
    Chief Operating Officer                       Gene L. Dodaro
    Chief Mission Support Officer/Chief           Sallyanne Harper
            Financial Officer
    General Counsel                               Tony Gamboa
        Managing Director, Office of              (vacancy)
                Special Investigations


    Managing Director, Acquisition and            Jack Brock
            Sourcing Management
    Managing Director, Applied Research           Nancy Kingsbury
            and Methods
        Director                                  Donna Heivilin
        Chief Accountant                          Phil Calder
        Chief Economist                           Scott Farrow
        Chief Statistician                        Robert Parker
        Chief Technologist                        Keith Rhodes
        Senior Actuary                            Joseph Applebaum
    Managing Director, Defense                    Butch Hinton
            Capabilities and Management
    Managing Director, Education,                 Cindy Fagnoni
            Workforce, and Income 
    Managing Director, Financial                  Jeff Steinhoff
            Management and Assurance
    Managing Director, Financial Markets          Tom McCool
            and Community Investments
    Managing Director, Health Care                Bill Scanlon
    Managing Director, International              Susan Westin
            Affairs and Trade
    Managing Director, Information                Joel Willemssen
    Managing Director, Natural Resources          Bob Robinson
            and Environment
    Managing Director, Physical                   John Anderson
    Managing Director, Strategic Issues           Vic Rezendes
        Managing Director, Federal                Paul Posner
                Budget and 
    Managing Director, Tax                        Norm Rabkin
            Administration and Justice

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Support Functions:                                  

    Managing Director, Congressional              Helen Hsing
    Managing Director, External Liaison           Gloria Jarmon
    Managing Director, Field Offices              Thomas Brew
    Inspector General                             Frances Garcia

    Mission Support Offices:                        

        Deputy Mission Support Officer            Richard Brown
        Chief Information Officer                 Anthony Cicco
        Controller/Chief Administrative           Stanley J. Czerwinski
        Customer Relations                        Greg McDonald
        Human Capital Officer                     Jesse Hoskins
        Knowledge Services Officer                Catherine Teti
        Managing Director, Professional           Mark Gebicke
                Development Program
    Managing Director, Opportunity and            Ron Stroman
    Chair, Personnel Appeals Board                Michael Wolf
    Managing Director, Product and                Keith Fultz
            Process Improvement
    Managing Director, Public Affairs             Jeff Nelligan
    Managing Director, Quality and Risk           Michael Gryszkowiec


The General Accounting Office is the investigative arm of the Congress 
and is charged with examining all matters relating to the receipt and 
disbursement of public funds.

The General Accounting Office (GAO) was established by the Budget and 
Accounting Act of 1921 (31 U.S.C. 702), to independently audit 
Government agencies. Over the years, the Congress has expanded GAO's 
audit authority, added new responsibilities and duties, and strengthened 
GAO's ability to perform independently.
    The Office is under the control and direction of the Comptroller 
General of the United States, who is appointed by the President with the 
advice and consent of the Senate for a term of 15 years.


Audits and Evaluations  Supporting the Congress is GAO's fundamental 
responsibility. In meeting this objective, GAO performs a variety of 
services, the most prominent of which are audits and evaluations of 
Government programs and activities. The majority of these reviews are 
made in response to specific congressional requests. The Office is 
required to perform work requested by committee chairpersons and, as a 
matter of policy, assigns equal status to requests from Ranking Minority 
Members. The Office also responds to individual Member requests, as 
possible. Other assignments are initiated pursuant to standing 
commitments to congressional committees, and some reviews are 
specifically required by law. Finally, some assignments are 
independently undertaken in accordance with GAO's basic legislative 
    The ability to review practically any Government function requires a 
multidisciplined staff able to conduct assignments wherever needed. The 
Office's staff has expertise in a variety of disciplines, including 
accounting, law, public and business administration, economics, and the 
social and physical sciences.
    The Office is organized so that staff members concentrate on 
specific subject areas, enabling them to develop a detailed level of 
knowledge. When an assignment requires specialized experience not 
available within GAO,

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outside experts assist the permanent staff. Staff members go wherever 
necessary on assignments, working onsite to gather data and observe 
firsthand how Government programs and activities are carried out.
Legal Services  TheOffice provides various legal services to the 
Congress. In response to inquiries from committees and Members, the 
Comptroller General provides advice on legal issues involving Government 
programs and activities. The Office is also available to assist in 
drafting legislation and reviewing legislative proposals before the 
Congress. In addition, it reviews and reports to the Congress on 
proposed rescissions and deferrals of Government funds.
    Other legal services include resolving bid protests that challenge 
Government contract awards and assisting Government agencies in 
interpreting the laws governing the expenditure of public funds.

Investigations  GAO's staff of professional investigators conducts 
special investigations and assists auditors and evaluators when they 
encounter possible criminal and civil misconduct. When warranted, GAO 
refers the results of its investigations to the Department of Justice 
and other law enforcement authorities.

Auditing and Accounting Policy  GAO issues Government Auditing Standards 
for audits of Government organizations, programs, activities, and 
functions. These standards pertain to auditors' professional 
qualifications, the quality of audit effort, and the characteristics of 
professional and meaningful audit reports.
    The Comptroller General, along with the Secretary of the Treasury 
and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, serves as a 
principal on the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board. The Board 
considers and recommends issuance of accounting standards and principles 
and provides interpretations of existing ones.

Reporting  GAO offers a range of products to communicate the results of 
its work. The type of product depends on the assignment's objectives and 
the needs of the intended user. Product types include testimony, oral 
briefings, and written reports. Virtually all of GAO's reports are 
available to the public.
    GAO publishes its reports, testimonies, and Comptroller General 
decisions on the Internet at www.gao.gov the same day they are released. 
A daily e-mail alert service sends announcements of new reports and 
Comptroller General decisions to subscribers. The public can subscribe 
to this service on GAO's Web page. Electronic copies of GAO's reports 
and testimonies are also posted on the Web.
    Copies of unclassified reports are available from the U.S. General 
Accounting Office, P.O. Box 37050, Washington, DC 20013. Phone, 202-512-
6000. The first copy of each report and testimony is free; additional 
copies are $2 each. There is a 25-percent discount on orders of 100 or 
more copies mailed to a single address. Orders should be sent with a 
check or money order payable to the Superintendent of Documents. VISA 
and MasterCard are also accepted.

For further information, contact the Office of Public Affairs, General 
Accounting Office, 441 G Street NW., Washington, DC 20548. Phone, 202-
512-4800. Internet, www.gao.gov.